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12 Helpful Tips From A Plumber On Saving Money On Your Plumbing | Arlington, TX

12 Helpful Tips From A Plumber On Saving Money On Your Plumbing | Arlington, TX

Do you want to save money on your plumbing? No homeowner wants to spend money on expensive repairs or replacements, as it can also be stressful. We’ve spoken to a trusted plumber and asked for his advice for all homeowners who want to save money on their plumbing. Check out these helpful tips or contact us if you need a plumber in Arlington, TX.

Plumbing tips that save money:

1. Don’t Ignore a Plumbing Problem

The last thing you want to do is ignore a plumbing issue, no matter how minor you think it is. For example, a dripping faucet. It may not cost you a lot to get it repaired, but when you leave this unresolved, you’ll only end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water. Your water bill can also skyrocket eventually. And remember, water can jeopardize your home’s foundation. If you’re concerned about your home, call a professional today to help you fix that faucet.

Other problems that homeowners usually ignore include a running toilet or a clogged drain. A running toilet can also waste a lot of water and a slow drain can lead to a major drain clog. Keep in mind that drain clogs are also associated with other problems such as pest infestation and water damage. We suggest calling a plumber in Arlington, TX immediately for a professional drain cleaning service. You need to fix that drain asap if you want to save money on your plumbing.

Clogged drains can be a nuisance too especially when you’re having visitors at home. Where will they wash their hands? Where will you put the dishes? As soon as a minor plumbing problem presents itself, please do something about it right away. Get in touch with a reliable professional for assistance. And that’s where we come in. Our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is always ready to assist, at your earliest convenience. Just call us anytime and we’ll quickly dispatch a plumber to your location the soonest possible time.

2. Go with Natural Drain Cleaners (Not Chemical-Based)

You’ve all heard this before yet some homeowners still choose to use chemical-based drain cleaners when unclogging their drains. True, this can work sometimes but it’s not the permanent solution. If you’re not careful with chemical-based drain cleaners, you can also end up hurting yourself. And this type of cleaner is also harmful to your pipes. It’s also not advisable to store at home especially when there are children and pets in your household. Should you really decide to use chemical-based drain cleaners, please make sure you can’t reach them. Also, always adhere to the specific instructions on the label. You’re not supposed to mix them with other cleaners. Always use gloves when using them to avoid accidents.

An alternative to a chemical-based drain cleaner is vinegar and baking soda solution. They might not be able to unclog drains right away but they can work and they’re good options for sanitizing the drain. For minor clogs, you can also pour boiling hot water into the drain. But you need to be careful with this as well especially when you have older pipes. When in doubt, it’s best to contact a plumber in Arlington, TX for assistance. A professional can provide you with cost-effective and permanent plumbing solutions to your drain problems.

Why not get professional drain cleaning to ensure the problem is permanently resolved? We’re equipped with a drain camera to help us determine what’s really blocking your drains and how serious the problem is. Rest assured, we can help you unclog your drain promptly and ensure your drains are in excellent shape.

3. Never DIY Plumbing – Always Hire a Professional for Repairs

Some homeowners will need to do repairs on their own. This is okay as long as they’re just minor repairs such as fixing a faucet. Do make sure that you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could end up with a flooded home especially when you haven’t permanently resolved the issue. For major plumbing repairs, you must only hire a licensed plumber, a licensed professional will adhere to codes and are also fully equipped. Also, he prioritizes safety most of all. You don’t have to worry as he knows how to properly carry out his job and he will never cut corners. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today if you need help with repairs, big or small. We’re always ready to help and we’re also available 24/7 as we want to cater to those needing immediate help with their plumbing.

Additionally, try not to rely on YouTube videos with DIY plumbing. These videos can provide helpful information but they may not always be the solution. The best thing you can do is contact a plumber in Arlington, TX right away for help.

4. Don’t Install Appliances on Your Own

As mentioned, don’t do any major repairs on your own. When you DIY a plumbing repair, you might make a mistake that will cost you more money down the road. Contact a licensed plumber instead.

It’s the same with plumbing installation. When you’re buying a new dishwasher or garbage disposal, please make sure to contact a licensed plumber, to properly install the unit. Incorrect installation can also lead to other problems such as issues with the appliance’s efficiency. You can avoid this and save money on your plumbing by hiring a licensed professional every time.

