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10 Essential Plumbing Tips By A Professional Plumber | Mansfield, TX

10 Essential Plumbing Tips By A Professional Plumber | Mansfield, TX

A well-maintained plumbing system can help you save money and prevent costly repairs. But how do you ensure your plumbing stays in excellent shape? Check our tips below and feel free to get in touch with a plumber in Mansfield, TX, if you have questions about your plumbing. Or if you need plumbing services today, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth ASAP.

Helpful Plumbing Tips

Below are some effective tips straight from a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

1. Understand How Your Plumbing Works

Although it’s not required, it’s always better for a homeowner to try to understand how their plumbing works. Because understanding the important components of their plumbing would let them know how to take better care of it. Feel free to check out our blog for plumbing articles that you can read. We’ve provided a wealth of information about plumbing specifically about how to take better care of your plumbing pipes, why it’s important to get professional drain cleaning service and why you need to always hire a licensed plumber for major repairs and installations.

If you don’t understand something or need clarifications about how everything works, feel free to get in touch with a professional. We’re always happy to help out. If you need more information on which types of plumbing appliances or fixtures can save you money, we can assist. It’s also okay to learn minor plumbing repairs such as repairing a faucet leak so that you won’t have to pay a professional for it. But for complex repairs or when installing a new appliance, make sure you get in touch with us. Manufacturers always require professional installation for you to keep your warranty.

2. Learn How to Take Care of Your Plumbing Appliances

Before using an appliance for the first time, read the manual first to know how to better operate the unit. Never use it unless you’ve fully understood what you need to do to make the appliance efficient. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer or do more research. You can also ask the plumber in Mansfield, TX during installation, if you have clarifications.

Make sure you also know how to properly maintain the unit. Plumbing appliances have a service life and you get to maximize it if you know how to properly maintain the appliance. The manufacturer usually provides information such as how to clean the unit and how to troubleshoot common problems.

When you do need repair work, work with a licensed plumber only to ensure the task is properly carried out. Licensed professionals are highly trained to properly diagnose a plumbing problem and recommend the best solutions.

3. Always Hire a Licensed Professional

As mentioned, always hire a licensed plumber in Mansfield, TX for major repairs and installations. This is because a plumber is licensed to perform plumbing repairs. He’s familiar with building codes and other rules and regulations on how to properly do repairs. He’s also fully equipped so that you won’t have to buy your own plumbing equipment. A licensed plumber will also make sure the problem is fixed on the same day.

If you need help with your water heater or plumbing pipes, get in touch with us immediately. Our professional team will quickly dispatch a plumber to your location. He will carefully inspect your plumbing and discuss with you the problems and how he can fix them permanently.

4. Never Neglect Your Plumbing

Do you suspect a leak in your plumbing? Perhaps you think something is wrong with the water heater? One of the things you can do to prevent a costly plumbing repair is to never neglect your plumbing. If you think there’s a problem, please contact a licensed plumber in Mansfield, TX immediately for assistance. Don’t wait for a minor issue to become a major plumbing problem or a plumbing emergency that will cost you a fortune in repairs.

Some homeowners would postpone repairs and this usually leads to more issues with your plumbing. If the plumbing pipes are frozen, call a professional right away to help you thaw the frozen pipes. Don’t wait for the pipes to expand and burst, or you’ll likely end up with a flooded home. Talk to us immediately so we can attend to the problem and prevent a major plumbing emergency.

5. Go the Extra Mile — Get Routine Plumbing Inspections

Want to ensure your plumbing is in excellent shape? Get routine plumbing inspections. We recommend hiring a plumber in Mansfield, TX to professionally inspect your plumbing to identify issues that need to be resolved right away. Trust us, you’ll be grateful when a plumber can find a problem that you weren’t able to see by yourself. Some problems can lead to a major plumbing repair and a plumber can identify this during the inspection. He will carefully inspect all the components of your plumbing system and ensure everything is in excellent shape. He will let you know if there are issues and he will do his best to try to fix this on the same day.

If you’re going away for a long vacation, we also suggest you contact a plumber to check your plumbing system. Better yet, assign a family member or a friend to check on your home while you’re away. Don’t forget to insulate the pipes if you’re going away during winter so that the water inside them doesn’t freeze. For more tips about your plumbing, feel free to visit our website or talk to one of our professionals today.

