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5 Signs That You Have a Clogged Water Line | Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

5 Signs That You Have a Clogged Water Line | Water Line Repair in Arlington, TX

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While growing up, we often came across the wise and the old saying that ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ As young kids, the significance of the quote may not have dawned upon us, but in the matters of drainage systems and the pipes supplying water to our house, the quote stays relevant.

You see, ignoring and avoiding a necessary repair only increases the scale of the problem. A leaking water or gas pipeline may have low initial repair cost but, if left ignored, the problem may escalate into something serious and a cost that may drain your wallet.

Having a measure of the cost and time of repair is crucial when attending to household repair. To take control, it is imperative to be wary of signs that indicate the need for repair.  A timely understanding of the problem will result in proper repair proving that a stitch in time does save nine.

The case is no different for water line repairs. There are various reasons why you may need the services of a professional for water line repair in Arlington. All the issues that are quoted as reasons have indicators that will alert you beforehand to the needs of the water line.

Of all the factors that may result in a water line fault, clogging stands out. The reason why a clogged line needs special attention is that unlike a leak or other water line issues, a clogged pipe is not visible. Although the water flowing through your house may indicate a blockage, you cannot be right until or unless you don’t take advice from a service dealing in water line repair in Arlington.

Flowing water knows how to make its way. Blockage in the pipeline may cause water to find other ways to seep through; this often results in a leak. Therefore, to help you identify a blockage in the pipeline before it transforms into something big and challenging to repair, we have made a list of signs that will indicate a clogging in the water pipes.

·     A Rise in the Water Level

A blockage in the pipeline affects the rate of flow of water. The flow has a direct impact on the levels of water in the system; when you see a sudden rise or decrease in the quantity of water in your toilet, it is a signal that all is not right.

The sudden variations are quite visible, and you may also witness them when you use other appliances too. For example, using the sink or water from any other faucet may result in the water level in the toilet to change.

·     Gurgling Sound

One of the most common indicators of a leak in the drainage system, a gurgling sound occurs when the air bubbles don’t have the space to go through the pipes and exit at the nearest vent. The presence of air bubbles in the drainage system leads to the annoying gurgling sound caused by the presence of dirt and grease in the pipes.

If there is clogging in your water supply system, you may hear a gurgling sound coming from your drain after you use of the sink or the shower. Call in a professional dealing in water line repair in Arlington to look in the issue and to get into the root of the problem because the gurgling sound you hear may be from a damaged pipe too.

·     Slow Drainage

The drainage system is the core of a water supply system. A problem with the water line invariably causes an issue with the drainage system. Therefore if you notice a decrease in the speed of the drainage, then you need to call in a professional for water line repair in Arlington.

Clogging in the pipeline slows the pace at which water drains, which causes an increase in the time water drains from appliances such as sinks. A considerable decrease in the speed causes water to accumulate in the sink. Until or unless you don’t opt for water line repair in Arlington the clogged pipeline will carry on slowing the speed of drainage.

·     Odor

A bad odor is the hallmark of a problem with the water line. Dirt and grease in the pipeline make their presence felt by adding a bad odor to the atmosphere.

In the initial stages of the blockage, you may sense an unpleasant smell when you are near the drain, however as time goes on and the matter has not resolved the sense of filth in the air will increase indicating an escalation in the problem and the need for necessary action.

An excellent manner to clear your doubts regarding clogging in the water line is to find out the results of draining your water machine

·     Dirt and Dust Particles Appearing in the Running Water

This is usually the result of homeowners displaying extreme ignorance. Getting a quick fix may not lead to the problem, but if you don’t call in for water line repair in Arlington soon enough, you may witness dirt and dust particles in your water line.

Not calling for water line repair in Arlington leads to the escalation of the problem of the clogged line and the dirt and grease blocking the flow of water becomes part of it flowing into your main water supply line.


Given the significance of water line repair in Arlington, you need to call in a professional as soon as you witness any of the indicators mentioned above.

Professionals at Benjamin Franklin, the punctual plumber, are known for their quality service and excellent skills. Therefore, if you need water line repair in Arlington, then pick up your phone and dial 817-478-4119 to avail the services of the best in town.