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5 Myths about Tankless Water Heaters You Need to Stop Believing  | Tankless Water Heaters in Arlington

5 Myths about Tankless Water Heaters You Need to Stop Believing | Tankless Water Heaters in Arlington

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An appliance that has taken the home electronics industry by storm, since their creation tankless water heaters are now fast becoming the talk of the town. The surge in popularity of tankless water heaters in Arlington makes absolute sense given the comfort and efficiency they add to your life.

A limitless supply of water with the minimum occupation of space, tankless water heaters in Arlington provides a homeowner with excellent quality and comfort.

The features and the specifications of a tankless water heater are enough to catch the eye of a homeowner; however, the novelty of the technology and a lack of proper understanding have led to people believing the product is not good enough.

While there may be particular shortcoming depending on the brand, you purchase, but a lot of the criticism is unfair since certain myths and rumors have misled the users in these cases.

To give you an idea we have compiled a list of certain myths and the truth behind tankless water heaters in Arlington.

1.  Expensive

Yes, the upgrade and the installation process may be costlier than other water heaters, but you need to remember in comparison to another water heater the cost of installation for a tankless water heater in Arlington is a onetime cost.

A tankless water heater uses superior technology to provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water. The upgrade demands a rise in the selling price.

Additionally, the ability of tankless water heaters in Arlington to save energy and consume less power is enough to debunk the myth of the installation and the operational cost of tankless water heaters being too expensive.

2.  Instant Delivery of Hot Water

Now on this factor, the consumers are not at fault. Immediate supply of hot water is something that all brands making tankless water heaters in Arlington boast about.

The instant supply of hot water is a feature that does not come automatically to a tankless water heater. You see the supply of water is directly dependent upon the distance the water heater has from the faucet, the rate at which the water reaches the faucet also depends upon the supply of natural gas.

Although the supply of hot water in tankless water heaters in Arlington is better than the older versions, it is unfair to characterize it as instant.

3.  Inefficiency

Another myth that questions the performance of the water heaters is the tankless water heaters being inefficient.

The origins of the myth and belief are unknown, but many people believe that tankless water heaters in Arlington don’t provide the user with an adequate amount of hot water. The myth is not true since tankless water heaters can keep the outflowing water at a consistent temperature allowing them to provide users with enough amount of water at all times.

4.  The Water is Overheated

This is a myth that stems from the older and the outdated versions of the water heater. With the regular upgrade and development of tankless water heaters in Arlington, this belief is proved as false since tankless water heaters only heat the water a little more than the desired temperature levels.

Traditional water heaters posed a health hazard for users since they tended to overheat the water depending on the influx of hot water in the storage tank.

5.  Require Annual Inspections

Although you should not take it too lightly, tankless water heaters are the only electrical appliances that don’t need regular inspections.

Unlike other electronic appliances, tankless water heaters have an efficient design and a compact installation manual that prevents the formation of any negative element in the process of supplying hot water.

You should, however, never get reckless while using a tankless water heater in Arlington, and while using the appliance if you notice any considerable change in performance you should call in a professional to take a look at the device.

6.  Constant Supply of Hot Water

There is a perception regarding tankless water heaters in Arlington that the appliance is unable to provide the users with a continuous supply of hot water.

The users often are guilty of mixing their experiences using traditional water heaters to that of the tankless water heaters. The performance of traditional water heaters with regards to a constant supply of hot water was questionable, but in the case of tankless water heaters in Arlington, the presence of a heating element at the point of water supply ensures that there is a steady stream of hot water.

With tankless water heaters just turning on the tap water will allow you to enjoy and use the continuous supply of hot water.

7.  All Tankless Water Heaters are the Same

It is not possible for all brands to make the same product. Brands and companies making tankless water heaters in Arlington will look to add in certain features and specifications to gain an advantage over the competitors.

While all products may fall under the category of a tankless water heater, all of them have the one specific feature and characteristic that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.


The myths and misconceptions regarding tankless water heaters in Arlington will settle down once more, and more people start using the product. However, if you feel the need to use the product, then Benjamin Franklin– the punctual plumber- provides for your needs giving you the ultimate installation and repair service in Arlington.

With our skilled professionals and quality response time, we aim to provide you the ultimate service for home plumbing and repair. Therefore, if you want to debunk all the myths and want to install a tankless water heater in Arlington or if you’re going to repair an existing one then pick up your phones and call 817-478-4119 to avail the best service in Arlington.