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12 Ways You Can Benefit From Installing A Water Filtration System | Mansfield, TX

12 Ways You Can Benefit From Installing A Water Filtration System | Mansfield, TX

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If you are like most Mansfield, TX homeowners, you want to water your family drinks and bathes in to be clean and free of chemicals. If you get your water from the city supply, the water is chlorinated and treated so that it is safe for use when it reaches your faucets and showerheads. If your water comes from a well, it is also chlorinated and treated. Unfortunately, it is easy for water to pick up contaminants after it leaves the well or the treatment facility, and the water may not be as clean or as pure as you would like it to be.

Fortunately, a water filtration system can help. These systems can remove heavy metals, bacteria, and other chemicals from the water.

Three Types Of Water Filtration Systems

If you are considering installing a filtration system in your Mansfield, TX home, there are three options for you to choose from, and each one is effective in removing impurities from the water.

  • Activated carbon: This is one of the most common and least expensive of the three water filtration systems. The system is installed under the sink, and you can replace the filter cartridges yourself when necessary. This type is effective in removing heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites from the water.


  • Cation exchange systems: This filtration system is also known as a water softener or ion exchange filter. This type uses positively charged ions that attract negatively charged ions, such as calcium, magnesium, and barium. Calcium and magnesium are harmful to your plumbing system and can cause the water to taste bad. Barium is harmful to your health. Prolonged exposure to barium can affect your internal organs. Cation exchange systems will remove these harmful contaminants.


  • Reverse osmosis: This is the most effective filtration system. The system uses air pressure to force the water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. A typical filtration processes the water in 5, 6 or 7 stages, and the reverse osmosis system processes the most water in the 6th and 7th stages, providing the purest water possible.

If you aren’t sure whether water filtration systems are worth the cost, you should consider the benefits of having one installed. When you understand the many ways water systems can benefit the water quality, your family, and the environment, you may see that installing a system in your home is well worth the cost.

#1 You Will Have Safe Drinking Water Anytime

The easiest and quickest way to have a glass of water is to pour it directly from the faucet into a glass. Unfortunately, the water coming from your faucet could be filled with impurities that can affect your family’s health. Water treatment plants add fluoride and chlorine to treat the water. In addition, there are 2,100 toxins that can pollute the water. This is why many homeowners rely on bottled water for drinking.

Water filtration systems remove the chlorine and fluoride and the other 2,100 known toxins, make it possible for you and your family to drink the water right from the faucet. When the system is installed, you can be sure that all the chemicals and impurities have been filtered before the water reaches the glass.

#2 Convenience

As mentioned above, without a water filtration system, the water coming from the faucets in your Arlington, TX home won’t be pure and safe to drink. It will also have a foul taste or smell. Your family can rely on bottled water for drinking water; however, this isn’t the most convenient option.

Most families buy multiple cases of water at a time, which can be a hassle to lug out of the store then out of the car into your home. In addition, you need to find a place in your home to store your bottled water. Finally, the water will take up a significant amount of water in the refrigerator to keep it cold.

It is much more convenient to get a glass out of the cabinet and fill it with cold water from the faucet, making water filtration systems the more convenient option.

#3 Saves Money

Buying bottled water for your family can be expensive, and it is unnecessary. For example, if four people are living in your Mansfield, TX home and each person drinks three bottles of water per day, you will go through a case of 24 bottles of water in two days, and you will need to buy around 182 24-packs of water per year. The average cost of a 24-pack of water is $5, and drinking bottled water will cost you around $912 per year. This is a lot of money to spend on water.

The cost of water filtration systems ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. The simpler systems are closer to $1,000, and the more complex systems can cost up to $5,000. If you install a simple filtration system, it will pay for itself in just one year in the money you save on buying bottled water. If you choose a more complex system, it will pay for itself in two to five years.

#4 Protect the Environment

It is up to everyone on this planet to do whatever possible to protect the environment. We all live here, and we have a responsibility to future generations to ensure they can live safely on this planet as well.

