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5 Things to Do When Your Water Heater Breaks| Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

5 Things to Do When Your Water Heater Breaks| Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

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A water heater is an integral part of your house. It provides the right temperature of water in chilly winters while you shower or do the dishes or laundry. Even during spring, some people enjoy warm baths so you need a functioning water heater most of the year.

The breakdown of a water heater is an emergency situation, and you need to be proactive in your preparation. You should be aware of the steps which need to be taken immediately to stop the damage to your property. Water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, is a time-consuming process, so if you are proactive and prepared, you can minimize the damage done to your property.

1.  Stop Water Flow

As soon as you notice a leak around your water heater, locate the cold water supply. The cold water supply is connected with the main water line on top of the water heater. When the water heater is working properly, the water from the cold water pipes enters the water heater. In case there is a leak, the water may not be stored in the water heater and can immediately flood your house.

However, it is important to know that not every puddle of water around your water heater is a result of a leakage in the water heater itself. Due to heating and cooling happening inside the water heater, condensation takes place around the pipes and on the appliance. This can also drip and pool around your water heater. This usually happens if your water heater is placed in the basement with no ventilation. In this case, if you see a puddle of water around your water heater, it is a good idea to contact a service that provides water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. To be on the safe side, getting an opinion from a professional can help you save the hassle you might face due to a water heater breakdown.

In case there is a leakage in your water heater, turn off the cold water supply line by simply twisting the valve. This will stop the flow of water from the main line to the water heater, and the water will stop flowing into your room.

2.  Shut Down the Power

Water heater systems are generally connected to a gas or electric system. A running power supply can pose a threat to your house in case of a leak in your water heater. The heating element in your water heater can stay heated long after the water has leaked from the water tanker into your house. This hot heating element results in the wastage of energy and in some cases, may start a fire in your home.

In a properly functioning water heater, the thermostat ensures that the heating element stops working when it reaches a certain temperature. But if your thermostat is faulty, you will have to manually shut off the power supply to prevent any damage. As soon as you notice a fault in your thermostat, contact a professional company that specializes in water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, to avoid any further hassle.

If you have an electric water heater, you only have to locate the switch in your circuit breaker and switch off. Water and electricity together can be very dangerous and can pose a serious threat to the safety of your family members.

If you have a gas water heater, shut down the gas line which is connected to the water heater, and vacate the house until the smell of gas is gone. Natural gas can be very dangerous as it can catch fire.

3.  Clean Up

This is not the most interesting part, of course, but an important one. Remove all the furniture, boxes and flammable items. Use a vacuum to clean up any water that has seeped into the carpet. You can also use a dehumidifier to avoid the growth of mold under your carpet or on the walls.

If you require water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, the emergency service provided by most of the companies can also help you with clean up.

4.  Call a Repair Professional

A water heater breakdown is a serious problem and needs repair as soon as possible. When you call in a professional service for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, they have the training and expertise to identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Water heater repair professionals in Fort Worth, TX,can help you solve all the problems related with your water heater, including the replacement of the temperature and pressure valves.

In case, your water heater cannot be repaired, a water heater repair company in Fort Worth, TX, can also help you replace your water heater.

5.  Make an Insurance Claim

In case your water heater can’t be repaired, do not throw it away. Instead, make an insurance claim. The insurance company will compensate for your loss and/or any damage that has happened to the property. Before you make a claim, it is important that you have all the evidence of the damage to your property which has occurred due to a water heater break down.

It is highly likely that the insurance company will take feedback from your water heater repair company in Fort Worth, TX. However, most insurance companies do not provide compensation for the water heater. Instead, they provide compensation for the damage associated with water heater breakdown.

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