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4 Plumbing Mistakes Made by Homeowners | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

4 Plumbing Mistakes Made by Homeowners | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

More than any kind of home improvement task, plumbing can drive many homeowners crazy. This happens when homeowners attempt to fix the plumbing issue as a DIY project. As a result, frustration grows, plumbing problem aggravates and the heavycost is incurred.

A plumbing network is a complex system in your household. There are many professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX but not all of them are well versed to handle the complex plumbing issues. However,the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX never recommend homeownersto take up a plumbing issue as a DIY task. This not only results in frustration but causes more damage to the plumbing system than any resolution.

So the only way to manage this frustration and plumbing problems is to hire the professionals without any delay. In addition to that, it is also important to avoid believing in false misconceptions. There are many homeowners who attempt to fix the in-house plumbing issues by following poor practices.

This is exactly what we will discuss in this post. While homeowners consider these practices as tricks of the trades this practicedisrupts your plumbing system if attempted unprofessionally. Let’s have look at some of these false tricks of the trades so that you can avoid them at all cost.

When A Pipe Cannot Be Cut, Reheat Solder

All of us know that the best way to properly disconnect a soldered pipe is to simply cut it. But oftentimes you just can’t cut the pipe. This happens when you fail to get hold of a cutting tool or when cutting will make the pipe short. This happens when you need to create a new connection. What homeowners attempt to fix the issue is to heat the joint and simply pull off the fitting as the solder melts.

This leads to molten solder that again becomes a problem and may hinder the installation of the new pipe. Even if you wipe the pipe immediately it might not resolve your issue permanently. You might cut off the pipe by this method but you will either face issues in the installation of new pipe or after installation in the form of leaks. So, before you attempt to fix a pipe in this manner, it is a lotbetter to hire the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

Replace Metal Lines with Plastic

We all know that metal drain lines are a lot more reliable than any other type of plumbing material. It is long lasting and it never results in leaks. However, whenever homeowners face issues with metal drain lines, they install plastic pipes instead. They believe that replacing the metal drain line with a plastic one is the ultimate cheap solution to fix the issue.

However, it is not a long-lastingsolution. In fact,trying to fit a plastic pipe instead of the metal drain will only result in leak problems and loose fittings. Homeowners believe that plastic is less prone to corrosion which is true yet plastic is more prone to leaks. So, when you face a leaking drain issue the smartest move is to call the assistance of professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

Loosen Pipes Using Heat

This happens when a pipe is stuck or threaded connection will not budge. Homeowners believe that to fix the issue, the use of heat is the smart trick. This is particularly true when it comes to old fixed pipes in our homes. Many homeowners try to cut or loosen these pipes by using heat which is highly damaging to the plumbing system. The professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX prohibits the use of heat for any kind of plumbing problem. Heat only damages the metal or plastic and it never works as a permanent solution. So, when you need to loosen a stuck or fixed old pipe, do not damage the plumbing system and call the expertise of professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

These professionals possess all the right tools to fix the plumbing issue. Remember a professional plumber never attempt to fix the issues using these practices. So, if you hire a service in Fort Worth, TX and you find them using these temporary tricks to fix the issue, stop taking their services right away.

Not to mention some homeowners also follow this false plumbing trick on gas or fuel pipes which is equivalent to putting your house on fire.

Fixing a Drain Clog without High Chemical Based Cleaners

This is one of the most frequently observed practices by homeowners. Whenever they face a clogged drain line issue the first thing comes to their mind is to clear the drain line by pouring strong chemical-based cleaners.

Most homeowners don’t realize that strong chemical-based cleaners contain Hydrochloric acid and are highly damaging to the drain lines. It might be better to run a drain snake to fix a clogged drain issue than pouring strong chemicals through the drain pipes. As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, this is one of the most frequently believed misconception by homeowners and most of the plumbing pipes are usually the victim of these strong chemical cleaners.

In the bottom line

A plumbing system is an integral part of your household. It is alright to attempt a plumbing issue on your own but this should only be done when you have basic plumbing knowledge or if you have any prior experience.

Anyone who has no plumbing experience or who has never attempted a plumbing issue should not consider a plumbing problem a minor issue. You cannot judge the severity of a plumbing problem by simply looking at it. Sometimes it is really hard to find the root cause ofthe issue.

That is why it is highly recommended to take the assistance of professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX. They are well versed in handling the complex plumbing issues. To get the best and top-quality service head over to Benjamin Franklin right away.