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Why Should You Install a Water Filtration System? | Crowley, TX

Why Should You Install a Water Filtration System? | Crowley, TX

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Water is necessary for sustenance. We need water for everyday use, be it for washing clothes and dishes to cleaning the home and bathing. At the same time, our bodies need it for proper functioning. Although the water flowing through our faucets seems clean and many people also boil it to kill the germs but sometimes it’s not enough. Tiny and invisible germs, dust particles or certain impurities remain which may be hidden from the naked eye and can cause infections and diseases when consumed. The water filtration system provides services and products to remove all such impurities. By installing asystem in your homeyou will make sure that the water is free from disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Here are 3 main reasons why you should install a water filtration system in the Crowley TX area:

1.  Eco-friendly

A water filtration system is a manually installed system at home for access to clean drinking water. When compared to bottled water, afiltration systemis an eco-friendly option as well. Bottled water is a reason behind the increased influx of plastic wastage. The plastic dumped into oceans and lakes takes hundreds of years to decompose, hence keeps on polluting the environment. It takes the water equivalent to around 3 bottles to fill one single bottle.

2.  Healthy

They can help remove elements like aluminum that causes Alzheimer’s disease. Arsenic found in tap water is a carcinogenic and fluoride causes faster aging and cell damage. On the other hand, clean and healthy water from a water filtration system provides many more health benefits such as:

a)   Retains Minerals

They remove the mentioned substances to change hard water into soft water that is beneficial for the people using it. Along with the removal of bad things, italso retains the minerals in water that are required for the growth and repair of the human body.

b)   Aids Weight Loss

The filtered water improves the levels of hydration which cannot be possible from standard tap water. Proper hydration results in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

c)   Improves Digestion

It canprovides you access to ‘mineral’ and ‘vitamin’ rich filtered water that helps the body to reach optimum hydration levels. It makes it easier to transport nutrients to all parts of the body, therefore making the process of digestion better and simpler.

d)   Maintains pH levels

Anything with a low pH value is acidic which when consumed, causes heartburn also known as acid reflux. It causes an uncomfortable sensation in the esophagus, which may ultimately lead to inflammation or ulcer.

Acidic water may exacerbate dental conditions by further deteriorating and demineralization of your tooth structure.

A water filtration system maintains the pH of the water at around 6.0 to 8.0 which is fit for human health.

3.  Affordable

Expenditure on health is not an expense but an investment towards a better future. We understand that everyone has their capacity and individual requirements when it comes to something as necessary as water and its filtration. Filtered water is a more affordable option as compared to bottled, distilled or vitamin water available in the market but because water filtration systems provides multiple filter options, it becomes affordable to everyone. You can choose your systemfrom the following available range:

a)   Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon works by a process called adsorption. The carbon structure traps dirt pollutants and other impurities that contaminate the water. This system uses filter to purify the water and then send it to distribution pipes. Such filters are most effective in removing chlorine from tap water which gives it bad taste and odor.

b)   Alkaline/ Water Ionizers

As discussed earlier, a water filtration system helps maintain a healthy pH level. The filtration is done in two steps. First, the process used in such a filter is known as electrolysis or ionization. It is carried out by using two electrically charged plates that are placed in the water. Electric current is then passed through the water which removes dirt and silt. Once filtered, then alkaline substances are added to balance the pH levels. This is a much quicker and easier process than the other filtration processes.

c)    Ultra Violet Filters

As the name implies, ultraviolet light is used in this filter to remove unhealthy compounds from the water, it is fast and cheap and has amazing results, therefore, people are more inclined towards such a filter that is easily available to everyone.

d)   Infrared Filters

Like UV filters use ultraviolet light, infrared filters use infrared rays i.e., heat. These filters are installed at the very source, the mainline of water, purify it and sent all the pipes ahead. This type of filter is recommended to people facing hard-water related issues.

e)   Reverse Osmosis Filters

Even though, its filters are on a bit of an expensive side but have effective and long-lasting results. In this process, the unfiltered water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane, a semi-permeable membrane allows only water to pass through it while blocking the bigger dust particles. The water that is filtered through this process can be stored for a longer period as compared to that from other methods.

For proper functioning of this filter, maintenance is the key. The filters need to be cleaned regularly for clean and freshwater.


For a healthy and quality lifestyle, contact our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team and know the option that best suits your needs for installing a water filtration system in the Crowley, TX area.