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13 Plumber Myths That Are Costing You Money | Dalworthington, TX

13 Plumber Myths That Are Costing You Money | Dalworthington, TX

Did you know common plumbing myths can be costly? Every day plumbers are called out to homes across Dalworthington, TX, that have fallen victim to these myths. If not corrected immediately, some can cause severe damage, leading homeowners down an expensive path. Here are the top plumbing myths that can cost you money.

1) Myth: Drains Need to Be Flushed Frequently to Keep Them Clear

Reality: You should only need to flush drains when there’s a clog, and it’s vital to use proper chemicals for the material of your pipe. Baking soda and vinegar aren’t enough to unclog drains. It may only cause damage.

Always pay close attention to any products you use in your drains. Also, never pour boiling water down the drain as it can cause the material to crack or break, resulting in a costly repair job.

The wrong choices can be costly and dangerous. When you choose a plumber, you get a professional with the chemicals and tools to get the job done.

Drain pipes need to be checked by plumbers sometimes. If they clog or regularly drain slowly, often requiring flushing, you should schedule an inspection. Problems, such as tree root intrusion, sagging drain lines, broken pipes, or debris, can slow draining.

Contact a plumbing service to schedule an appointment to check clogs or slow-moving drains.

2) It’s Okay to Leave a Slow Leak Alone

Reality: A slow leak can become a big problem if not fixed. It can cause water damage and ultimately cost more money in the long run. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Also, it’s wasting water and raising your bill. According to the EPA, the average small household leak accounts for 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year. Repairing it can save 10 percent or more on a water bill.

It might be something as simple as replacing a faucet or a more complex issue, such as a broken pipe or hidden leak. No matter the problem, it’s always best to have it fixed as soon as possible.

A plumber has special equipment to find wherever they are in your home, including slab leaks, which are difficult to find and can be costly if ignored.

3) Myth: If the Water Heater Is Leaking, It’s Time for a New One

Reality: A water heater that is leaking may only need a new gasket. This is an easy fix for plumbers and an excellent way to save money by fixing and maintaining your current unit rather than upgrading. Most heaters have a ten-year lifespan, so if it’s only a few years old, it may be worth repairing.

If you need to replace the unit, a plumbing service in Dalworthington, TX, can give you an estimate on the cost of a new one and install it for you. While you might not want to consider the expense of a new water heater, there are many benefits.

For example, you’ll get extra savings with a more cost-effective unit, and of course, few people complain about a longer hot shower when temperatures dip in Texas. Also, this upgrade might make you eligible for federal tax credits or state and local rebates.

4) Myth: You Can Fix a Running Toilet Yourself

Reality: A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day. Depending on how much you pay for this utility, it can be costly. There are several reasons a toilet may be running, and plumbers have the expertise to find the root of the problem. A plumbing professional has the knowledge and tools to fix a running toilet right the first time.

You may have a leak or a faulty flapper valve, or the problem might be more serious, such as a broken flushing mechanism. It may eventually cause water damage to your floor and even your foundation. If you don’t fix the cause, you can lose more than wasted water.

Trying to fix it yourself can frustrate and may lead to further damage. With a plumber in Dalworthington, TX, you can be sure the problem will be fixed correctly.

5) Myth: Repiping Is Expensive and Unnecessary

Reality: You might need to replace the pipe in your entire home or an area. This involves replacing the old piping with new, durable piping in your home. The most common upgrade for homeowners is from copper to PEX piping. It’s an excellent way to prevent future water damage and ensure a long life for your plumbing system.

PEX piping is a cross-linked polyethylene resistant to freezing, bursting, and corrosion. It also doesn’t expand or contract like copper piping can. This means less chance for a leak and less opportunity for water damage.

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, think about the cost of repairing water damage, which can be extensive. This is especially true for older homes, which may have damaged piping that’s leaching chemicals into your water supply.

Other reasons you might need to replace your piping include a change in water use, such as adding a dishwasher or washing machine, or if you’ve had a plumber clear a clog, and they recommended repiping a section that’s experiencing problems.

Save the invoice. A plumbing service can give you an estimate for repiping and help you decide if it’s the best option for your home. You might get a federal tax credit for water-saving home improvements.

Besides potential tax savings, these upgrades can increase the value of your home and raise the sales price. You’ll need the receipts for capital gains taxes after selling.

6) Toilet Bowl Tablets Are Safe and Effective

Reality: Bleach toilet bowl tablets may seem like a convenient way to clean your toilet. They’re not that effective. They sit in the tank without moving and can lead to clogs, and the bleach can erode and damage the toilet. Although they’re cheap and contain a cleaning chemical, they don’t work as well as other methods.

