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Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winters | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winters | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The thought of winter fills you with the warmth of hot cocoa, snuggles, indoor games and other pleasant, cozy things. For outdoors, you think of all the ice and snow; those different places providing you the chance to ice skate or even ski if you live in an upper altitude area. Just like water freezes outside, one should also keep in mind that water running inside our house in its interior in the plumbing pipes could freeze too. And as water freezes, it expands. This poses a potential threat and an upcoming disaster for the pipes as they can crack open or even burst in worst cases, which will cause a major leakage of hundreds of gallons of water in your home.

Although this seems to be much big of a problem, plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest that fortunately there are certain tips and steps that can be followed before the start of the season to prevent a catastrophe and to remain peaceful for the rest of the months.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the top tips that can get you through without getting wet and spending more time playing indoor games and sipping coffee.

Shut off outdoor faucets

The outdoor faucets need to be turned off at their shut off valves to avoid any freezing of water. For this, you need to first open the faucet, and then open the bleeder cap that is attached to the shut-off valve so that any excess water present in it is drained out of the pipe. Keep a bucket underneath the cap so that water is contained in it rather than spilling everywhere on the floor.

According to plumbers in Arlington, TX if the pipe is not drained completely then there is a high chance that it would freeze and crack. Also, make sure that once the bleeder cap is closed and the drops of water still continue to drip then it shows that your shut off valve needs to be replaced.

Install frost-free sill cocks

On a typical faucet its working parts are attached right on it but for a frost-free sill cock its working parts; the valve, seat, and washer are located at least 18 inches inside of the wall. According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, this is a worthwhile investment as a properly installed sill cock allows the water to drain from the pipe after it has been turned off with the help of the knob that is available on the faucet.

The correct installation and for the sill cock to function properly it is important that it is installed with a slight downward pitch.

Disconnect hoses and cover its bibs

Since water outside the home that is there in a pond, a fountain, or simply on the road freezes, water in a hose will also freeze if it is left out in the cold. And since water in these hoses is provided from the pipes that are inside the house plumbers in Arlington, TX warn you to disconnect any of these hoses that are connected to the faucets before the temperature drops.

Once the hose has been disconnected it means that the faucet is now open on the outside. To avoid wind blowing through these faucets into the pipes plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest you cover these hose bibs with insulated covers. These covers help to slow down the heat loss from a pipe and provide protection from all sorts of other things.

Install heat cable

For pipes in your house that are vulnerable and at odd positions that are at the most risk of getting frozen up even when the temperature drops a little heat cable are the perfect solutions for these according to plumbers in Arlington, TX. These cables are designed to sense pipe temperature as they have an integral thermostat within them which then turns the heat on and off as per the requirement of the pipe and the water flowing in it. An accessible outlet is, however, required to plug in the cable.

Insulate pipes

The plumbing network of every house is very intense as it has the responsibility to provide water to every corner of the house. This is why there are pipes running through the attic, the crawl space, garage, and other unheated areas. To keep these pipes and the water warm in them use a heat cable on them while adding further protection by insulating the pipes. According to plumbers in Arlington, TX pipes insulation can be used alone to prevent warm air from getting to them but using them with heat cables would prove to be even more beneficial.

Seal around rim joists

The areas in the house from where the cold air is most likely to enter are the rim joists here and there. Therefore it is important you seal these cracks with the help of expandable foam, which can adjust with the temperature outside, and then insulate between the floor joists.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX also suggests you look and inspect around places where pipes, wires, or cables pass through an exterior wall. Insulate these small openings, seal drafts with caulk or foam that is expandable.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the common tips that can help you prepare your house for winters. If you still notice any signs of frozen or swollen pipes that are about to burst after trying any of these methods or a combination of these then it is better to call in an expert professional to handle the issue. It is important not to try and fix it all on your because plumbers in Arlington, TX believe that you may be calling for more trouble. If you are located in Arlington, TX and are looking for experts in this field then get the help of Benjamin Franklin. For further assistance call their 24/7 emergency number 817-478-4119.