Drinking bottled water will ensure your water is safe for drinking; however, it is harmful to the environment.

In just one year, over 50 billion plastic water bottles are sold in the United States. Unfortunately, only 38 percent of these bottles end up at a recycling plant. The rest end up in landfills, in the ocean, or littering the ground. It can take up to 450 years for a plastic water bottle in landfills or other places to decompose, which seriously negatively impacts the environment.

Water filtration systems eliminate the need for bottled water. You can drink the water right from the faucet and be sure the water is safe for consumption. If you need to take water with you before leaving the house, you can put it in a washable, reusable water bottle and do your part for the environment.

#5 Improves the Taste Of Your Drinking Water

Water treatment facilities use chlorine to purify the water, and wells also do. In addition, different types of bacteria can contaminate the water, and both can affect the way your water tastes and smells. The last thing your want for your family is to drink foul-tasting, foul-smelling water.

Water filtration systems can remove the impurities from the water and can lower the pH level. Installation of a filtration system in your home will eliminate the foul taste and smell from the water coming from your faucets.

#6 Reduce the Need For Plumbing Repairs

Unfiltered water contains chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals that can cause damage to your plumbing system. These impurities can also affect your water-based appliances, such as your washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and refrigerators with water dispensers.

Water filtration systems remove these harmful impurities, which will protect your plumbing system and your water-based appliances. If you install a filtration system in your Mansfield, TX home, your plumbing system and appliances will be protected, which will reduce the need for expensive plumbing and appliance repairs.

#7 Aggravation Of Skin Conditions Will Be Minimized

The chemicals, hard metals, and other impurities in the water can be harmful to your skin. If a member of your household has a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, the impurities in the water can aggravate their condition.

Water filtration systems remove the chemicals and other impurities from the water, making it safe for your family to bathe in, and will minimize the aggravation of skin conditions.

#8 Protection Against Disasters

If a sewer line bursts near your Mansfield, TX home, it can contaminate the water coming from your faucets and showerheads. If this happens, you won’t be able to use the water until the sewer line has been repaired and the contaminated water is treated. Unfortunately, this can take time. Not being able to use the water coming into your home for just one day can be very inconvenient. If the repair process takes days, life in your home can be challenging.

If you have an advanced, whole house water filtration system installed, it will remove the contaminants from the water, making it safe for use even before the repairs have been made.

#9 Reduce the Risk Of Gastrointestinal Issues

When water isn’t properly treated, it can contain parasites and other microorganisms when it reaches your faucets and showerheads. Even if the water is treated properly, there is no guarantee that these parasites and microorganisms will be removed. If there are parasites and other microorganisms in your drinking water, it can cause intestinal and gastrointestinal issues.

Water filtration systems are designed to remove microorganisms and parasites, which will keep your family healthy.

#10 Save Money On Soap

Hard water contains minerals that can prevent the ionic action of soap. If the water coming into your home contains minerals and other additives that affect the soap’s ionic action, your family will need to use more soap than necessary when showering and washing their hands. You will also need more dishwashing liquid to wash your dishes and more laundry soap to get your clothes clean.

Water filtration systems are designed to remove the minerals, improving the effectiveness of the soap. Having a filtration system installed in your home can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

#11 Remove Soap Scum and Deposits From Your Clothes

When you wash your clothes in untreated water, the chemicals in the water will leave soap scum and deposits in your clothes. You may not be able to see a change in your clothes, but they will smell differently and less fresh after they are washed. The soap scum and deposits can also cause your family to develop allergies and rashes.

A water filtration system will remove any impurities from the water that can leave deposits in your clothes.

#12 Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner

Unfiltered water can leave stains in your sinks and bathtubs and can cause the buildup of limescale. These issues will require a lot of elbow grease when cleaning your sinks and shower.

Having a water filtration system installed will prevent hard water stains and limescale, making it easier to clean your kitchen and bathroom.

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