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18 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing And Their Plumber | Granbury, TX

18 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing And Their Plumber | Granbury, TX

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Homeowners in Granbury, TX, must make it their goal to know about their home’s plumbing. This is why we wrote this article that contains a wealth of information about what every homeowner should know. If you have questions, feel free to contact a plumber at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth

1. Repair Leaky Faucets Immediately

Some homeowners would postpone repairing minor plumbing issues such as small leaks in the faucets thinking that it would be harmless. Keep in mind that a leaky faucet can waste gallons of water in a short period of time. Your water bills for the month will suddenly skyrocket when you don’t fix your leaky faucets. As soon as you identify the problem, call a plumber right away so they can help you resolve the issue.

For minor leaks, you may fix them on your own so long as you have the proper tools needed to remedy the problem. Otherwise, get a professional.

Remember that if you don’t fix a problem asap, it may lead to a costly plumbing emergency that can even give you more problems. You can avoid this when you don’t neglect repairs or maintenance that need to be done.

Keep in mind to always work with a licensed professional for maintenance and repairs to avoid problems with your insurance company.

2. Insulate Your Pipes and Water Tanks

During winter, ensure that your pipes are well insulated, especially those exposed pipes outside your home and those pipes under the sinks. When the water reaches below zero, the water in the pipes could freeze. When it freezes, the pipes expand and may burst. You will have to deal with another problem — leaky pipes, and this can be a costly one when not resolved right away.

It would help if you also insulated the water tank so heat doesn’t escape, and your water heater won’t have to work harder to keep the water hot.

Should you have other issues with either your pipes or your water heater, don’t hesitate to contact a plumbing company.

3. Start Looking for a Water Heater When Yours Is More Than 7 Years Old

Conventional water heaters typically last between 8-10 years, while tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. Their lifespan also depends on their maintenance. They will likely last if you don’t neglect to maintain your water heater. Otherwise, its efficiency will be affected, and you will start to encounter water heater issues such as not having enough hot water, or your water heater would no longer heat the water.

Avoid this problem by speaking with a plumber in Granbury, TX, and ask for a recommendation on what water heater to purchase for your home. Get a new one when you keep calling a professional for repairs. It’s actually more cost-effective to shop for a new water heater than keep paying for plumbing repairs that will only add up.

To ensure the proper installation of your water heater, only work with a licensed plumbing company.

4. Book Professional Drain Cleaning Service

No matter how cautious you are with what goes down the drain, there are times when you forget. Over time, your drain may clog. First, you will start to have slow drains, as this is usually the first sign of a major problem. When you don’t remedy this, expect even bigger problems. Clogged drains can attract flies and pests that may be detrimental to your health. This is why we recommend homeowners book a professional drain cleaning service.

With regular drain cleaning, a plumber in Granbury, TX, would catch a problem early and resolve it promptly. You can prevent major drain clogs when you call a professional for professional drain cleaning.

Just a reminder, only work with a licensed professional as they have the right tools needed to help them check the interior of your pipes.

5. Fix a Running Toilet Immediately

A running toilet can seem harmless at first until you see your monthly water bill. They can waste hundreds of gallons of water when you don’t do anything. Call a plumbing company at the first sign of a problem.

If you suspect that your toilet leaks, you can actually check this yourself. Turn off the main water supply, get some food coloring and drop some in the toilet water tank. While waiting for 30 minutes, never use the water in your home. Look at the toilet bowl and check whether the water changes color. When it does, it means that you have a toilet leak. Get a plumber in Granbury, TX, right away for assistance.

6. Periodically Check for Leaks

As a homeowner, it’s also your responsibility to check your plumbing from time to time. Check the hoses of your washing machines and inspect for wear and tear. Check your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and make sure they’re not broken. When you have high water bills, and you can’t see a problem, check your water meter when no water is being used in your home. You have a leak in your plumbing when the water meter moves. Call a plumbing company right away so they can help you fix the issue.

7. Don’t Use an Auger If You Have Never Been Trained

You can cause some serious and costly damage to your pipes if you attempt to use an auger and you’re not certain how to really do it. While we would ask homeowners to get some plumbing supplies for minor issues, it’s still best to call a plumber especially when it involves your pipes.

