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5 Signs You Need Pipe Replacement in Pantego, TX

5 Signs You Need Pipe Replacement in Pantego, TX

It is important but all homeowners to regularly inspect the piping of their home but this is especially important or critical if you’re living in an older home. Over time or decades, corrosion can develop in your home’s water pipes and eventually replacing your piping becomes necessary. In case you choose against that, you can suffer damage worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as old or worn out piping is bound to develop many leaks. So, do the sensible thing and have your pipes checked by a plumber in Pantego, TX to determine if they are in good working condition or if pipe replacement is required.

Ranging from minor leaks to burst pipes that damage your home, many problems with your home’s plumbing can be caused by old and worn out water pipes. For the health and proper function of your home, keeping your pipes in good working condition is crucial. You will have to face serious plumbing and other water-related problems if your piping has poor connections or develops corrosion or leaks. Since most of the pipes are hidden behind ceilings and walls and beneath the flooring, you will have to call in plumbers in Pantego, TX to have your piping checked and replaced if necessary. However, here are some signs that may indicate you need pipe replacement.


Leaks are the first and foremost sign of worn out water pipes. Even a small leak could indicate serious problems with your piping or worn out water paper. So, if you see a leak in your problem, have your pipes checked by a service that performs plumbing in Pantego, TX right away. This is especially important if you live in an old house. It is likely that the piping in the house is as old as the house itself.

While leaks in an old home may indicate worn out water pipers, a big sign that your pipes need to be replaced is the growth or mold or mildew in fixtures other than the shower such as the bathroom wall or the sink. Sometimes, you cannot spot such a leak as it is hidden behind a wall or under a floor. However, a musty smell in your home can be a sign to watch out for. Though, to be completely sure, get your water pipes inspected by a plumber in Pantego, TX.


Notice yellowish brown color water coming out of your home’s taps? If yes, the you may have a serious problem at hand. Since this indicates rust in the pipes, call a plumber in Patego, TX immediately if you notice your sink taps emitting odd-colored water.  Discolored water coming out of the faucet is one of the most obvious signs of problems with the water piping such as rusted in the pipes. In addition to causing unpleasant water to come out of the pipes, rust hardens the water—making it extremely difficult for you to rinse the soap off the dishes, off your clothes or even your skin.

There is likely to be corrosion or rust in the pipes if you notice any discolored water. Also, since it indicates the setting in of corrosion in the pipes, you will need to have your pipes replaced by plumbers in Pantego, TX if there is rust inside your piping. Only when there is leak or crack in the pipe, dirt enters it. So, get your piping inspected for a leak or crack by a service that performs water line repair in Pantego, TX when you notice discolored water coming out of your taps. This is especially important if your home’s plumbing system is old.

Corroded Tube

There could be substantial corrosion in a pipe and it may have to be replaced if your notice flaking or dimpling in its tubing. Since corrosion is the pipes in a serious problem, you should have a pipe inspected for a corrosion by a plumber in Pantego, TX if you see dimpling or flaking in its tubing.

Low Water Pressure

There could be a leak somewhere in your system if you notice significant decrease in water pressure throughout your home. Often, this problem can be fixed with replacing the pipe. However, there are also situations when pipe replacement becomes necessary. Checking the pressure of the water coming out of your faucets is one of the easiest ways to detect low water pressure in your pipes. Low water pressure could indicate clogged or corroded pipes.

If you notice a decrease in the water pressure coming out of your shower or faucets, call in a service that performs plumbing in Pantego, TX right away. If the lower water pressure is caused by a broken pipe, have it replaced right away. You may to have face some water-related problems in your home if you don’t do that. So, as soon as you notice lowered water pressure in your taps, call in the professionals. The professionals will do whatever is necessary—repair or replacement of the pipes, to ensure adequate water pressure in the pipes and help avoid other problems in your home’s plumbing system.


As they could indicate leakage in the water pipes, look for stains on walls and surfaces. Even if you don’t notice any dripping, stains may indicate past leakage which is a sign of potential problems in the future. There is a problem with your piping if you notice discoloration on your walls or stains under your sink. In short, if your walls or faucets are stained, you are likely to have a leak somewhere. As soon as you notice stains in these places, call in a service that performs water line repair in Pantego, TX. This is in your own best interest.

As soon as you notice any of the aforementioned signs, call in a professional plumbing service in Pantego, TX for pipe repair or replacement. Benjamin Franklin in Pantego, TX is one such service.