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5 Common Problems You Can Face with Your Water Filtration System | Water Filtration System in Fort Worth

5 Common Problems You Can Face with Your Water Filtration System | Water Filtration System in Fort Worth

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When drinking tap water, it’s likely that you would consume contaminants such as Mercury, trichloroethylene (TCE), and iron. Regardless of how clean your drinking water is, it could be contaminated by the time it reaches your house.

The installation of a water filtration system ensures that you don’t fall prey to these contaminants. The formation of a water filtration system has a scientific process. Unlike other sources of water, the water from a filtration system is subjected to many operations and formulas.

Like all other technological products and gadgets, water purifiers are also vulnerable to damage and a drop in performance. However, unlike other electronic devices and home appliances, users are not aware of the problems they can face when using water filtration systems in Fort Worth.

Therefore, before buying a water filtration system in Fort Worth, it is imperative to review the following.

1.  Changing Water Filters Can Be Costly

Water filters, at times, come with a limitation of being too small. We call this a flaw because a water filtration system with a smaller filter is naturally more prone to being saturated with contaminants than other types of water filters.

If you choose a water filtration system in Fort Worth with a smaller filter you may end up changing the filter a lot more than the other forms of filters. The constant change in water filters may end up having a toll on your budget and your wallet.

2.  Cannot Improve Quality

Although some water filtration systems claim to improve the quality of water, this is not always the case. It is imperative to take into account the reviews of fellow relatives and friends before deciding to buy a water filter.

A friend who has used a water filtration system is in a better position to guide you about the types of water filtration system in Fort Worth.

A fancy-looking water filtration system may remove the contaminants in your water but it is not guaranteed to improve the quality of water you consume. Many users complain of no change in the water they drink even after the addition of a water filtration system to their drinking kit.

3.  Reverse Osmosis and Water Waste

Many filtration systems in Fort Worth use reverse osmosis to ensure that the water you consume does not contain any contaminant. However, reverse osmosis presents a problem i.e. the process requires much water. For example, a water filter uses up to 5 gallons of water for each gallon of water that it filters through.

The process of reverse osmosis forces the water to trickle down through a semi-permeable membrane. The process leaves behind contaminants that are then flushed down the drain. The clean water stored in a holding tank is then supplied for consumption.

However, the problem with water filtration systems in Fort Worth is that in the process of reverse osmosis, the water that goes through is deprived of many essential minerals needed in the water. These minerals make the water we consume more than just a necessity but also a healthy drink to consume.

4.  Water Softeners: Not Good for Health

A water softener collects hardness minerals in its conditioning tank. A softener helps in getting rid of magnesium, calcium, and other metals found in hard water.  Salt-based water softeners distribute a high amount of sodium in the water. This makes the typical day-to-day routine of drinking, eating, and watering lawns and plants a health risk.

Even though the system may get rid of one gram of hardness, it adds 8mg/1 ppm of sodium to the water. Sodium is bad for health and consuming it in excessive amounts regularly can lead to severe illnesses.

Additionally, the presence of sodium in your drinking water is also not suitable for your small sewer and septic systems. In addition to posing a health threat, these types of water softeners are also not recommended because of their need for salt. Choosing a water filtration system in Fort Worth, which needs the regular addition of salt, is also costly since you will need to purchase salt regularly.

5.  Warranty Limits

Now water filtration systems in Fort Worth are something new for the people who reside there. People are still getting the hang of using the product. Some might not be as well versed as they might be with other home appliances.

Now given the scenario, it is imperative to provide people a quality service which tends to their needs and helps them in using the product to the fullest. However, this is not the case with some water filtration systems in Fort Worth. With a maximum warranty of 1 year, these systems do not give an ideal deal to their users.

An extended warranty period will do their product no harm and will also add to its goodwill which is very crucial in developing a broader customer base.

Given the problems we have mentioned above, you might be wondering whether your decision to buy a water filtration system in Fort Worth is justified or not. Let us assure you that, as an appliance, a water filtration system is a must-have. However, given the problems and challenges these systems can face, it is imperative to consult an expert beforehand.

Benjamin Franklin, the punctual plumber, in addition to providing you plumbing services, also advises on important plumbing decisions. With their experience, the professionals in our company know which water filtration system will suit the needs of your family.

If you need help with repairs of a water filtration system in Fort Worth, or want to choose the right system for you, pick up your phones and dial 817-983-7876. The best in the business will be on the other end of the call to guide you.