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5 Creatures in Your Toilet That Might Surprise You | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

5 Creatures in Your Toilet That Might Surprise You | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Isn’t your toilet area the only place left in the world where you can actually expect to have complete privacy and solitude. The increased use of CCTV cameras and monitoring devices really means that your bathroom is really the only place where you are truly off the grid.

Sometimes, however, even this holiest of holy places has the ability to be invaded. No – we aren’t talking about data mining or hidden cameras – we are talking about something very primitive and natural.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that something more animalistic might ruin your privacy. Even though it shouldn’t be a problem for animals to enter your home simply through the front door or the window, they have found another way in. Plumbers in Arlington, TX would like to tell you that these animals have found a way to enter your home when you’re most exposed and vulnerable.

Can this get any worse? Well, yes it can because the animals that shimmy up your sewer pipes are actually very nice and aren’t exactly what you’ll like Santa Claus to bring your either. Plumbers in Arlington, TX have found the most creepy, crawly animals lift up the toilet lid to scare homeowners.

We wouldn’t recommend reading what’s next before your routine trip to the bathroom in the morning – but it’s important to know what could lurk in your pipes.

1.  5 Ft. Rat Snake

So the toilet snake is actually a real thing and it isn’t just something your roommate forgot to flush after a heavy-fiber diet. It is also not the toilet auger that is used by your plumbers in Arlington, TX to remove all the problematic clogs in your toilets.

It was reported in more than one instance that a 5-foot rat snake was found peeking out of the toilet lid but thank God that they are non-poisonous. Even though, this experience is probably something that won’t let you use the toilet without fear in the future.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX, however, would like to tell you that these occurrences are quite rare and only happen because these snakes were looking for some warmth.

2.  Rats

One of the most forsaken and heinous among the creations of God is among the few mammals that might stare at you from your toilet. While these animals are shaped like something you might normally find in the toilet, the camouflage will be over once it leaps out and nibbles at your soul.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that these critters were actually so common in some homes that people actually started calling them ‘toilet demons’. Let’s move onto the next animal by giving you a bonus nightmare: some rats can actually jump as high as three feet!

3.  Frogs

You wouldn’t need your plumbers in Arlington, TX to find out that frogs popping out from toilets are quite common. If you Google the words, “frogs in toilets”, you’ll find millions of cases. The good news, however, is that if you don’t have a phobia that involves reptiles, a frog popping up in your bathroom pond may be less scary than rats and snakes.

There are many different ways by which these creatures make it into your toilet. These include swimming in from sewer opening or squeezing themselves into cracked sewer lines.  They may even have climbed a tree, entered your home from the roof shingles and made their way into your toilet.

Unless you wish to catch two more frogs and train them in the martial arts so they can rescue Princess Angelica, you may have to get yourplumbers in Arlington, TX to fix the sewer lines.

4.  Possums

What you need to know about these if they popped into your toilet is that they are marsupials and somewhat like garbage cats in America. These creatures are properly known as opossums and your plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you these have been cases that one of these fuzzy boys crawled out of toilet drains.

This possum probably made its way into your toilet via the common culprit in this article – the sewer openings or cracked pipes. Once they had entered the pipe, they just followed an obvious route into your porcelain opening.

5.  10 Ft Boa Constrictor

How is this different than finding the 5-foot rat snake in your toilet? Well, we don’t know about different, but can assure you that these snakes are roughly twice as dangerous. In 2005, there was a report where a 10-foot Boa Constrictor was living inside the toilet drains of an apartment and would play a terrifying game of whack-a-mole with the residents.

This snake was named ‘Keith’ for no obvious reason and was apparently abandoned by one of the tenants of the apartment. Who’s to say that some other crazy homeowner in your area doesn’t let a 10 ft Boa Constrictor loose in your drain pipes?

Just in case you were wondering, a 10 ft Boa Constrictor will be roughly the same length as a Toyota Corolla!

6.  Squirrels

We’re sure that you’re wondering that squirrels are cute and they are nothing compared to sewer rats, but image one climbing out from the depths of your toilet bowl! In 2008, there was a report of a woman who called 911 when she entered her bathroom to actually find a squirrel swimming in circles inside her toilet. The report also made fun of the incident saying that the whole story seemed like Squirrelshank Redemption!

While these were the scariest among real stories of creatures in people’s toilets, we simply want you to know that the possibilities are quite real. So if you do ever catch your toilet bowl looking back at you in the middle of the night, you need to call your plumbers in Arlington, TX!

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So ladies and gentlemen, do peek inside your toilet bowl before you go about your business though!