Instead, the best way to clean and sanitize your toilet is to use a toilet brush and bowl cleaner. This allows the chemicals to reach all the nooks and crannies of the toilet for a thorough clean. You can skip bleach-containing products for tough stains and use a pumice stone. It won’t scratch the porcelain and will remove the stain safely.

7) You Can Fix a Clogged Drain with a plunger

Reality: A plumber has the proper tools and knowledge to fix a clogged drain. A plunger may help sometimes, but it’s usually not effective. Also, don’t use a plunger after using drain cleaners in your toilet.

This is dangerous and can lead to a face full of harmful chemicals. Always check the product before using it in your toilet because not all products are safe for these drains. The plumber will use a snake or a hydro-jetter to clear the drain and get your water flowing again.

Attempting to fix a clogged drain with a plunger can be frustrating and ineffective. You may end up causing more damage, such as a broken pipe. It’s best to call a plumbing company in Dalworthington, TX, to take care of the problem and avoid further damage.

8) Myth: Garbage Disposals Will Break Down Any Foods

Reality: Garbage disposals are a great way to get rid of food waste, but you need to be careful about what you put down them. Some things, like chicken bones, can cause the disposal to break down and jam.

Other items that you should never put down disposal include grease, coffee grounds, and eggshells. These can cause the disposal to overheat, resulting in a broken unit.

Also, break up oversized items before you toss them into the disposal, such as banana peels. This will help to prevent jams and keep your disposal running smoothly.

If the unit stops working, always turn it off and disconnect the power before fixing it. For clogs, contact a plumber in Dalworthington, TX, for help. They can repair or work with you to install a replacement.

9) You Can Fix a Leaky Pipe with Tape

Reality: No. You cannot fix a leaking pipe with tape. This may worsen the problem and lead to water damage inside your home. Even if the tape holds the leak for the time, it can cause mold and mildew to build up and be a safety hazard.

It’s best to call a plumbing service as soon as you notice a leak. They will have the proper tools and knowledge to fix the pipe. Trying to fix it yourself can be dangerous and lead to further damage. Failure to hire a professional may allow your insurance company to reduce or deny coverage, making it a very costly mistake.

10) Myth: You Can Pour Hot Grease Down a Drain Safely

Reality: No. You should never pour hot grease down the drain. It can cause the oil to harden and form a clog. This will not only stop the flow of wastewater but can also cause damage to your plumbing.

Pour the grease into a container and let it cool off before disposing of it in the trash. You can also add small amounts of plant-based oils into your compost pile. This will help break down the grease and keep your compost pile healthy.

Don’t pour boiling water after the grease to prevent a backup of wastewater. This wrong step can cause the clog to worsen. If the fat has already caused a clog, contact a plumber for help.

11) Myth: A Wire Hanger Can Unclog a Drain

Reality: A wire hanger can’t effectively unclog a drain. It can cause more damage by causing scratches, leading to more and worse clogs. You’re better off using a plunger or a plumber’s snake to clear the drain.

If you’re having problems with your drains, contact a plumber for help. They have the proper tools and knowledge to clear the drains and get them running smoothly again.

12) Myth: You Don’t Need a Professional For Plumbing Work

Reality: You may be able to do some minor plumbing work on your own, such as fixing a leaky faucet. However, it’s best to call a plumber for more complicated jobs and emergencies, including broken pipes, frozen pipes, and clogs causing backflow and overflowing sewage.

Also, your insurance might require that a plumber be called for any major plumbing work, especially for claims involving damage. It’s always best to consult with a plumbing service before trying to fix a plumbing issue on your own.

They have the experience and training to handle these complex tasks and can help to prevent further damage to your home. In Dalworthington, TX, Plumbers are licensed, bonded, insured, and available 24/7 for emergencies.

13) Myth: Water Pressure in Your Home Should Fluctuate

Reality: While it is normal for the water pressure to fluctuate a bit, especially when multiple people are using the water at the same time, it should not fluctuate to the point where you can’t use the water, or it’s challenging to use.

If your water pressure is too high or too low, it could be a sign of a problem with your plumbing. Contact a plumber in Dalworthington, TX, to have them check it out and fix the problem. They can also help adjust the water pressure to be more comfortable for you.

If you have any plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth near Dalworthington. We have the experience and training to handle any plumbing issue, and we can help prevent further damage to your home. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies, and our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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