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4 Signs of Failing Plumbing to Watch Out For | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

4 Signs of Failing Plumbing to Watch Out For | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

One of the easiest problems in the house to be overlooked are pesky plumbing problems. What makes it worse is that plumbing problems are almost always discrete. You can’t find them unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX are well trained to be able to identify issues lurking under the floor, behind the walls or up in the attic. Most plumbing problems in Lake Worth, TX are identified too late, by then the original problem has already worsened many times over. Since plumbing problems are not so obvious, they tend to cost a lot of money in long-term damage to your home in Lake Worth, TX if they are not identified and addressed right away.

Despite most plumbing problems being a discrete affair, there are plenty of signs you can look out for that indicate that you have a plumbing problem. Let’s take a look at some of them

1.     Irregular flow of water from the faucet

A faucet that is in good shape must discharge water in a regular flow. If the flow of water from the faucet seems to be inconsistent, it is almost always a sign of trapped air that has made its way into your water pipes. Because of this accumulation of air in the water popes, the cohesive, streamlined flow of water is disrupted. These pockets of trapped air inside your water pipes may have formed because there is a breakage or a leak somewhere along the plumbing system of your house that is allowing air to sneak up in there. As a rule of thumb, wherever there is empty space, it will allow the passage of air. Consequently, this increases the risk of water leaking out of the pipes. Too many residents of Lake Worth, TX don’t pay due attention to irregular flow of water from the faucet and try hitting it instead. Mineral deposits in the pipe can also easily cause this problem and can be addressed by your plumber in Lake Worth, TX by installing a filtration system.

2.     Dripping pipes

This is an obvious one yet, it is also one of the most ignored signs of plumbing problems. Dripping faucet and dripping pipes are both signs of major underlying plumbing issues but dripping pipes are a lot worse. If a pipe starts to drip, it means it is no longer in working condition and the test of time has taken a drastic toll on its structural integrity. Pipes are supposed to be air tight so that pressure can be maintained within them. In case of a dripping pipe, either its age or its condition might be the culprit. Pipes that end up bursting, flooding the floor or accumulating mold or mildew always start with a dripping pipe in the beginning. So whenever or wherever you see a dripping pipe in your house in Lake Worth, TX, have a plumber take a look at it to address the problem once and for all before it costs you big time. Never get used to the “tap-tap-tap” sounds like most households do. Not only do you waste gallons of water every day by letting those pipes drip but you are also putting yourself at risk of major plumbing problems in the near future.

3.     Clogged or smelly drains

Drains are commonly abused and overestimated for their potential to make objects disappear or transported into the abyss. However, that is not how drains work. All that you flush down the toilet has to go somewhere. Don’t take up the approach of “out of site out of mind” when it comes to anything related to your home’s plumbing system. Drains that are functioning properly do not get clogged frequently or have a bad smell to them. If it starts smelling, it is probably because of food particles and debris accumulated in the drain pipes, gradually increasing the obstruction in the pipe until it is blocked completely. This clump of massive clog will not bulge on repetitive flushing. This is why it is essential to be more careful of what you flush down your sewage. People make the common mistake of spilling used grease from pans down their kitchen sink too. Grease hardens and accumulates pretty quickly to cause a pipe blockage. Whether your drain smells funny or blocked, call up a local plumber in Lake Worth, TX to resolve the problem for you.

Malfunctioning water heater

Water heaters don’t give out easy. On average, water heaters in Lake Worth, TX last 8 to 12 years. This lifespan can be drastically increased through regular maintenance. Although water heaters are durable, they are not invincible. As a homeowner, you should recognize the signs of a failing water heater so you can call for professional help without wasting any further time. One of the first and most obvious signs is the hot water faucet not dispensing any hot water. This could either be because your water heater needs to be replaced or its pilot light is simply out. Also, the water from the faucet should be clear. If it is discolored to a rusty color, it means that the iron plumbing pipes have corroded and eroded with the passage of water. Additionally, if your water tank takes extra long to heat the water or if the water is accompanied by sediments, it is about time you get a new water heater. Lastly, look for water pooling under the bottom of the tank, there shouldn’t be any.

If you spot any of the aforementioned signs of a failing plumbing system, make sure you call only the most skilled and professional plumbers for help. The skilled technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth have years of experience under their belt to take care of all sorts of plumbing problems, large or miniscule, in the proper manner.