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5 Reasons Why You Should Re-Pipe Your House | Plumber in Arlington, TX

5 Reasons Why You Should Re-Pipe Your House | Plumber in Arlington, TX

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Musty smelling water and water pressure problems can be infuriating. These are some of the issues that indicate old plumbing. Your home in Arlington requires timely inspection, repair and care from the best plumber in Arlington TX. Regular plumbing reduces the chances of leaks and other plumbing problems. However, sometimes, regular maintenance is also not enough.

If you have old plumbing setup, then repairs can only provide temporary relief. Old pipes are brittle, unreliable and require an overhaul. Re-piping is a permanent solution to rid your home of such troubles.  If you are unsure about whether your home needs re-piping or not, a thorough inspection from a plumber in Arlington, TX, will help you decide.

Here are reasons why you should contact the best plumber in Arlington, TX, and ask for an upgrade:

1.  Water is Rusty and Smelly

Older houses have pipes that are made from galvanized steel. These pipes can form rust easily and can dissolve under corrosion.

Rusty pipes lead to dark, murky looking water, which tastes absolutely terrible. Apart from smelling bad, it stains whatever comes in contact with it. Hence, in the long run, it also ruins the condition of your bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Rusty water may also become home to microbial growth. Modern pipes are constructed from plastic or copper and less susceptible to these problems. Hence, get an upgrade from a trusted plumber in Arlington, TX to save your health.

2.  Poor Water Pressure

Filling enough water in the washing machine should take only a few minutes. However, if the water is taking hours to fill, there is a problem with the pipes.

Old pipes can form leaks, breakages and mineral deposits, which poorly affect the water flow. Reduced water pressure is troublesome as it means insufficient water running through the pipes. Imagine waiting for minutes to take a decent shower, washing dishes and doing normal chores around the house

If the water in your faucets, showerheads and appliances sputters instead of flowing freely, call a reliable plumber in Arlington, TX to inspect your pipes.

3.  Reappearing Leaks

Leaks are a tell tale sign that your pipes and plumbing setup is aging badly. A few leaks which appear once in a blue moon may not be that problematic. However, as the pipes age further, the frequency of reappearance grows.

Besides this, the intensity of the damage increases as well. If your house is being victimized by the appearance of multiple leaks, this usually indicates that a replacement is necessary.

Re-piping on time prevents further damages. This is a precautionary step to save your homes from flooding. Hence, hire a well-trained plumber in Arlington, TX to inspect leaks and give possible solutions.

4.  Mold and Stains on the Walls

Old leaky pipes are likely to cause the growth of mold and stain your walls. Fungi breed in hot and damp conditions. Leaky pipes create the best possible environment for them to take root. Mold is dangerous to health and can lead to rashes, breathing problems, lung infections and lower immunity.

Removal of mold is also pretty costly since it requires extraction and replacement of affected wood, insulation and more. Apart from being a costly health hazard, it horribly reduces the resale value of your home. A skilled plumber in Arlington, TX will efficiently re-pipe your home and control the mold problems.

5.  Mineral Deposits in the Pipes

Hard water is full of compounds that cause a buildup of mineral deposits in your pipes. Minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulate inside the pipes gradually and cause blockages.  Although it is not dangerous to health, it still poorly affects the pipes.

Besides this, mineral deposits are likely to corrode the pipe faster and form leaks. Such pipes cause costly repairs, mould growth, damaging bursts and flooding. Additionally, they affect the flow of water running through the pipes. A common occurrence with such pipes is the reduction of water.

This makes chores like bathing and doing laundry gravely time consuming. Besides the corrosion and costly repairs, such pipes also ruin the condition of appliances and clothes and are a nuisance. Mineral deposits in the pipes might seem like tiny problems, but they can cost you a lot in the future. Hence, it is better to replace the old pipes with new ones.

Professional Re-Piping: A Cost Saving Solution

Re-piping needs to be done right the first time around as opting for it again can put a dent in your savings. Hence, it is necessary to hire the right plumbers the first time to gain the most benefit. Hiring the finest plumber in Arlington, TX, should do the trick.

Plumbing systems that are installed by professionals last for decades without any breakdowns. In fact, service from highly trained plumbers will save your home and increase its resale value too.

We, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, focus on training our staff exceptionally so that they provide commendable results. Our technicians are trained to carry out brilliant inspections and upgrade pipes with satisfying results.

If you are on the lookout for the finest plumber in Arlington, TX, our plumber’s efforts will leave you satisfied. Poorly installed pipes are susceptible to forming costly faults; hence, save yourself the trouble and hire the best professionals by contacting Benjamin Franklin.

If you have noticed any of the troubles listed above, call our emergency services for a thorough inspection. Do you seek a plumber in Arlington, TX, who is punctual and promises to offer a good deal? Call us today at 817-478-4119.