6. Install Devices that Let You Save Water and Energy

Install energy-efficient devices to save money on your plumbing. For example, if you still have a conventional water heater and you want more savings, we suggest you replace your old water heater with a tankless water heater. The tankless unit doesn’t consume a lot of energy as you’re only using it when you actually turn on the shower or the faucet. Unlike a standard water heater, you’re not constantly heating the water with the tankless unit, helping you save more money.

Apart from the energy savings, you get to also save space as you can just mount the tankless water heater on your bathroom wall. That’s right, you don’t need to store a tank in the basement, reducing your chances of coming home to a flooded basement. A tankless water heater also lasts longer, up to 20 years and it requires less maintenance compared to the tankless water heater. Its only downside is that it’s more expensive than the standard water heater but you do get to save more money down the road. If you have more questions about how a tankless water heater works, get in touch with us today.

Other energy-efficient appliances you can install include ENERGY STAR appliances, low-flow showers and dual flush toilets. To know more options, get in touch with us today. Our team is happy to assist if you’re planning to upgrade your plumbing to save money.

7. Take Care of Your Drains

First, install strainers in your bathroom and kitchen drains to catch food particles, debris and hair, to make sure they don’t end up in the pipes and clog the drain. Don’t forget to also regularly clean the drains with natural cleaners to prevent unpleasant smells. Use vinegar and baking soda solution for cleaning the drains.

Never ignore a slow drain as this can progress into a major drain clog. Contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX right away for professional drain cleaning services. Don’t wait for the problem to progress into a major drain clog or it’s going to cost you more money down the road. Remember, water damage doesn’t just cost you more, it’s also associated with other problems such as pest infestation and nasty smells in the kitchen. Thankfully, you get to avoid this by regularly cleaning your drains. If there are children in the household, make sure you educate them on how to properly care for your drains.

Additionally, make sure you avoid chemical-based drain cleaners as they can injure you and they can be harmful to the pipes. Some homeowners resort to using them to get rid of a major drain clog. These types of cleaners may temporarily work but the problem will only come back, especially when you don’t learn how to properly care for your drains. The best way to resolve a clog is by getting a professional drain cleaning service. Call us if you need a service, our plumbing experts are equipped with the right tools like a drain camera to help us better see the pipe’s interior. We can recommend the best solution once we know what’s really clogging the drains.

8. Avoid DIY Plumbing

DIY projects are okay because they can be fun. But when it comes to your plumbing, we suggest you always hire the services of a licensed plumber to ensure the job is properly carried out. Minor repairs such as repairing a faucet leak are okay so long as you’ve done it in the past. If it’s your first time, we suggest calling a professional about it.

For installation, always get a professional to do it. True, the manufacturer does provide a manual on how to install the unit but it doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself. Most manufacturers also require professional installation so that you get to keep the warranty. They may void the warranty if they find out you installed it by yourself or you hired an unlicensed person to install the product.

Other risks associated with DIY plumbing include damaging the unit or getting injured especially when repairing complex plumbing problems. Always hire a professional to get the proper diagnosis and the right solutions. And this is where we come in. Our plumbing team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth are skilled and experienced. There’s no plumbing problem we can’t fix, whether it’s to repair a broken pipe or fix a leaky water heater, we can do it.

9. Protect Your Plumbing

You can protect your plumbing by properly caring for your appliances and fixtures such as draining the water heater of the sediment buildup and insulating the pipe during winter or when the temperature starts dropping. Not neglecting your plumbing is a way of protecting it. As mentioned, get help immediately if you suspect a problem with your plumbing system. Don’t wait for the problem to progress into something complex or serious as it might cost you more money down the road.

If you have a basement, make sure you install a sump pump to prevent flooding. Get backup batteries to ensure the pump will still operate even when there’s a power interruption. Don’t forget to also test the sump pump first, especially when there’s a coming storm. Just pour water into the sump pit, enough to turn on the float switch. Check if the pump can drain the water and call a plumber if there’s a problem.

10. Install Leak Detection Devices

Leak detection devices can alert you when there’s a possible leak in your plumbing. Just make sure you connect them to your mobile phone or tablet so that you get the alerts. Some models can also automatically turn off your water to prevent further damage to your plumbing and others can detect fluctuations in the water temperature. Speak with a plumber to know what type of leak detection devices to install for your home and make sure you only get professional installation for it.

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