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3 Common Tap Water Impurities That Are Removable With Water Filtration Systems | Benbrook, TX

3 Common Tap Water Impurities That Are Removable With Water Filtration Systems | Benbrook, TX

Not many people have traced where their tap water comes from. Most of it comes from lakes, rivers and groundwater. The water flows from intake points to a treatment plant to a storage tank and then to your home via your plumbing system. While most tap water is disinfected, various types of impurities and contaminants can make their way into the water depending on where you live. That’s why some cities may have problems with their tap water. For example, most Americans are aware of the horrendous situation happening in Flint by now. While you can’t necessarily change where the water is coming from, you can install whole-house water filtration systems that remove the unwanted contaminants and impurities.

So, before you go down a big sip of water next time, think about where your water comes from and what impurities are contaminants that should be removed first. Once you’ve determined this, you can then look into the various water filtration systems in Benbrook, TX, that can solve your worries. A good filtration system will last for years and greatly improve your quality of living. Drinking pure, clean tap water can do wonders for both your physical and mental health.

Before that, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of impurities and contaminants that you may run into.

#1. High Levels of Nitrate

Depending on your residence, you might have to worry about high levels of nitrate. High levels of nitrate is often a huge concern for those living in agricultural states. It’s very easy for nitrate to runoff into the rivers or the groundwater. The nitrate often comes from manure storage, fertilizers and septic systems. In order to ensure that this is not an issue with your water supply, we highly recommend that you get your water tested if you live in an agricultural state. If there is indeed a lot of nitrate, it’s vital that you install the right water filtration systems and Benbrook, TX, for your home immediately.

High levels of nitrate in your tap water can cause a lot of health problems. In particular, it can be extremely harmful to babies and cause what’s known as “blue-baby syndrome”. This is when infants begin to experience respiratory symptoms and distress, like a shortness of breath. It can be a deadly disease if untreated.

#2. Bacteria, Viruses and Other Pathogens

Another thing to be wary about is waterborne diseases. Every year, there is an outbreak somewhere in America. Some of these bacteria and viruses can be easily killed by chlorine or other types of water filtration systems. While the CDC requires all states to disinfect their water using methods like chlorine, you can definitely make a difference at home by installing water filtration systems that also do the same job. For example, UV filtration systems do a great job at getting rid of pathogens. They’re also fairly easy to install.

A water quality test can also provide you with more information on the type of pathogens that are found in your water supply. In general, the water that leaves the treatment plants is disinfected. If there are any pathogens found in your tap water, they may be coming from your plumbing system. For example, if you have a leak in your plumbing, bacteria can easily enter the water supply. While installing a water system is a good first step, you should also consider finding the source of the problem.

#3. Hard Minerals

Last but not least, a lot of homeowners may have hard water. This can happen just about anywhere and it really depends on the geography of your residence. Hard water is water that has high levels of dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium. It’s not necessarily damaging to your physical health, but it can cause your hair to become dull. You might even notice a difference when you’re taking a shower. Hard water feels more abrasive on the skin. In comparison, soft water feels a lot more gentle.

Hard water can give soap a scummy film and make your skin feel tight and itchy after taking a shower. It can also rust metal items in your home, like kettles and pipes. You might notice that your appliances are coming out of the dishwasher looking used. You might also notice that some of your appliances seem to reach the end of its life much quicker than anticipated. You can get rid of the hard minerals in the water by installing the right type of water filtration systems.

To do so, our team will first need to perform a water quality test to see what types of minerals are in your water, as well as the levels that are found. This test is easy and simple to complete, and we’ll get the results in a relatively short period of time.

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