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2 Horror Stories of Water Damage – How Plumbers in Burleson, TX Saved the Day

2 Horror Stories of Water Damage – How Plumbers in Burleson, TX Saved the Day

Water damage can be a devastating disaster in your home. Accidentally leave a tap open and you will come back to a flooded house. You’ll find that the water has seeped into the floorboards, the furniture is all soggy and there’s 3″ deep water standing that is close to reaching the electrical sockets.

Do you see where we are going with this? Not only is this extremely dangerous for you and your family but it is also quite damaging to the house. Closing the main valve when you are out of city is not a wise decision. Most plumbers in Burleson, TX do not recommend doing this. Lack of water flow in the pipes may cause them to freeze, which can lead to a leak. If you have the pipes insulated, then you are safe. One way to prevent a leak is to close the individual water lines connecting to the bathroom, kitchen, basement and laundry room.

You might think that taking such precautions is going too far but you will thank us later when you come back to a completely intact house. A water line repair in Burleson, TX can get quite expensive if the leaks move from one place, inside the house, to another.

Following are two horror stories about water damage that left the homeowners devastated and with thousands of dollars in repairs:

The Mess Caused By an Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet creates the nastiest mess that you can’t even imagine. The smell alone is so strong that you won’t be able to step foot inside the house. Plus, the house becomes contagious due to a number of reasons. In such a situation, plumbers in Burleson, TX have to work round the clock to secure the leak and save as much of the foundation as they can.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris were heading to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. Before leaving the country, they decided to call all their friends over for dinner. It was a big crowd of about 50 people including kids. The party was in full swing and everyone was having a great time. One of Mrs. Harris’s friends came up to her and asked her where she could change her baby’s diaper privately. Mrs. Harris led her to her bedroom and told her that no one would disturb her here.

The woman removed her baby’s diaper and looked around for a dustbin. When she couldn’t find one, she threw the diaper into the toilet and flushed it. She then wiped her baby’s bottom with a couple of wet wipes and threw them down too into the toilet. She quickly put the baby in the fresh diaper and came downstairs.

The part continued till late at night and the last guest left at 2:00 A.M. Mrs. Harris washed the dishes while her husband rearranged the living room and cleaned the dining area. They went upstairs and got ready for bed. The night routine was followed with brushing and flossing, and finally, they went to bed.

Their trip to Bahamas was still 3 days away and during this time, Mrs. Harris felt that the toilet flush was not working properly. She told her husband and they both decided to get it looked at after they came from their honeymoon. Before heading for the airport, they asked their neighbor to check the house once a week, to make sure that no one broke in thinking it was empty.

After 1 month, when Mr. and Mrs. Harris came back to their house they were all smiles. As soon as Mr. Harris opened the front door, he was hit bit a strong, nasty odor. The carpet underneath his feet felt a little soggy. He looked up and saw the stairs were in the same condition. He carefully paced his steps and went upstairs to the bedroom. There, he found the floor covered with 5″ deep wastewater that was coming out of the bathroom. As he made his way to the bathroom, he saw that the mess was flowing from the toilet.

He went downstairs and asked Mrs. Harris to call plumbers in Burleson, TX. First, he shut down the main water valve and then went to his neighbor. By the time he got back to the house, the plumbers had already arrived. They told Mr. and Mrs. Harris to stay outside the house because there was a possibility the house had been contaminated with asbestos from the sewage water. After an hour, the plumbers came down and informed them that there was a blockage in the sewage line and by flushing one too many times, the blockage had caused water to start flowing out.

To repair the damage caused, the plumber had to remove 4ft of drywall from every room and the entire bathroom had to be remodeled.

The Leak from the Shower Pipe That Destroyed the Bathroom

Shower leaks are not that common but a break in the pipe or a loose bolt can cause water to drip insistently. This usually happens when homeowners don’t catch up with maintenance. Plumbers in Burleson, TX recommend that when you are leaving the house for an extended period of time, make sure that all the taps in the house are tightly closed.

Dan had been saving for years and after he got a promotion at work and raise in salary, he decided to buy a house. Within a month he was a homeowner and moving into his new house. That week, he took a few days off to decorate and furnish his house. He assessed each room and then made a list of the things he needed.

One of the best rooms he liked in the house was the bathroom. It was pretty big and roomy, with a Jacuzzi. Everything was fine except when he went to take a shower, he saw that the shower head was leaking, albeit a drop at a time. He didn’t pay heed to it and took a shower. As he was getting ready for bed, he got a call from his boss that he needed to be in London tomorrow for a meeting. So, he packed a bag quickly and went to bed. He got up early morning, called a cab and left for the airport.

Fast forward a week later, when he came back to the house, he smelled a must odor inside. As he made his way to the bedroom, he saw a huge wet spot right outside the bathroom. When he opened the door, he saw the bathroom flooded and the water was flowing out the showerhead, in a steady, thin stream. Thankfully, the ledge was a little high, so only a small amount of water had spilled out. When Dan called the plumbers in Burleson, TX, he was told that the bathroom tiles had been damaged and needed to be stripped or the ceiling underneath would start to sag. Dan ended up paying a lot for a water line repair in Burleson, TX, on his new house.

Now that you know how a small leak can cause such big problems, call a plumber in Burleson, TX immediately, if you feel that the toilet is not flushing properly or see a puddle of water in the bathroom that never goes away. Benjamin Franklin is a one-stop service for all your plumbing problems. From water and gas leak repairs to installation of new tubs and sinks, they use unique and accurate techniques to spot and fix problems. To know more about what kind of services they offer and their areas of expertise, you can contact them at 817-478-4119.