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What Influences How Much The Plumber Near Me Will Charge For The Sump Pump Repair | Burleson, TX

What Influences How Much The Plumber Near Me Will Charge For The Sump Pump Repair | Burleson, TX

A sump pump protects your property and home from water-related damage. Without one, your home might flood during the storms and face problems such as damage to the foundation or basement flooding. On the other hand, the sump pump might suffer the toll because of long use, resulting in breakdowns that require repairs from a plumber near me. When your home’s sump pump breaks down, how much will its repair cost? Before we delve into factors that affect the sump pump repair cost, let’s understand the main sump pump problems:

Main Sump Pump Repairs

The Sump Pump Float Is Stuck

The pump’s plastic float triggers it off or on according to the water levels inside the sump pit. Like the toilet tank’s float, a sump pump float must move freely to work effectively. The plumber near me can loosen the float if they realize it is stuck when they come for a maintenance visit to ensure that your pump will clear the water, preventing flooding.

Broken or Jammed Float Switch

The float triggers the float switch in your sump pump. When the switch becomes jammed, it can be manually freed. However, if the switch has been broken, you should have a plumber have a look and replace it.

Inoperable or Damaged Sump Pump Impeller

Although the sump pumps are screened, the debris might work past this screen and ultimately jam the impeller, which drives the water. For the plumber near me to repair the impeller in a submersible sump pump, they must first remove the pump from the sump pit.

Factors Influencing Sump Pump Repair Cost

Although different professionals and companies charge different rates for sump pump repair, the cost ultimately boils down to several factors, such as warranty, age, type of sump pump, the difficulty of the repair, and labor costs. Below is a detailed explanation of these factors to help you assess how much the plumber near me will charge you.

Type of Your Sump Pump

Submersible pumps are costlier to repair compared to pedestal pumps. Are you unfamiliar with the kind of sump pump installed at your home? A reliable, reputed plumber near me can help inspect the sump pump and give you a fair assessment of the repair cost. However, this doesn’t mean that either type cannot pump the water off your basement.

Pedestal Pumps- Less Expensive Repairs

These pumps have a simple design. Thus, installing and maintaining them is cheaper compared to submersible ones. These pumps sit on the floor of your crawl space or basement and have a hose that draws the water out from the reservoir faster. They also have a basing for collecting the excess water. They use a motorized mechanism to move excess water from your basement to the main sewer line. Although they are cheap to install, pedestal pumps make a lot of noise.

Submersible Sump Pumps- More Expensive to Repair

As you could have guessed from their naming, these sump pumps are usually submersed in a basin that collects all the excessive water. They use a more complex motorized process to draw or pump the water directly into the sewer lines from the basing. These pumps can flush debris like leaves away, are clog-resistant, have a more potent motor, run silently, and take up minimal space. However, installing, maintaining, and repairing them is easier and have a shorter lifespan compared to pedestal pumps.

Difficulty of Repair

The other factor that can impact the sump pump repair cost is the difficulty of doing so. Some conditions can make your repair more expensive. To begin with, if the sump pump is located in a hard or difficult-to-access space, you should expect to pay the plumber near me more for the labor and time. This is particularly so if the plumber must dig out the basin. Additionally, some parts of the sump pump are costlier and harder to get than others. For instance, replacing or repairing the check valve, float valve, or even the switch can be simple. However, repairing electrical issues such as motor damage will cost you higher. To help prevent damage to the sump pump and also avoid costly repairs, it is recommended that you invest in a backup battery.

Labor Costs

Typically, an experienced plumber near me will charge you more per hour. However, the long-term savings of correctly fixing the sump pump will prove worth it. The water damage can considerably impact your home, resulting in problems such as toxic mold growth, foul smell, and structural issues. Remember, repairs and restorations after water damage may cost you considerable money. Sump pump maintenance can give you peace of mind, knowing you won’t incur such damages later.


Is your sump pump over a year old? Then you should expect to pay for any repairs out of pocket. Since sump pumps can last over a decade, they tend to outlive the warranty. However, you might have the option of purchasing an extended warranty depending on the model and type of pump you are buying. Consult with your reliable plumber near me on the best warranty options for your budget and home.

Age of Unit

The other main factor that will significantly impact the repair cost is the age of the sump pump. Sometimes, you might have to replace it, especially if it is over 10 years old for pedestal pumps or 7 years for submersible ones. Since they are reaching the end of their lifespans, repairing old pumps will cost you significantly higher and may Be repeated. That is why a plumber near me recommends that you compare the cost of repairing the unit against replacing it and choose the most economically sound option.

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