8. Don’t Overload Your Garbage Disposal

Unless you have a heavy-duty garbage disposal, avoid stuffing it with lots of food. Otherwise, the system may fail if you overload it with food. While using the garbage disposal, ensure that you run lots of water to prevent clogs. Never put bones, corn cobs, and beans in your garbage disposal. If you don’t want it to smell, put some lemon and run your garbage disposal. That will give it a refreshing smell. If you have problems, call a plumber.

9. Learn How to Fix Your Toilet

When your toilet overflows, try to locate the valve just behind the toilet and turn it off. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber immediately, but do it after turning off the main water supply.

If your toilet clogs, use a plunger to fix it. You may be able to resolve the problem, especially when it’s just a minor clog. When it persists, it’s time to call a professional in Granbury, TX. You can also let it sit overnight and try flushing it again. There are times when the issue is fixed but prepare for an overflowing toilet when it doesn’t work. Call a professional immediately.

Are you having problems flushing the toilet? If it doesn’t flush, the problem could be the valve or the loose handle. It may be time to get it repaired or replaced. Call a plumber right away.

10. Consider Buying Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you want to conserve water and save energy, buy energy-efficient washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage disposal. These appliances are still efficient, yet they use less water than their counterparts. The only downside is some of them may be expensive but don’t worry; it’s actually cost-effective because you save on your energy bill. Also, they last longer than the regular washers or dishwashers.

11. Hire a Plumber for Installations and Repairs

There are risks involved when you hire an unlicensed plumber to work in your home. Because most of them are not insured, you will have to shoulder the medical costs when there are accidents. Also, they may not be fully qualified to get the job done, which means they may not get it right the first time, or they could do some serious damage to your property. You can avoid this when you only hire licensed and qualified professionals to help you with repairs or installations.

12. Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

Conventional heaters only last between 8-10 years, while tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. You may also get a tax credit that you can use for your installation.

With a tankless water heater, there is no need to constantly heat the water, which means that you can save more energy. Also, you won’t need a bigger space as you can just put them on the bathroom walls. Most importantly, your family will never run out of hot water so long as you have the right water heater size for your home.

Speak with a plumber if you want to purchase a water heater and you don’t know which model or size to get. Only work with a licensed plumber to help you with the installation. Please don’t also attempt to install it yourself to avoid problems.

13. Maintain Your Tank-Type Heater

If you still have the conventional heater, ensure that you drain the sediment buildup in the tank. Otherwise, your water heater’s efficiency will be affected, and you waste energy. Also, periodically check it for leaks and call a plumber right away if there are problems or other issues. It’s also best if you could schedule a regular inspection of your water heater with a professional plumber in your area.

14. Never Ignore Minor Plumbing Problems

Major plumbing emergencies happen when a homeowner ignores a small leak in their homes. As soon as you detect a problem, do something asap. Don’t wait for it to become a costly plumbing emergency. Call a plumber if you don’t know how to resolve the problem on your own.

15. Schedule Regular Plumbing Inspection

Homeowners need to check their plumbing and schedule a regular inspection with a licensed plumber as well. During the inspection, the plumber would thoroughly inspect your plumbing — water heater, pipes, garbage disposal, water heater, faucets, other plumbing fixtures. If there is a problem, he would be able to fix it for you. The reason homeowners should schedule a regular inspection is to detect problems early before they become a costly emergency and also to maintain the plumbing.

16. Install a Sump Pump

Do you have a basement in your home? Then you must install a sump pump to avoid water damage. When there is a storm, the sump pump can help you prevent flooding in your basement. However, do make sure to test your sump pump, especially when there is a storm coming. You’ll need to ensure that they do work. If possible, get a spare battery as you might need it when there are power interruptions. For installation, only work with a licensed professional.

17. Take Care of Your Pipes

Never use chemical drain cleaners to fix drain issues. They are not only harmful to your health, but they can also damage your pipes. For minor clogs, try pouring one liter of hot water in your drains, or use vinegar and baking soda. If this doesn’t work, call a professional for assistance.

18. Leak Detectors Are Your Friends

Water damage is one of the most common homeowners insurance claims. When there are leaks in your home or when the basement floods, it can do severe damage to your floor and even to your home’s foundation. By installing leak detection devices, you can avoid flooding as you will be alerted when it detects water in your home. It will also automatically turn off the main water supply to prevent further damage.

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