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4 Modern Bathroom Components Your Home Needs | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

4 Modern Bathroom Components Your Home Needs | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, renovations can be tricky. This holds especially true when considering bathroom components.

Do you want a stand-in shower or a sit-in bath?

Do you prefer a roman style layout or an open bath?

Such decisions can be nerve wracking at best.However, striking a perfect balance between use and style is always at the top of agenda.

Modern components for bathroom blend flair with functionality really well. In fact, they often make users wonder how they ever managed a day without them. They are handy and worth the service for installation and plumbing in Arlington, TX. 

Here is a list of exciting modern bathroom components your home needs. Their use is so delightful, that you will be calling for the fastest service for plumbing in Arlington, TX today.

1.  Bidet Toilet Seat Covers

Bidet toilet seats are a new trend gaining traction for the ease and hygiene they promise to the users. They are an essential addition in a modern bathroom, washing away the call for toilet paper in the bathroom, one spritz at a time,

These started out as an essential bathroom component in the Asian markets, yet have made their way to the American household. Currently their use is indispensable, adding an additional layer of hygiene to your bathroom routine.

The In-built retractable nozzles in seats spray a steady stream of water from behind.  This feature makes the traditional toilet seats seem redundant in comparison. The higher end varieties are accented with features such as multiple water pressure, temperature control, heated seat and automatic drying options.

Additionally, they also have useful features such as automatic self-lifting lids and deodorizers to mask unpleasant smells.

If you are planning on installing a Bidet toilet seat in your bathroom, make sure to receive the best Plumbing in Arlington, TX.  Preventive maintenance of pipes in your home will keep your bidet lasting longer, safe from rust and debris.

2.  Free Standing Tubs

Free standing tubs add panache to a bathroom creating an illusion of extra space in the room. These immediately move the overall feel of the bathroom to the modern times. Various designs finish and colors can be used to add a layer of depth to your bathroom

Modern free standing tubs do not need mounting and make bath time a fun activity. Take a relaxing a bubble bath or a quick shower, these offer flexible bathing options.

Pedestal varieties made of porcelain are a popular choice for modern bathrooms. Designs made of acrylic are easier to maintain while a stone build adds a touch of luxury. These are interchangeable as art pieces if placed as focal feature of the bathroom as well.

Be sure to get the best Plumbing in Arlington, TX to have your tub lasting for years. Slight leaks and horrible installation can take the joy out of using a free standing tub. Hiring excellent Plumbing in Arlington, TX will have your free standing tub functioning well and you gleaming.

3.  Shower Tower

Shower towers are a multifunctional and useful component for a modern bathroom. These not only add flair with their various styles, but are also ideal for those wanting a little extravagance in life.

In-built with multiple shower functions, the high end varieties are accented with spray nozzles, water massage function, rainfall feature, temperature control and a handheld shower. These work very well with the current style of Plumbing in Arlington, TX too.

Additional nozzles on shower towers provide extra access during bath time, making them best fit for people particular about a thorough hygiene routine. The massage function is ideal after a tiring day of work, where hot water bursting from nozzles can relax even the stiffest of muscles.

Leaks and debris stuck in pipes can cause a hindrance when using shower towers. Air pockets and water pressure problems can ensue, poorly impacting the user experience. To have the best experience with your shower tower, hire the best in Plumbingin Arlington, TX.

4.  Towel Warmers

Heated towel racks are a useful addition to a modern bathroom. These are practical and durable for chilly or humid weathers.  Their benefits include keeping towels dry, odor-free and bacteria-free.

Available in a variety of models and styles, the wall mounted variety is the most fitting for a smaller bathroom. Stainless steel varieties are corrosion free and heat quickly, avoiding your damp towels from getting rusty stains.

Investing in a high end model will last longer as budget friendly models tend to have a shorter lifespan. Free standing varieties with automatic shutoff function are better suited for busy lifestyles, while UV models are the best in market. Their sanitizing and sterilizing feature keeps towels free from germs.

Good plumbing will make sure your electric towel racks do not suffer after contact with leaks and malfunctioning water sources. Getting services of the best Plumbing in Arlington, TX will keep your heated towel racks safe and secure from bathroom malfunctions.

Make New Components Last Longer: Hire a Professional

New components can be exciting to use, however poor installations can dampen your experience. Poorly maintained plumbing can also affect the life of your new additions. Debris, leaks and rust lurking in your pipes can damage new installations.

In fact poor water pressure and buildup can affect the performance high-end models as well. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars only to have your new fittings collapse or malfunction.Superior Plumbing in Arlington, TX is the solution.

A timely and effective preventive maintenance will have your new components lasting longer. Hire the best services for Plumbing in Arlington, TX with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our excellent plumbing services will have your new toilet accessories lasting for years.

Our state of the line Plumbing technology has solutions for all your problems. From repairs to new installations, detecting hidden problem to enhancing your bathroom experience, our skilled technicians know it all.

Give your home the finest it deserves. Contact us today 817-478-4119.