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10 Plumbing Situations That a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX Wish You Wouldn’t Have Stuck Your Hands Into

10 Plumbing Situations That a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX Wish You Wouldn’t Have Stuck Your Hands Into

You have done it again, haven’t you? There’s either a rogue tissue that is refusing to budge from the drain line pipe or there’s a wad of chewing gum stuck in the middle of the drain line. Then there are the cat owners who think that cat litter is something that can be flushed down the toilet. It’s not… even if it said ‘flushable’. Word of advice – Get a dust bin, now!

House owners facing plumbing problems are often plagued with breakdowns, clogs and worst… floods, the kind that a plumber in Fort Worth, TX loathes. Imagine walking into the house and splashing in water because your pipe burst due to excess of toilet papers. Yes, it’s rare but it does happen when you try to flush everything and anything down the toilet. You might face a scenario that goes like this:

You flush the toilet but the water drains slowly and this dirty water comes up through the tub hole. There’s even a possibility that the water might flow out the toilet bowl.

So, be prepared to drown yourself in a horrendous stench and fecal matter flowing around. Before you bring out your plunger or your old, rusty plumbing kit to fix the problem yourself, know this – Whatever you will do is probably going to make the problem worse.

Here are ten problems that a plumber in Fort Worth, TX wants you to stop trying to fix yourself:

1.     Reaching For Old Pal Drano

Drano is probably found in all houses and is used extensively. Chemicals like these are the go-to cleaners of all DIYers and that’s what upsets a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. First of all, these chemicals only fix the problem temporary and in some cases, not even that! Plus, they destroy the drain pipes and make them vulnerable to breaks and holes. When you finally call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX, the pipes are drowning in the chemical, which also destroys the tools they use. So, you can imagine how frustrated they will be in this situation.

2.     Failing to Turn Off the Main Valve

Owners, who are in the dark about their plumbing systems, are the one who end up with a flood. Find out where the main plumbing valve is and shut it down immediately at the first sign of a blocked drain. Make sure to ask your plumber what precautions you need to take in an emergency, so that you don’t end up destroying your house and valuables with water.

3.     Tackling Plumbing Problems Yourself

There’s always going to be a nut bolt that you will turn too tight or something that you will break, which will result in a wet mess. You are most probably turning a small repair into something big that will cost you thousands of dollars, so call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX before getting your hands wet.

4.     Treating the Toilet Bowl as a Garbage Bin

Tossing tissue papers, pampers (clue in the confusion because why?), makeup remover pads and feminine hygiene products in the toilet is akin to a sin. Why would you do that when you know about something called as a “dustbin”?

5.     Forgetting to Shut Off the Water before Going on Vacation

A water heater usually lasts around 8 to 12 years. Trying to make it worth after that will probably result in a flood while you are on vacation. So call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to get it replaced and get regular maintenance done on the new one to extend its life

6.     Let Go of Those Blue Toilet Bowl Fresheners

No matter how cool that blue color looks in your toilet bowl, you need to let go of it. When these fresheners disintegrate, bits and pieces flow through the tank and get stuck inside. This causes a hiccup during flushing and is the reason why you see the water coming out and not going down.

7.     Replacing the Hoses

While this is something that you can do on your own but if you are not sure, better call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. The number one cause of floods in houses is worn out rubber hoses, those in the dishwashers and washing machine. You can always buy a pack in bulk and call your local plumbing in Fort Worth, TX service to install them.

8.     Fiddling With the Pressure Valve

Testing the pressure of the water heater on your own can be very dangerous. This is something only a plumber in Fort Worth, TX can do. A wrong turn of the valve can result in scorching hot water that can literally melt off the skin. No kidding!

9.     Leaving Out the Leak the Leak Protection System

A leak protection system helps you stay alert in case a leak starts. You will be saving thousands of dollars on repairs by getting this system installed. It sounds an alarm when there’s a leak and shuts off the main valve automatically.

10.Overloading Kitchen’s Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is not for fun, so you shouldn’t place bets on what it will chow down faster. Pouring down grease into garbage disposal will result in a blockage. How? Though it’s liquid now, overtime, it will solidify and form a hard mass.

Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX can become quite expensive if you try to tackle the problems mentioned above on your own. Not only can these problems create a hazardous situation but they can also destroy your house in just a few minutes. Even a dripping faucet can result in a flood, something you haven’t probably ever thought about. Chances are that you will mess up most of the plumbing problems when trying to fix them on your own, so it’s time you stop watching those DIY plumbing videos on YouTube. Benjamin Franklin is a family owned and operated company that offers various services and products. To know more about their services, visit their website or call at 817-983-7876.