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5 Common Problems in Old Houses | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

5 Common Problems in Old Houses | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Old houses can end up giving you numerous plumbing issues such as leaky drains, jammed toilets and cracked up pipes to name a few. Many people choose to live in their ancestral houses because of sentimental value. Other people simply cannot afford to buy a whole new house. While living in an old house has its charm, beauty and memories, there’s always a lurking case of plumbing issues with them.

Now you may take it upon yourself to fix these problems. You might be successful but the truth is, these problems with reoccur time and again because a layman’s work is essentially ineffective. This is why, your fixtures won’t be long-lasting. Professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX are what you need! So consult the best pros in town and have your plumbing issues repaired.

If you’re living in an old house, odds are, you’ve probably experienced the 5 plumbing problems mentioned below:

1.   Sewer Pipes with Cracks

Sewer lines are easy to overlook considering how they’re never in your sight. They work well even if they’re old. But the real problem occurs when they break down because of cracks and punctures. You will know when there is a sewer line breakdown by the awful, foul smell that reeks off of the gray water in your house and neighborhood street gutter.

The germs, bacteria and all the other microorganisms that plague the water are unimaginable! Should they somehow make way into your house, they will be a sever threat to you and your family’s health.

Old houses are bound to have older sewer pipes. A sewer pipe that has been in use for more than 30 years is bound to have decayed and withered due to excessive usage. In addition, the material it was made from is now outdated and cannot bear the burden of water disposal from the modern appliances.

Sewer pipes can weaken if there were regular repairs, fixtures and renovations in your house. The only way to find out a broken sewer pipe is to look out for the pungent smell. Call up professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX in case of a repulsive odor from the wastewater in your house.

2.   Leaking Taps

Have a bathroom with a leaking faucet? Everyone has had them! While many people let the water drip and drip, ignoring the water wastage, there’s another huge problem that they might be risking- the problem of high bills.

Not only do leaking taps and faucets lead to water wastage, they also result in sky-soaring bills. The leaking water is still counted as you consuming the water and your usage along with wasted water increases your monthly water bills.

There is a good chance that you might end up using all the water in your tank if the leaks are not repaired in time as an old house typically has outmoded water motors to pump water into the faucets and hoses. This issue is likely to arise in old and maturing buildings.

The periodic cause of dripping faucets is generally a dislocated, rigid, or worn out internal washer. This requires a professional plumbing service’s assistance to be fixed. It isn’t something you can repair with a Pinterest DIY blog. Neither can this wait because one leaking faucet can cost you thousands of wasted gallons!

Without any further delay, contact trustworthy plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to fix up your faucet and halt the seepage before there is any further water waste. It’s particularly negligent, considering how the world is going through a water crisis.

3.   Clogged Drains

Jammed shower, toilet and kitchen drains are nasty to fix yourself. You’ll have to pull out a hanger hook, a snake, or a plunger to unclog the drain and we all know that nobody likes to get their hands in the dirt.

People who throw the toilet paper in the bowl are to be blamed as it ends up clogging it. You can use equipment to unclog the drain but professional needs to come in for a look to solve this problem for good. So you must call up some good plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to have the problem fixed!

You might have heard of DIY for drain clogs using baking soda and vinegar, right? They can do you some good but the results last only for a couple of days. If your toilet was installed ages ago, odds are you’ll need to contact the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX for proper repairs of clogged drains.

4.   Faulty Repairs

Older houses are likely to have plumbing issues just because the bathroom fixtures and the installations are obsolete.

Since they are outdated, it’s very uncommon to call in a professional plumber because most problems are attempted to be fixed with DIY projects or simply ignored.

Temporarily, this might work but DIY-ing the project or ignoring the problems can be very dangerous in the long run. For example, you might end up burning your hand while trying to fix up a heater system. To avoid such a case, call up good plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

Hiring professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX is the ideal way to go about your home’s plumbing issues as they are well-versed with the way things function and offer better assistance to you.

5.   Old Fixtures

Solving the plumbing issues of your house must be on top of your to-do list. Not just toilet jams, kitchen or drains clogs, but yard sump pumps are as well. It’s time you accept that poor plumbing needs to be repaired.

You must make haste in having these issues resolved permanently by hiring professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TXIt is important for your house to go through proper fixtures, repairs and maintenance to avoid inconvenience to you or your guests.

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