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Professional Services for Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX for Clogged Toilets!

Professional Services for Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX for Clogged Toilets!

Imagine having over a couple of guests, or worse, your date, after a night out and hearing their shrieks finding out your toilet is clogged or overflowing?

Just the thought of a situation like that makes you shudder all over! Clogged toilets are one of the common reasons why professional contractors for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX get bookings and appointments for!

A clogged toiled is one of the worst possible things to happen, especially when you do not expect it. This is because it can jeopardize your bathroom time, leave you stranded when you need to use the toilet, and even result in a huge, unhygienic mess for you to clean if it ends up overflowing.

A lot of times, homeowners unclog their toilets themselves. As useful as this is, they can only do so in the initial stages of the toilet getting clogged because once the toilet gets jammed, only a professional can unclog it. No matter what, a clogged toilet must be treated immediately, preferably by a professional.

To give you an in-depth understanding, this blog goes through the causes of clogged toilets, the possibility of DIYs and the need for professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

Causes of Clogged Toilets:

A clogged toilet is the result of several things. A common reason why the need for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX might arise is because of a clogged toilet caused by a reckless behavior and improper treatment of the toilet itself. On the other hand, some of the other (and leading) reasons why you might have to deal with a clogged toilet are simply because of inevitable plumbing issues such as blocked sewer or drain lines.

Dumping Indissoluble Substance

A lot of people have this awful habit of just tossing the trash in the toilet bowls and flushing it down, even though most of the times, a small garbage can might be placed in the corner of a toilet stall. Things like used tampons, pads or wipes/ toilet paper are dumped into the toilet, thoughtlessly. While you may expect them to be flushed away, they are actually indissoluble substances that end up clogging the sewage lines, causing a complete drain blockage and resulting in clogged or overflowing toilets. In such a case, the need for professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is inevitable.

Clogged Drain Trap

Drain traps is basically the U-shaped pipe that excretes the water and the toilet waste. This pipe is quite important for a proper sanitary conduct in order to ensure hygiene and prevent odors. This pipe can get clogged because of the dirt, debris and pollution settling. In this case, make sure to hire professionals for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

Malfunctioning Flapper

The flapper is basically that part of the toilet that allows the tank water access to the bowl in order to flush out the excretion. If there is a problem with the flapper, you won’t be able to flush out the waste from the toilet, leading to a clogged toilet. It is important to hire professional contractors for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX to get the flapper fixed in order to prevent clogged toilets.

Solutions for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX

Clogged toilets are simple to tackle in their beginning stages so you can easily deal with a situation yourself. To fix a clogged toilet, you must have all the essential tools needed for it. However, there’s one thing about DIY projects- they fix the problem only from the surface. This means, that the problem remains untreated from the root which is why, an issue might reoccur.

Nevertheless, even for a temporary fix for clogged toilets, take a look below:

Keep a Plunger

The toilet plunger is a necessary tool which is used for cleansing out the toilet. A toilet plunger is found in almost every home so even if you don’t have one, it is ideal to keep it just in case. The plunger is basically used to pump the toilet bowl in order to push the flow and unclog the jammed toilet.

Keep a Plumbing Snake

The plumbing snake, although uncommon, is an inexpensive, useful item to keep in your restrooms. The tool is shaped like a snake and is thrust into the toilet where it accesses the drain line, and clears out whatever substance clogs the toilet.

Many people find these tasks too tricky for them to handle. So if they experience clogged drains, they go for substitute options for unclogging the toilet. This includes using soaps or chemicals that dissolve the hardcore substances that block the toilet pipes to make room for effective water flow. However, this method is unadvisable as the harsh chemicals prove to be corrosive, and can end up in damaging the plumbing line.

Nevertheless, there are pros of using these chemicals such as the ability to eradicate bacteria as these chemicals are anti-bacterial in nature. So if you’re intent on using these chemicals to dissolve the substance and carry out a thorough drain cleaning process, try diluting them to unclog the toilet without damaging it.

What to do?

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