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3 Effective Tips to Solve Kitchen Plumbing Problems | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

3 Effective Tips to Solve Kitchen Plumbing Problems | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Very often, when people face problems related to equipment or devices installed in their home, they blame the manufacturer for the default in the unit. Sometimes they believe that the unit’s life has ended and needs to be replaced. Just like every other part of the house, there are many parts and equipment that are installed in a kitchen including its electrical wirings and plumbing networks. Since most of the use in the kitchen is of water, therefore, it has been noticed by plumbers in Arlington, TX that sinks and faucets are the most used items.

Even though you might be really careful while using your faucet and make sure that it is closed properly after use and that no hard items are drained down the sink that can cause a blockage but there are times when your faucet needs some small maintenance to make sure that it can be used for long. With regular maintenance and proper use of a kitchen sink and faucet, you might delay the problems but there other so many other challenges that you need to face. What if the plumbing or fittings in your house are relatively new and have been installed a while back? We are sure then you would get a little concerned and would want to fix them as soon as possible.

For your ease and help, here below in this article we have mentioned a few tips and techniques that can help you understand the plumbing in Arlington, TX and help you troubleshoot different parts of the faucet and the sink of your kitchen with the help of basic tools and items that you already have in your toolbox at home.


In case of a problem with kitchen taps or faucets, you need to follow a process for cleaning and fixing it as suggested by plumbers in Arlington, TX. Following these steps has its own importance as there are different parts in a faucet that you need to take care of in the correct order so that they can be reassembled later.

Before beginning, you need to shut-off both the hot and cold-water valves that are under the sink. You then need to turn on both the taps and let all the water drains out so that the pipes are empty. Next, remove the handle which can be removed by removing the screw that holds the handle. This screw can either be seen on top or is hidden under some decorative fitting for which you might need to look for.

Once the screw has been removed, now unscrew the retainer pivot nut with the help of a pair of pliers. You would now see a spray diverter and spout sleeve. Lift them off and check the O-rings on the body. According to plumbers in Arlington, TX this is the area that is most damaged and needs replacement so if necessary do so. Also, there might be a need to replace the cartridge inside which can be pulled out with the help of a pair of pliers or as per manufacturer’s directions.


In many houses, a kitchen spray is what is attached to the sink near the normal tap which is used for a variety of purposes. If you use your sprayer on a regular basis then as per plumbers in Arlington, TX there is a high chance that the sprayer gets clogged. This happens because of the water coming out of the nozzle has a lot of minerals or sand in it that gets deposited with time on the inside of the sprayer.

Another chance for the sprayer not spraying enough water as required could be due to a kinked or twisted hose that is causing the blockage of water. Therefore, plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest having to look under the sink first before you open up the sprayer and detach its parts. This is not a major problem and can be solved in a few minutes unless the hose doesn’t seem to get straight or is worn out then it definitely needs replacement.

If, however, clogging is the main problem then a step-by-step process is suggested by plumbers in Arlington, TX. Firstly, you need to turn off the faucet that provides water. Then with the help of a rubber band fix the handle to open position. Now take a cup of warm white vinegar and dip the head in it for 30 minutes. Take it out and run it at full blast to get rid of any debris and repeat if necessary. You can also remove the head and clean it from the inside using a toothbrush.


If your pipes have been leaking or water keeps dripping from your tap even when it is turned off then this not a small issue that can be ignored. If the leak is from a drainpipe then it is because of the P-trap that plumbers in Arlington, TX explain more specifically as coupling nuts that hold it in place. This leak can be fixed with the use of pipe wrenches covered with duct tape to avoid scratches. Simply grip lower part of pipe with one tool and tight it with the other.

The Bottom Line

Every sink might face the issue one day or the other and availability of right tools is necessary as per plumbers in Arlington, TX at all times to fix this issue yourself. If you are not able to fix the issue on your own then it is better you ask for professional help. If you too are someone who is looking for professional help in this matter the contact Benjamin Franklin right away. For further assistance call their 24/7 emergency number.