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3 Plumbing Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Times | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

3 Plumbing Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Times | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

You may have bought that dream house in Lake Worth, TX that you had been wanting all your life but home ownership is not a piece of cake. Your worries don’t end when you finally acquire the house. There are plenty of responsibilities that you have to fulfil as a home owner in Lake Worth, TX. For starters, you need to make sure that everything top to bottom is compliant with the local codes of Lake Worth, TX. If there are any fixes that need to be done, you have to take care of those in a timely manner if you don’t want your problems to get worse in the future. Residents of Lake Worth, TX understand that home maintenance is a lot of work, especially plumbing. However, not all homeowners seek a plumbing service in Lake Worth, TX. Some try to save a few bucks by trying to fix the issue themselves.

Many homeowners attempt to tackle plumbing problems themselves with some DIY help and pull it off too but you ought to know, some plumbing jobs are just far too risky to try to do on your own. Lake Worth, TX has a helpful plumbing community that is at your dispense whenever you need help and the right thing to do is to call professional experts as well. Fail to do so by trying to perform plumbing fixes yourself and you can find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. There are many plumbing jobs that seem easy superficially, but once you get into it, you will realize the gravity of the situation.

Let’s go through some common plumbing mistakes you must avoid at all cost

1.     Overusing chemical drain cleaners

What most home owners don’t realize is that drain cleaners are not your average household cleaning product. They are a lot more potent and a lot stronger. Think about it, no matter what kind of solid, ungodly, stubborn, scum is jamming your pipes, a drain cleaner’s job is to eat through that obstruction to clear the pipes. It is ludicrous to assume that the average cleaning products would be able to produce such a powerful effect. Drain cleaners are full of dangerous and potentially deadly chemicals. If you have been buying your drain cleaner at your local superstore in Lake Worth, TX, it contains bleach or lye. Whereas, the drain cleaners manufactured by industrial brands mostly contain sodium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide is one chemical you don’t want to meddle with. If inhaled or even touched, it can cause severe health problems or abrupt death.

Some home owners in Lake Worth, TX will use such chemical drain cleaners over and over again in a naïve attempt to keep their drain pipes clear and happy. Repeated use of chemical drain cleaners can actually damage the pipes! Long term use of drain cleaners can thin out the drain pipes to a point where it starts to leak and eventually burst. No home owner willingly embraces the aftermath of a burst pipe because it is difficult to control and requires emergency plumbing service which mostly, does not come cheap in Lake Worth, TX.

Whatever you do, never use chemical drain cleaners in the toilet and the washing machine pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are by no means a substitute for plumbing service in Lake Worth, TX. In fact, if you keep your plumbing maintenance in check by professionals, such problems never arise in the first place. If you do have to use drain cleaner, make sure you use a natural drain cleaner that is free of sodium hydroxide. A hang auger and a drain snake are excellent tools that work very well to clear out clogged drain pipes. If you are experiencing recurrent clogs in your drain pipes, this is usually an indication of a much larger underlying problem that should be left for a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX only.

2.     Unknowingly joining mismatching pipes

DIY plumbing has unfortunately caused many home owners to try to fix their plumbing leak. Some end up replacing the pipe by combining two or more mismatching pipes. This may not seem like a big deal to an untrained eye but your plumber will advise you strongly against it. Joining mismatched pipes is as common as it is dangerous and it is pretty dangerous. For example: if you connect a galvanized pipe with a copper pipe without using a dielectric union, there most certainly will be a leak at the point of connection in the near future due to corrosion. Eventually, the leak will facilitate the growth of molds and fungi all around it, which will eventually make its way behind your walls to spread to anywhere that is warm and moist. Make sure you call a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX as soon as you spot a leak.

3.     Extending hot water pipes yourself

When renovations are taking place in the house or the hot water heater is being relocated, the hot water pipes are almost always cut and extended so that the water can flow smoothly. This is not a DIY fixture that requires cutting and reconnecting pipes. It involves the use of a blow torch amongst other specialized equipment. If you are not a skilled welder or a plumber with years of experience under your belt, you better call one to do it for you. Never attempt to do this yourself because you will probably end up causing an unmanageable leak by the time you are done.  A professional plumber will know exactly how many fixtures are required without exceeding the limit enforced by the local code in Lake Worth, TX.

Whether your hot water heater requires repair or your plumbing, the qualified and experienced professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth will resolve all your plumbing related issues in no time. They will make sure your plumbing is in good shape and aligned with the local plumbing codes so you can kick back with a peace of mind knowing that you wouldn’t be running into emergency plumbing problems in the future.