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5 Signs Your Home May Have Hidden Leaks | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

5 Signs Your Home May Have Hidden Leaks | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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Maintaining your home can prove to be a difficult task, especially if your home has aged slightly. Older homes are susceptible to developing a string of plumbing related issues. However, these issues can be avoided if you choose services that provide exceptional plumbing in Arlington, TX.

Clogged drains or leaks may not be entirely visible, especially when hidden discreetly hide behind structures and walls. Hidden leaks, however, leave behind symptoms informing homeowners of their presence.

However,, as is in most cases, by the time symptoms become gravely noticeable, the damage to your home’s resale value may have already occurred. Hence, hiring professional services for plumbing in Arlington, TX, as soon as you notice the first signs can be life-saving for your property.

Here are a few telling signs that your home may have hidden leaks requiring immediate services for plumbing in Arlington, TX:

1.  Growth of Mold

Building materials, especially wooden structures, are susceptible to damage with prolonged and uncontrolled exposure to damp conditions. In fact, over time, they can cause mold and fungus to take root under hot and humid conditions.

Prolonged exposure to hidden leaks can ultimately cause a health hazard to the homeowner as Fungi and mold appear around leaks. These aren’t just the cause of an unbearable stench that perpetuates through the house, but also cause severe allergic reactions, rashes, and soaring medical bills.

The price of the property can nosedive greatly if the damage has severely affected the integral structure of the house. Be sure to hire the best plumbing in Arlington, TX to detect mold and related hidden leak issues to keep your home’s value from crumbling under this nuisance.

2.  Pest Infestations

Leaks may result in stagnant water settling in various spots around the house. Insects that breed and grow in such water can have a field day with leaks and take abode in your house.

You may notice a sudden surge in the presence of insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and silverfish in your home. This can expose you to stomach illness and malaria-causing germs. In fact, insect infestations can be tricky to control and require costly professional services. There is also no guarantee that the infestation will not reappear.

Have a plumber check and detect hidden leaks to save your home from becoming a colony for disease-causing insects.

3.  Rusty and Pooling Surfaces

Hiring seasonedservices that provide plumbing in Arlington, TX, can have your appliances and pipes lasting longer and that too, free from hidden leaks.

Rust is a warning sign, pointing towards a deteriorating and corroding state of pipes. Pipes suffering from this damage can crack, split, and even cause flooding. If drinking water reaches your glass through a rusty pipe, it may be exposed to contaminants since rusty water tends to attract bacterial growth.

Leaking pipes can also suck up sewerage water or cause fungus to spread, affecting the quality of water.  Pooling is another problem caused by leakages. Piping systems or appliances such as AC units, washing machines, dishwashers, and heaters with leaks can cause water to collect and become stagnant in one location.

Over time, it can become home to bacteria and fungus, causing smelly odors and damaged flooring. Regular upkeep of your appliances and pipes can avoid hidden leaks from occurring, hence protecting your home and appliances from rust and fungus ridden puddles.

4.  Stained Walls

Walls that warp or suddenly develop water stains normally point towards issues with the pipe setup behind the walls. Older and unmaintained pipes can develop water pressure problems, limescale, and even tiny cracks. These can grow to become issues such as leaks and damaged pipes.

Broken pipes with major leakage issues may come in contact with material such as wall insulation, wallpaper, and wooden structures, hence causing stains to occur. Prolonged exposure to leaks can cause the moisture to seep heavily into the surrounding area, resulting in ruptures, peeling paint, and cracks on the surface.

Professional services for plumbing in Arlington, TX can detect these leaks and ultimately save you from the expensive remodeling of damaged walls.

5.  Stinky Smells

You may notice a heavy and musty smell that hangs in the air, especially in older homes. This smell is usually an indicator of pipe damage such as leaks that require prompt plumbing services.

Leaks can expose floors, carpets, ceilings, and walls to moisture. If water pools around these surfaces, over time, it can get absorbed into the internal structure of the house. Usually, the stench is the result of rot, as moisture interacts with wooden building material of the homes.

In due time, this decaying can cause the wooden structure to crumble, causing huge damage to the structure of the building. Recovering from this damage requires a large investment and major remodeling of the house.

Timely maintenance from a professional service for plumbing in Arlington, TX, will fix leaking issues and stop them before they become grave problems. This will not only avoid damp and stinky smells from lingering in your home but also save the structure of the building from serious damage.

Preventive Plumbing Service: Breathing New Life into Your Home

Your home can develop aging problems and become susceptible to pipe damages. Sudden leaks and burst pipes may be difficult to spot, especially if hidden discretely behind walls and exterior structures.

Suitable maintenance and services for plumbing in Arlington, TX, can keep your home’s resale value intact while ensuring your pipes and appliances remain damage free.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we specialize in detecting and providing prompt service to resolve plumbing and leak related issues afflicting homes in the Arlington area. Our superior services for plumbing in Arlington, TX, have left various homeowners highly satisfied.

Whether you are looking for preventive maintenance or an emergency service, our 24-hour helpline is always prepared to provide you with help from the finest in our field.

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