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5 Easy-to-Spot Signs That It’s Time to Call A Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

5 Easy-to-Spot Signs That It’s Time to Call A Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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The reasons for maintaining your drainage system don’t just stop at avoiding inconveniences and annoyances. They stretch all the way to making sure your property isn’t flooded and your appliances ruined, and even avoiding risks to your health as well as that of your family.

To make sure you get clean and sufficient water, you have to keep the drainage system in good working order. Regular maintenance is a great way to go about this, but sometimes the need for an urgent repair or cleaning can arise without warning, and these are five signs to help you tell if you have such a situation on your hands.

1.  A Slow Drain

You fill the sink, take a bath or a shower, and after you’re done, you wait for the water to drain out. This should be a short process but If it’s taking forever, you have to call a drain cleaning service. Problems like that often persist, and it’s a good idea to get them fixed as soon as you can.

The most common reason for this is a congested waste in your pipes, which, in turn, results in a blocked slope. Calling a drain cleaning service will also help to ensure that your pipe isn’t the wrong diameter, which limits the effectiveness of water draining out.

Having a drain cleaning service fix that will ensure that you not only restore convenience to your Fort Worth, TX, home but you also prevent worse problems down the road.

2.  An Undesirable Smell 

There are several reasons for an unpleasant smell coming from your drain. Your sewage system might be the cause, and establishing this first is often the best initial step to take. A foul smell from the sewage system points to a dry p-trap. The p-trap is a curved part of the drainpipe that is usually located under the skin.

One of the reasons why you might a dry p-trap is that you haven’t used the sink in a long time. This commonly happens with sinks in guestrooms, for example. Since this isn’t something you’ll have a lot of luck fixing on your own, you should call a drain cleaning service to get it checked out.

If the sewage system in your Fort Worth, TX, home is giving off an unpleasant smell, call us to take care of it.

3.  Clogged Drains

Drains usually get clogged in areas where water might not be able to easily drain out. This causes it to stay still in the same spot for a while.

Depending on water usage and general habits in your home, there might be a couple of reasons for this. If you’re throwing leftovers down the drain, that’s typically a major cause. Apart from food particles, hair strands, skin flakes and soap can also get stuck to the walls of your drain pipes. Leaving the problem tends to make worse over time, so your best bet is often to call a drain cleaning service.

Many homeowners feel that they can clean their own drains, given that it’s a relatively simple process. The reality, however, is that it’s a much more complicated process than it appears, and great care should be taken to ensure that no damage is done to pipes. Calling a professional drain cleaning service is the safest way to ensure that you avoid more plumbing problems down the line.

4.  Unusual Sounds

When you’re hearing gurgling noises coming from your sinks, showers and toilets, that’s usually a clear sign that something is not quite right. You shouldn’t panic if you’re only hearing it for the first time, but if it’s becoming more and more frequent, you’ll need to call a drain cleaning service.

The sounds are caused by drain lines or blocked pipes, which might, in turn, be blocked by waste that was sent down the plumbing. The result is that the water in your pipes starts to have a much harder time draining out, causing the strange noises.

Dirt and grease in your drain lines is another factor that can lead to weird sounds. When the waste is particularly thick, it results in water draining out of your pipes slower than you might like. More than that, the existing dirt might cause more waste to stick to it, creating a quickly compounding effect.

If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, and the unusual sounds coming out of your drain are causing you to worry, we’ll take care of it for you.

5.  Water Puddles

Unwanted pools of water outside your house are, more often than not, the result of clogged yard drains. There are multiple reasons why a yard drain might get clogged. The most common one is trash, twigs sediments and grass cuttings getting stuck in pipe drains. Ultimately, this hinders the flow of water.

In the best case, the water will eventually drain out, though that will happen very slowly. If the problem has persisted for a long time, you might have a tougher time. The water may start to collect in puddles outside you home, which not only ruins the aesthetic of your backyard, but it can also kill your lawn through overwatering.

In a warm climate like Fort Worth, TX, the puddles can encourage the breeding of mosquitoes and other pests. In addition to the sleepless nights those pests can cause, they also carry the risk of spreading diseases like malaria.

The best way to ensure that you don’t have water puddles outside your home and the negative consequences that comes with, you should call a drain cleaning service at the earliest sign of trouble.

When any of these five drain cleaning problems rear their head, your most advisable next move is to reach for the phone and call a drain cleaning service. Apart from the inconveniences and annoyances you’ll have to endure in the short term, the problem may spiral into something much more serious down the line. With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional service though, your home’s plumbing can be restored to great working order again.