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PEX Pipe vs. Copper Pipe | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

PEX Pipe vs. Copper Pipe | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

If you are faced with repiping your home and are considering PEX pipe vs. copper pipe, the following breakdown may assist you in the decision. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can assist you in the decision of the right pipe material for your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

Our licensed plumbers offer the expertise to ensure plumbing installation and plumbing repair that stand the test of time. Furthermore, Ben Franklin Plumbing offers an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact our skilled plumbers today for all your plumbing needs. We will be glad to provide the information, services and quotes you need.


Copper tubing has set the standard for plumbing for decades. It is a proven product that many contractors and homeowner’s rely on. While it has a higher cost, copper’s reliability, durability and other features are a proven factor in its presence in 80% of homes’ in the U.S. Copper offers a number of advantages for your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth including:

  • Copper is a fully recyclable product
  • Copper resists corrosion under normal conditions.
  • Copper will not rust and is unaffected by UV light, allowing it to be used outdoors
  • Offers some flexibility
  • The soldering required for joints and fittings provide a strong bond, resistant to corrosion
  • Increases the home’s value
  • Is bacteriostatic, inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Typically durable, requiring less repair of the home’s plumbing in Fort Worth
  • It is not as likely to break during natural disasters
  • When installed below the frost line, it is resistant to freezing
  • Under normal conditions, it has a long lifespan of up to 75 years
  • It does not release toxic gas if involved in a fire

Copper Disadvantages

  • Water with an acidic pH can cause copper to corrode
  • Has a higher cost than other pipe materials
  • If corrosion occurs, the water may have a metallic taste
  • When installed above the frost line, copper will require insulation during freezing weather
  • Requires soldering for connections

PEX Pipe Advantages

PEX pipe (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing is growing in popularity due its being budget friendly and easily installed. It offers numerous advantages as your homes plumbing in Fort Worth including:

  • It will not corrode or rust
  • Can be used for both hot and cold water
  • It does not require fittings in long pipe runs, reducing the number of potential leaks and improving water pressure
  • Its extreme flexibility allows it to easily tolerate up to 90 degree turns without the need for fittings, facilitating installation, including in areas where space is tight
  • Its superior flexibility allows slight expansion and contraction, such as when water freezes in PEX, but with a reduced risk of bursting than other pipe materials.
  • Can be used with PVC and/or copper piping.
  • Resistant to the chlorine added during the treatment of water
  • Resistant to the scale buildup caused by hard water
  • PEX  pipe is installed to provide separate segments , each with its own shut off valve, facilitating repair of the plumbing in Fort Worth when necessary.
  • Provides a budget friendly option for repiping your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth
  • Its properties allows it to retain heat better than other piping, saving on energy costs
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Color coded to identify hot or cold water lines, facilitating the process of repair to your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth when required
  • Connections are easy with a specialized tool

Disadvantages of PEX

  • PEX is not recyclable
  • PEX is vulnerable to UV light and cannot be used outdoors
  • Requires a specialized tool for the installation of fittings
  • Due to its composition, PEX may allow the contamination of water if pesticides and other contaminates come in contact with it.
  • Requires support of the pipe to prevent movement
  • An 18 inch connection of copper or PVC is required between PEX and the water heater. It can not be directly connected to the water heater.

Selecting a pipe material should be based on the water chemistry, your budget and the specific considerations for your home. A Ben Franklin plumber can provide the assistance you need in selecting a pipe material for your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth.

The quality of installation can affect your home’s plumbing in Fort Worth. A poor job can result in performance issues and leaks, as well as how long the pipe will last. Choosing a qualified, licensed plumber will save you money in the end.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Fort Worth will ensure a professional installation for your plumbing in Fort Worth. In addition expert installation provides a longer lasting product with higher reliability. Our experienced plumbers  can assist you in the decision of PEX pipe vs. copper pipe.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.