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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Water Filtration System | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Water Filtration System | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

As important as the air you breathe, the water you drink can make a huge difference in your health. We are aware of the fact that 70% of our body is constituted of water, it is essential for humans to remain hydrated.

Contaminated water can cause many diseases ranging from small diseases to more complex life altering ones. As clean water is a basic requirement for good health, it is important that you get the best filtration system installed.

Realizing the importance of clean water, many water companies have been successful in selling bottled water when water filtration systems were not as reliable. But if you live in Lake Worth, TX then you would know that water filtration systems are now popular and have become an essential part of a home. A proper water filtration system is a better alternate to tap water and is cheaper than buying gallons of overpriced bottled water in the long run.

But as these water filtration systems have grown popular in the Lake Worth, TX area, new home owners are still confused in determining what kind of system is best for their house. They get confused about what to look for when they are getting a water filtration system installed.

If you are new homeowner in the Lake Worth, TX area and decide on getting a water filtration system then here are a five points you need to keep in mind:

1.     Filtration Rate

Even though it might seem insignificant at the glance, filtration rate is an important aspect to keep an eye out for. The filtration rate shows how many gallons of water a filter can run through the system and clean in one day.

The summers in Lake Worth, TX can get quite warm and humid, which can make you dehydrated. To counter the dehydration, you need to consume more water. So, it is important to check how many gallons of water the water filtration system cleans per day. If it filters less amount of water than your daily consumption then that system might not be the right choice.

The choice will also vary according to how many people live with you. You will require more water if you have a big family, and if you live alone you will consume considerably less amount of water.

2.     Contamination Removal

The main task of the filtration system is to clean the water; removing any harmful substances and making it suitable for drinking. Whether you live in Fort Worth, TX or someplace else, the tap water coming to your home can be laced with different impurities which can have adverse effects on your health.

Many studies have concluded that untreated water coming to our homes can contain parasites, bacteria, and many chemical pollutants which can cause serious physical and mental ailments.

So, the next most important point to remember is what types and how many contaminants the water filtration system removes. As it is imperative for your health to be in optimal shape, you need to first check the water quality you already get at your home.

Approach a trusted lab in Lake Worth, TX and get your water checked. Your selection for the water filtration system will depend on the results.

There are some filters that can only remove around 20 impurities; while there are other kinds of water filtration systems which can remove up to 80 kinds of impurities. Your selection will depend on the number of impurities your water has.

3.     Removal of Hard Water Compounds

If you are unaware of what hard water is then, hard water is when your water supply has an excess of hard compounds like Calcium and Magnesium. You can easily find out if you have hard water as it makes lathering soap difficult and cause build-up around the faucets and drainpipes.

What is interesting is that the fact that our bodies need these compounds in smaller doses. So areas where there is no hard water, you can choose a water filtration system which leaves these compounds in.

Like other areas, Lake Worth, TX is known to have hard water. It means you require a water filtration system which removes these compounds from the water.

4.     Installation and Other Costs

Installation and other costs for different water filtration systems vary depending on various factors. Along with it you will have a set budget which will also change your choice of filter. You don’t require a complex and extravagant water filter to have the best quality of water.

You only need a filter which removes all the impurities your water supply in Lake Worth, TX brings with it and provide you drinkable water.

The cost changes with the number of stages it takes the filter to clean the water, how many impurities it removes, filtration rate and storage to name a few. Any other added benefits or cartridges will add to the cost. In addition there are other long term costs to be considered like the costs of cartridges you will change and how much electricity it requires.

It is possible that the water filtration system you choose has a higher installation cost in the beginning but later it might save money.

5.     Easy Maintenance

Like other systems in the house, your water filtration system will also need maintenance and cleaning. Water filters use different cartridges which filter out the impurities and clean the water. After some time the filters get completely used and require changing. You need to check the directions which come with the water filtration system to find when to change the cartridges.

Since the water in the Lake Worth, TX is hard water, you might require a water filter which removes all the compounds and not call for frequent cartridge changes. It will also require a water softener to protect the membranes form damaging.

Selecting a water filtration system is a serious task which requires careful consideration and detailed checking, as a good water filter is imperative to your health.

From the selection to installation and maintenance, you need to make sure that the job is done right. The smallest ignorance can cause you a big problem later in life. To ensure that you have your filtration system correctly installed and working; get the experts to step in and do it for you.

The people at Benjamin Franklin are professionals who have the right knowledge and tools to make sure you get clean and healthy water, and your water filtration system is in the best working conditions. They provide the residents of Lake Worth, TX and surrounding areas with the best water filtration services at modest prices.