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5 Plumbing Problems That Should Be Left in the Hands of a Plumber in Pantego, TX

5 Plumbing Problems That Should Be Left in the Hands of a Plumber in Pantego, TX

There’s a leak in the basement and you cannot understand where it is coming from. Let us ask you something: have you lately messed with the plumbing system of your house? Your handy toolbox might have caused a lot of trouble than you can imagine. Chances are, a balled up roll of tissue paper is causing the blockage or your habit of spitting chewing gum in the toilet bowl has caused a sizeable clog. Some cat owners have a habit of flushing cat litter down the drain, which leads to massive clogs.

You probably don’t know this but the mess created from such problems is something a plumber in Pantego, TX detests. Imagine walking inside a sewer line, which is your house. The splash of water with feces floating around is a sight no one wants to imagine or see. Now that it is in your mind, better start changing your habits.

Here’s a scenario we would like you to picture:

After using the toilet, you press down on the flush handle but the water seems to be flushing slowly. As you release the handle and it comes back up, you see dirty water filling the bowl. In a matter of minutes, the water starts flowing out of the bowl. Alarmed, you step back, and when you gaze falls upon the bathtub drain, you see dirty water coming out of it too.

There can be a number of problems behind this issue, such as a broken pipe, the main pipeline being clogged, the drainage system backing up, or something else that is out of your expertise. The solution: call a plumber in Pantego, TX immediately!

With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the water line repairs in Pantego, TX that a plumber in Pantego, TX wants you to stay away from:

1.   Forgetting to Close the Main Valve

First things first, if you are planning to inspect where the leak is in your plumbing system, then don’t forget to close the main valve unless you want a flood in your house. When you see a toilet backing up, do three things in the following order: close the main valve immediately, refrain from using the toilet or kitchen and bathroom sink, and call for drain cleaning in Pantego, TX.

2.   Using Drano

Drano is a big no-no when it comes to plumbing. While the chemical agents in this liquid do fix the problem… it is just temporary. Here’s the truth:

When the chemicals in Drano go down the drain, they dissolve the blockage and react with the pipeline. With time, the repeated use of chemicals makes the pipes vulnerable and causes holes in it. What you are failing to see here is that even though the blockage has been cleared, the pipes have now been compromised. After a few years, you will be looking at expensive water line repair in Pantego, TX where new plumbing lines will have to be placed.

3.   Using the Toilet as Your Dustbin

Yes, we know that you are using the appropriate kind of toilet paper, but that doesn’t mean you can throw it in the toilet bowl. Remember, no matter what object you will thrown in the toilet, it will get stuck in the drain pipe. So try not to dispose off your trash in the toilet, and you may not have to experience any plumbing issues.

4.   Stop Using Toilet Bowl Fresheners

You are probably wondering what these toilet bowl fresheners have to do with causing a blockage. Well, the jet holes inside the toilet bowl are the main cause of concern. In the starting, at every flush, the freshener dissolves and cleanses the bowl. With the passage of time, the freshener becomes soft and starts to break away. While the pieces are not big enough to cause a blockage in the drain pipe, they are big enough to get stuck in the jet holes. This is what prevents water drainage from the bowl and causes an overflow. This is another drain blockage that plumber in Pantego, TX detests and wants you to stay away from.

5.   Not Installing a Leak Detection System

You are out on a two day trip and the house is completely empty. You forgot close the main valve and the water heater is still running. Suddenly, a leak occurs in the basement and by the time you get home, there’s ankle deep water standing. This is where a leak detection system comes in. This technology uses sensors to detect leaks from the toilet, outdoor pumps, sinks, appliances, and water heaters. As soon as water is detected in any area of the house, the system shuts off the main valve to prevent any damage.

Leak detection technology allows you to wait for the plumber in Pantego, TX with ease of mind that you caught the problem in time. It’s probably a great to get this technology installed in your house along with other detectors. You can save yourself thousands of dollars and keep your personal belongings dry and safe.

The reason why a plumber in Pantego, TX recommends that you stay away from the above mentioned plumbing problems is because you never know how much damage you are causing. With no expertise in this area, you will be doing more damage. So, whether it is something such as a dripping faucet or something big like the toilet bowl overflowing with feces and dirt, the best decision you will make is calling a plumber in Pantego, TX. Benjamin Franklin is a plumbing company that handles all kinds of plumbing repairs, including water line repair in Patego, TX. The family owned and operated business is known for its excellent service and exceptional customer care. To know further about their services, call at 817-983-7876.