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10 Plumbing Problems You Should Have A Plumber Fix Now | Arlington, TX

10 Plumbing Problems You Should Have A Plumber Fix Now | Arlington, TX

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Plumbing problems are not a strange thing. From time to time, you are likely to experience them regardless of how careful you are with your systems. Plumbing issues come in different forms, from minor ones such as a dripping faucet to complex ones like a sewer system backup. Issues with your plumbing can cause serious structural damages to your property, not to mention the inconveniences of having to put some activities on hold as you seek a plumber. However, things can be better off if you already have access to a reliable plumber because they can move swiftly to save the situation before you face more frustration.

In most cases, plumbing problems develop gradually. If you can identify the small signs of an impending plumbing issue, you can fix the underlying problem and avoid waking up to a huge awful surprise. Below are 10 plumbing problems to watch out for and resolve before it’s too late.

1. Leaking Taps

A leaking tap is one annoying plumbing problem that we often tend to ignore until we can’t do it anymore. Most of the time, we brush off the dripping as insignificant until it becomes a flow or the water bill suddenly shoots. If your taps start leaking, seek professional services as soon as you can. A well-experienced plumber will take a short time to determine the cause of the leak and fix it before you start wondering what might happen if you leave the house.

2. Leaking Toilets

A leaking toilet is unsanitary and a health risk. The cause of the leak could be a bad flap or something as complicated as a leaking sewer line. The signs of a leaking toilet include constant water on the floor, molds, or a creeping water bill even though all water activities are still regular. If you notice your toilet is leaking, do not hesitate to seek plumber services because it can become a nuisance with time.

3. Leaking Showers

If you are lucky, your shower will make some sound when leaking. Unfortunately, not all leaks make sounds, which means you will only realize your shower is faulty after some damage. Either way, if you experience a shower leak, you need a plumber to fix it before it causes more damage. An experienced professional will fix your shower the best way possible, so you do not have to experience the same problem a few months down the line.

4. Low Water Pressure

A low water pressure problem is quite common, and it’s an indication of a fault in your plumbing system. If your faucets are now taking forever to fill the sink or tab, you need a plumber. The professional will inspect your water supply and pipes and correct the pressure back to the normal range so that you can enjoy using the water as usual.

5. Leaking Roof

If your home’s roof is leaking during the rainy seasons, it is no longer the haven you want to retrieve after a long and tiring day at work. A leaking roof is very uncomfortable for the occupants. You have to keep moving stuff to a safe corner and lining up buckets to collect the water. Besides, it leads to stained ceilings, roof cracks, among other issues. If you detect a leak in your home, a professional can help do a quick repair before things get out of hand.

6. Backed-up Sewer

A backed-up sewer is one of the most annoying Arlington, TX plumbing problems for homeowners. If it’s not repaired promptly, the slow flow can completely block all drainage, creating a health hazard in addition to the tedious cleaning that you will need to do later on. Some common signs of a backed-up sewer include sewage-like odors from the drain, air bubbles coming up through your drains and toilets, and wastewater coming out of the cleanout pipe. If your sewer shows some signs of blockage, make haste and get your professional to fix it. Do not wait until you start moving things to the upper rooms because the wastewater is flooding the lower rooms.

7. Hot Water Issues

Nothing is more annoying than waking up happy to take a shower only to realize you do not have hot water. Coldwater showers are a big no, especially in the chilling Arlington, TX winters. To avoid hot water frustrations, have the contacts of your plumber gasfitter on standby. They will quickly get to your home and fix your shower before you get late to work.

8. Gas Leaks

Gas leak problems are dangerous and need immediate attention. In most cases, when there is a gas leak, you will notice the smell of gas around your appliances. In worst-case scenarios, you may experience carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms such as nausea and shortness of break. If the gas leakage is from pipes outside your home, detecting a leakage can be challenging, but still, you may notice a smell that comes and goes. Immediately you realize a gas leak, get in touch with your plumber. They will move swiftly to fix the underlying problem and keep you and your family safe. Arlington, TX professionals, offer gas leak services such as gas pipe leak detection and repair, gas pipe replacements/upgrades, gas water heaters, gas pipeline extension, and gas pipeline extension.

