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5 of the Most Common Drain Problems That Households Encounter | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Plumber

5 of the Most Common Drain Problems That Households Encounter | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Plumber

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A blocked drain is problematic as it prevents anything from flowing through it. Water or sewage can back up into your sinks and bathtub if not addressed immediately. Having an Arlington TX plumber that you can trust is a real asset. It’s the difference between getting the problem fixed temporarily or permanently.

To better understand what could be causing your drain problem, it’s important to note some of the more prevalent issues that a plumber deals with. That way, you can do what you can to prevent them from happening in the first place. Knowing how to care for your drains can keep them from backing up and causing you to call an Arlington TX plumbing company such as Benjamin Franklin.

Drains that you don’t regularly check are more susceptible to clogs. You often don’t know that there is an issue until water backs into the sink or bathtub. You can be proactive about caring for your drains by taking the steps necessary to prevent clogs once you learn how they occur. Having a professional that you trust to come into the home and flush the pipes helps prevent giant clogs from costing you a mint.

Where Most Drain Problems Originate 

Drain problems typically are caused by specific things. Some are organic while others are man-made. Learning which issues are the worse for drains allows you to prevent clogs from occurring.

Five of the most common drain problems that households encounter include:

  1. Hair build-up: It’s normal for a person to lose 100 hairs off their head daily. Long hair, in particular, is problematic for sinks and bathtubs because it accumulates and creates a blockage in pipes. If there isn’t a drain catcher present or it doesn’t get cleaned often, it can be a problem. A commercial drain cleaning solution is no match for the worst clogs. They need a professional who specializes in taking care of pipe blockages.
  2.  When bars of soap become microscopic, the remnants leftover can get stuck in drains. Too small to detect with the naked eye but too large to pass through the drain without assistance, they cause clogs. Switching to liquid soap or body wash eliminates the likelihood of bars of soap blocking the drain. If it’s not something your household is willing to give up, it could be the reason why you call a plumbing company.
  3. Food waste: Homes without garbage disposals present in the kitchen sometimes find there is an issue with clogs in the sink. Scraps of food get lodged in the drain and cause water to back into the basin. When you or your family don’t scrape plates before putting them into the sink, it can be problematic for drains. It’s one of the main reasons why a plumber works in the kitchen to relieve the issue for the resident. Food waste build-ups and leads to clogs which back-up into the sink. It’s a smelly mess that few people want to try to resolve on their own.
  4. Foreign objects: If you have small children in the home, every drain becomes a chute for sending objects down. Kids may stuff things into pipes without you realizing they’re doing it. Other items that accidentally fall down drains such as jewelry can cause clogs, too. Not only is it essential to remove the source of the problem but to also retrieve the item that has inadvertently gone missing in the process. If anything is blocking the drain, water won’t travel down it as it should. Instead, it shoots back up the pipe and into the sink or tub where it doesn’t belong. Standing water looks unsightly and often smells terrible which is why it’s imperative to hire a professional to address the clog right away.
  5. Tree roots: One of the most challenging issues for a plumber to deal with is tree roots. They grow into pipes and cause major damage to pipes and drains. If not dealt with before they worsen, they turn an ordinary repair into one with exorbitant cost. Having a professional come in to check the drains on a routine basis can identify potential problems before they cause damage to your pipes and drains. You may be required to invest in tree removal services if the roots pose an issue repeatedly. It’s far less expensive than calling plumbing services multiple times throughout your lifetime.

You know you need a plumber whenever one of these issues occur. It’s imperative to take action right away, so the problem doesn’t worsen. Doing without a sink or tub can be problematic and inconvenience everyone in the household. Making sure that you have a professional in mind to handle the issue is critical because they’re the only people who have the tools and skills needed to eliminate the problem immediately.

The Benefits That Come with Having a Plumber You Trust

Having the number of a good plumbing company is essential in any home you live in. That way, if you do encounter a problem with a clog, you’re able to contact them right away with your request for service. The sooner that you do so, the faster you’re able to have the problem remedied by the professional.

Another benefit besides convenience is that you’ll already be in the plumber’s database so they can come to your home without a lot of instruction from you. Having an established relationship with a plumbing company benefits you by saving you time. You’re not stuck with the task of trying to find a professional in town you can trust.

Benjamin Franklin is Your Helpful Arlington TX Plumbing Company

Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, services the Arlington TX area. A blocked drain is no problem for our skilled and knowledgeable plumbers. We provide emergency services to meet your needs. Call us to schedule an appointment to take care of the problem that you’re having in your bathroom or kitchen right away. Drain cleaning and clog removal are services that we pride ourselves on doing for our customers.