5. Get a Regular Plumbing Inspection

During a regular plumbing inspection, a licensed plumber in Arlington, TX will ensure your plumbing system is in excellent shape by checking all appliances and fixtures. If they suspect a problem, they will let you know, including options to address the problem. Don’t worry, for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is fully equipped. Should a problem come up during the inspection, we’ll do our best to resolve the issue on the same day. We’ll never leave your home unless we’re certain everything is taken care of and your plumbing is in top shape.

Another benefit of regular plumbing maintenance is that you get to avoid a major plumbing emergency that will cost a fortune in repairs. In some cases, it might even cost you your home especially when your home starts flooding. You can avoid this by calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth today for regular plumbing maintenance. Don’t worry, our plumbing experts can handle any plumbing task. We can even assist commercial property owners with their plumbing. Just give us a call so we can discuss all the services we offer to businesses and homeowners in the area.

6. Don’t Hire a Handyman

We also discussed never to try DIY plumbing for repairs and not install major plumbing appliances on your own. Next is to avoid hiring an unlicensed plumber to help with any repairs or installations. They may have some plumbing experience but they didn’t have the proper training for it. They also don’t have the credentials. Most importantly, they’re not insured so if something happens to them while on the job, you will have to pay for all their medical expenses. A licensed professional on the other hand is equipped with the safety gear to ensure you and your home is safe.

7. Buy Basic Plumbing Tools

A couple of plumbing tools you can use for your home are the plunger and the drain snake. Talk to a plumber to help you decide which brand to purchase. Do make sure to know how to use these tools. If you can’t use them or are not confident about using them, we recommend hiring a licensed plumber instead.

If you need a plumber today, you’ve come to the right place. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is a reliable and trusted plumbing company in the area. Our plumbing experts always go the extra mile to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our services. We’ll make sure the problem is permanently resolved to help you save money on costly repairs down the road.

8. Insulate Your Pipes

During winter, one of the things you can do to save money on your plumbing is to protect exposed pipes including your outdoor plumbing. You can purchase some insulating material at the hardware store or you can also contact a professional in Arlington, TX for assistance.

You need to insulate the pipes or the water inside them can freeze especially when the temperature reaches below zero degrees. Slightly opening the faucet so that warm water can flow through the pipes also helps.

When the water freezes, the pipes can expand and then burst. When this happens, you won’t have any water at home. You need to call a plumber right away to help you thaw the frozen pipes. If the pipes are broken, you will likely end up with a flooded home. Remember, water damage can cost you a fortune but you can avoid this by protecting your plumbing pipes. If you have questions or need help with pipe repairs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

9. Install Energy-Efficient Appliances and Water-Saving Fixtures

Energy-efficient washing machines or dishwashers use less water, helping you save money. Dual-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures are also good options. For the installation of these fixtures and appliances, please make sure to only hire a licensed plumber in the area. It’s the only way to ensure the units or the fixtures are properly installed.

If you need help in deciding what types of fixtures to install for your home, let us know as well. Our experts are more than happy to help you make an informed decision on which appliances or fixtures to install for your home.

10. Install Leak Detection Devices and a Sump Pump

A leak detection device can alert you of a possible leak in your plumbing. Some models can also detect abnormal fluctuations in your water. If you connect your leak detection device to your phone or tablet, you’ll get an alarm or a notification when the device detects a leak. Some of these devices can also automatically shut off your water to prevent further damage to your plumbing.

If you want to avoid costly repair or replacement, we suggest installing these safety devices into your home. Place them near your water heater, garbage disposal and even your sump pump. For more information about leak detection devices, please call us today.

11. Switch to Tankless Water Heaters

How old is your water heater? If you have a conventional water heater tank that’s more than seven years old and is no longer that efficient, we suggest switching to a tankless water heater. Also called on-demand water heaters, these types of heaters have no standby heat loss, which means you get to conserve energy. You’re only using energy when you turn on the faucet or the shower, saving you more money in the long run. They also last longer, up to 20 years when properly maintained. For installation, please make sure to only hire a licensed plumber in the area.

12. Install Several Shut-Off Valves

When the plumbing pipes leak, the first thing you need to do is shut off your water. Make sure you have several shut-off valves installed to make it easier to shut off your water during a plumbing emergency. If possible, don’t just put it in the basement. You need to also install them near your plumbing appliances, especially the water heater. For installation, contact a licensed plumber today.

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