9. Clogs and Partial Clogs

If your tub, sink, or toilet won’t drain water, there is probably a partial or complete clog. Clogged drains are caused by different things such as hair, soap, food waste, cat litter, wipes, and diapers. If you keep doing your hair on the bathroom sink, for example, the small amounts of hair you shed might over time accumulate and clog the sink. A well-trained plumber can help you dislodge the clog before the water starts overflowing and causing more problems.

10. Stained Walls or Ceilings

A stained wall or ceiling is very ugly. However much you invest in decorating the house, the stained walls or ceilings will always ruin everything. With a damp wall, you will be forced to center everything because of the damage it can cause, making everything look awkward. If you are beginning to notice new spots of color on your wall or ceilings, going for some fresh paint may not be a solution. Chances are, there is a leak behind the wall or ceiling, and you need a plumber to fix it before you lose the entire ceiling or wall. Experienced Arlington, TX professionals know how to identify such leaks, and they can quickly seal them before bigger damage is done. A small stain on your wall or ceiling, if left unattended, can cost you a fortune to fix.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plumber in Arlington, TX

When you finally decide to seek plumbing services, you need to partner with a plumbing company that does a good job. You do not want a plumber to fix your leaking toilet today, only for you to call them for the same problem a week later. Arlington, TX, has several plumbing companies that claim to deliver the best services in the industry. As such, narrowing down to one company that you can trust for quality services can be very challenging. Below is a list of seven factors you need to consider when choosing a plumbing company.

The Qualification of the Plumbers

You must choose a qualified and licensed plumber to work on your plumbing problem at all times. A licensed plumber has the expertise and equipment needed to fix your plumbing system correctly. Suppose you go for anything less than a professional. In that case, you will be putting your home and family at risk because they might complicate the issue further, causing even bigger damages. Arlington has qualified, trained, and licensed professionals who can provide you with the highest standards of workmanship.

A Well-Established Plumbing Company

Plumbers who do a shoddy job do not stay in the industry for too long. Fortunately for you has professionals who have been in the industry for several years. They have perfected their art and understood what you need as a local resident when it comes to quality plumbing. Such companies have also invested heavily in the trade, acquiring all top-notch plumbing equipment to deliver you the best services. Do your due diligence and get one such company to solve your problem if you want to have a good experience.

A Licensed and Insured Plumbing Company

Plumbing is a complicated job, and sometimes things can go wrong. A license means the company has proved that they can meet your plumbing needs. It shows that they have the required expertise and machinery to do the job. When you have an insured company on board, you can rest assured they will take care of any accidental damages that may affect your home, property, or anyone that might be involved in the course of completing the plumbing project.

24/7 Customer Support

Plumbing issues do not have a specific time that they occur. You need a plumbing company that can listen to you and not one that will keep putting you on hold or postponing assistance. If you experience a backed-up sewer in the middle of the night, you want a plumber to rush and fix it before it starts bothering everyone. As such a 24/7 customer support is very important. Besides, you do not wish to speak to people who will make you feel worse in your already bad situation. Find out if your plumbing company has supportive customer care staff. It would help if you had a friendly shoulder to lean on when your plumbing system is acting up.

Timely Services

When it comes to plumbing problems, you do not want to request for a professional to come and fix your leaking taps, only for them to show up days later. Experienced companies understand that plumbing problems can worsen with time, and they do not want to contribute to your predicament by delaying offering services. When you ask for assistance from plumbers, they move swiftly to ensure whatever is bothering you is fixed, and you can go about your business as usual.

Transparent Fees and Charges

One thing that usually puts off most Arlington, TX clients from seeking professional plumbing services is the very high fees charged by plumbing companies. Look for a company that is transparent in its undertakings and does not have hidden charges. Also, remember not to trade quality with cheap services. One tip to making sure you do not spend a lot on plumbing repairs is to ensure you fix problems as soon as you recognize them. Delaying only worsens the situation, which then costs you more to fix.


The last person you want to entertain on your property is a plumber who does not carry themselves professionally or one who has come to experiment. Go for plumbing experts who you can trust in your home or private property. Also, choose a professional who is updated on emerging technologies. Companies that have embraced technology spend less time fixing plumbing issues and deliver better services.

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