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5 Signs That You May Have Plumbing Problems inside Your Home – Arlington, TX

5 Signs That You May Have Plumbing Problems inside Your Home – Arlington, TX

Problems with plumbing in Arlington, TX are not something to be taken lightly. When noticeable problems start to occur in your house’s plumbing, it is better to call a professional as compared to waiting till serious damage has been done.

Plumbing problems can cause burst pipes, leaking walls and unusable toilets. All these problems can lead to damaged electrical appliances and furniture, if not taken care of as soon as the problem presents itself.

Professionals for plumbing in Arlington, TX, can pay a visit and check out the problem for a small fee. You can save yourself from a larger expense in this way by being cautious and getting the problem inspected in due time.

Here are five signs that mean you need to get your house plumbing checked out:

1. A dripping faucet

For most people, a dripping faucet may not be something that is very alarming or something that requires immediate attention, but dripping faucets are the main reason that your water bills go through the roof. It also wastes hundreds of gallons of water per year.

Do yourself and the environment a favor and get that leaky faucet fixed. People offering services for plumbing in Arlington, TX can easily stop that faucet from leaking.

If you’re wondering why the leak sprung up, know that faucets have washers at the base which wear down and require replacement with time and usage. Have your plumber fix the faucet and enjoy a good night’s sleep without the constant dripping sound driving you crazy.

2. A clogged drain

A clogged drain can be detected when the smell of rotten food and waste climbs back up the pipes to ruin the atmosphere of your kitchen or bathroom. Grab a flashlight and point it down the drain to see where the problem lies and you can try and remove the stuck waste with pliers. If that does not work, another conventional way of removing the waste is by using a plunger to constantly create pressure and dislodging the waste from its drain dwelling.

If the stubborn waste decides to stick despite all these efforts, you can use chemicals produced for the sole purpose of cleaning up drains. The problem with these chemicals is that they tend to damage the pipes so instead of doing it on your own, contact professionals for plumbing in Arlington, TX, and have them remove the waste. This way, you would not be risking any damage during removal and have the drain repaired for frequent clogging.

3. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure could be a sign that somewhere in your pipe, there is a buildup of debris that is blocking water from reaching the faucet or shower head. Now the real problem here is that the blockage could be anywhere, from the mouth of the pipe that opens inside the tank to the opening inside the house.

This means that a thorough inspection is required of the pipes to remove any debris that is causing problems in the flow. If the pipes are not unblocked, this could result in leaking pipes which means water seeping through the walls and ruining the new paintjob that you spent a lot of money on and in some extreme cases, it could also result in a burst pipe.

Instead of taking the risk of flooding your house with water that is full of sludge and debris, ask a service for plumbing in Arlington, TX to come over and check it out for you.

4. A running toilet

Toilets can cause some serious problems if not taken care of immediately. Most toilets experience the problem of getting clogged but that problem can be fixed with a plunger and some determination. But the problem with a running toilet is the same as a runny faucet, your water bills soar.

In the case of a runny toilet, the bill would be affected a lot more because this is not a drop by drop flow but constant water running down the bowl. This is caused by either the flap above the pipe that is released by pulling on the plunger to commence flushing, becoming loose, by sedimentary buildup behind the U-bend, or by the misbalancing of the float.

When you are facing problems with runny toilets, contacting someone for plumbing in Arlington, TX is better than doing it yourself. Professionals for plumbing in Arlington, TX have a better idea of how to properly open up the toilet without causing further damage and preventing the water leak, when working on the problem.

5. Smells and stains through the wall

One of the most common problems with plumbing in Arlington, TX is the seeping of water through walls due to problems in pipes or mold accumulation. This is not just very unsanitary, but can ruin the look of your house entirely. Colored stains appearing on your walls can be an indication that you have mold accumulating inside your walls while colorless stains indicate water leaking through the pipes.

Unwanted stains and smells make living in a house very difficult and as soon as you see a stain appearing on the wall, it is time to call a professional working in the field of plumbing in Arlington, TX. Get the problem fixed before the expense goes up or else, you might even have to move out of the house until the mold is extracted.

For all the needs that require professional help for plumbing in Arlington, TX, contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing and fix those plumbing problems before serious damage is done to your house.