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4 Signs It’s Time To Call A Licensed Plumber | Grand Prairie, TX

4 Signs It’s Time To Call A Licensed Plumber | Grand Prairie, TX

Have you ever thought about how often you use your plumbing system? If you have, you know that you rely on it most of the day. When you shower, use the bathroom and run the water, your plumbing system is in use. The same is true when using water-based appliances and when the water heater runs. Because you rely on your plumbing system so much, problems can make your life inconvenient, and they should be resolved quickly.

If your plumbing system experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call a plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, as soon as possible.

#1 You Have No Water

A lack of running water is a serious issue because you rely on it all day. Before calling a professional, check your records to ensure the water bill has been paid and the service wasn’t terminated. You should also check with a neighbor to see if they have running water or check the water company’s website to rule out an outage. If everything checks out, it’s time to hire a plumber.

The most common cause of a lack of water is a problem with the water main. If your plumbing system has an emergency shutoff valve, it could be faulty, causing it to trigger and stop the water flow. Also, a severe leak in the pipes will allow the water to escape before reaching the taps.

A licensed plumber will inspect the water main and any other potential causes to determine why you don’t have going water to your house, allowing them to make the necessary repair and restore the water in your home.

#2 Low Water Pressure

Adequate water pressure is essential for daily tasks, and poor water pressure will make daily household tasks take longer than necessary. For example, it will take longer to fill the tub to take a bath, and doing the dishes and washing your hair will take longer than usual. Also, your water-based appliances rely on adequate water pressure to function correctly. If the water pressure is suddenly reduced, it’s best to hire a plumber immediately.

If just the hot water pressure is low, the problem is with the water heater, and sediment has likely clogged the water line. A licensed professional can unclog the pipe, but if they can’t flush the sediment in the tank, you’ll need to replace the unit to prevent water pressure problems in the future.

If the hot and cold water pressure is low, there’s a problem with the plumbing system, such as:

  • A significant blockage in the pipes
  • An issue with the water meter valve
  • An issue with the water shutoff valve
  • Broken pressure regulator
  • A significant plumbing leak

A plumber can inspect the valves, pipes, and pressure regulator to determine why the water pressure is low and make the necessary repairs to restore the water pressure.

#3 Brown or Rust-Colored Water

The water coming from the taps in your home should be clean and clear. If it’s brown or rust-colored, it’s best to hire an emergency plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, because it isn’t safe to use discolored water.

If just the hot water is discolored, the problem is with the water heater. When sediment builds up in the tank, it could contaminate the water, causing discoloration. The same is true if the unit is over ten years old. As the unit ages, the inside of the tank can begin breaking down, causing tiny metal shards and sediment to contaminate the water. A licensed professional can attempt to flush the sediment to resolve the problem, but if they can’t, or the problem is due to the unit’s age, you’ll need to replace your water heater.

If the hot and cold water is discolored, there’s an issue with a pipe in the plumbing system. When pipes age, they can rust and corrode, contaminating the water. There could also be a leak under the house, allowing dirt and soil to contaminate the water.

A plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, can locate the affected pipe and replace it, allowing the water to run clear. It’s best to avoid using the water until the problem is resolved, and if you must use the water, boil it first to remove the impurities.

#4 Fruit Flies and Nasty Odors

Is there a nasty smell in your home, and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from? If you scrubbed the whole kitchen and the smell remains, the drain could be to blame. When food and grease clog the drain, it will spoil, creating a foul odor that wafts up from the drain.

Do you have a fruit fly issue in your kitchen? If you don’t have a fruit bowl or a vase of flowers on the counter, they could be coming up from the drain. When food and grease create a clog, your drain becomes a hospitable environment for flies.

Fortunately, hiring a plumber can eliminate foul odors and fruit fly infestations. They can perform a drain cleaning service to remove all clogs in the drain, eliminating the smell, and the drains will no longer be a hospitable environment for fruit flies.

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