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5 Things You Need To Know About Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

5 Things You Need To Know About Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

Most people don’t think about how water gets into their home, they just take for granted that water appears in their faucet. For most homeowners in Arlington, TX, it doesn’t really matter how water enters their home. However, for some people it will become all they think about. If you have a problem that demands water line repair, suddenly, you will become very concerned about how water enters your home, and most likely feel a bit caught off-guard by the sudden expense that most people aren’t aware of.

However, water line repair does not have to be threatening if you have the right Arlington, TX plumber working with you. While you cannot trim down the expense, you can trim down the hassle that the repair causes you. It does not have to be something that brings you a lot of anxiety. Understanding more about the process of water line repair or replacement, depending on what the problem is can make you feel more comfortable about moving forward.

Keep in mind that you do not have to take immediate action in most cases, unless of course the obstruction has left you with no water. In most cases you can take a little bit of time to think about the best course of action. Therefore, the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and approach your water line issue with a bit of clarity and a more relaxed total state of mind. Like most things, it is best to take it one step at a time to figure out if your water line needs attention or not outside of your Arlington, TX home.

Who Is Responsible for the Water Line?

The first question that most homeowners have, is who is actually responsible for the maintenance of the main water line. A lot of people think that the city is responsible for water line repair, but in most cases, this is not true. If something goes wrong at the main connection, the city might be considered liable for that, but the actual health of the pipe and any obstructions or breaking or setting that happens along your property is your responsibility. This means that any water line repair that concerns a part of the pipe that runs from your home out to the road is your responsibility.

This can come as a surprise, and given the need to excavate the pipe the costs can be high and unexpected. At this point, there are a few things you can consider. Some homeowners have home insurance that covers water line repair, so you may want to take a look and see what your home insurance covers. While it will mean that you are filing a claim and your premium will go up, it may be worth it if the upfront costs seem out of touch for you.

You also might look at your water bill or any other utility bill to see if you purchased insurance to protect your home at some point against water line repair. A lot of times, homeowners are offered the chance to opt in for a few extra dollars a month. You might not remember doing so, but if you did, then you can contact the utility company to see if your water line repair will fall under their covered list. It never hurts to ask around, because you could find a pleasant surprise. If you have not opted in for any type of coverage, this is a good time to look around and consider adding it to protect yourself in the future so you are better prepared if you need water line repair in Arlington, TX.

Signs Your Water Line Needs Attention

There are a lot of signs that you may want to give your water line some attention, beginning with the fact that your water is simply not entering the home the way it used to. This is usually the biggest tip-off that something is wrong with your water line, but it is not the only reason that you might take a pause and consider whether or not it is time to call a plumbing company. Here are a few more reasons you might want to think about calling a plumber.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, so if you notice something that is bothering you that is not on this list, it never hurts to call a plumber and run the potential need for water line repair by them. There are a slew of plumbing issues that can impact the way your home plumbing works. It is never a bad idea to get a professional take on a problem. It can help you rest a bit easier and help you know how to approach a problem you may be having within your home.

Puddles in the Yard

One of the big signs that there may be a problem with your water line is if you are noticing puddles in your front yard, and there hasn’t been any rain. This is always a bad sign, because it means that water is leaking out from somewhere under the ground. Given the fact that Arlington, TX can have spells of very little rain, you probably know when it is odd to see water pooling on the ground. In fact, if this is already happening, you probably already have an inkling that you have a problem.

Keep in mind that you may need a water line repair, but you also might need a sewer line repair. Both your sewer line and main water line run together out to the street, so if you see puddles appear in your yard and there are no other symptoms, then it is possible that either of the pipes need to be addressed. This is one reason why it is important to work with a trained professional water line repair company, because they can dig into the symptoms and issues to figure out the best way to help you.

One telltale sign that may not be present, could be any associated smells with the puddles. Granted, water that is pooling in your front yard will never smell great; if there is a very strong sewage smell associated with it then you may have your answer about which pipe is affected. However, once again, there is always a chance that something else is going on and you end up needing water line repair, so you should never assume until a trained professional with a camera system has been able to dive deep and get a close look at what is going on.

Water Pressure Changes

Another big sign that something is wrong with your main water line is if you notice that the water pressure drops suddenly in your home. This can be a confusing symptom because there are a lot of reasons why the water pressure can drop in your home. It may be because of sewage issues, clogs, and other isolated issues with your water heater. Or it could be because there is a tiny (or large) leak in your water line and a decreased amount of water is coming through the pipes and out into your home.

Water pressure issues are more likely to be related to your main water line if you notice that the pressure issues affect both the cold and hot water faucets. If you notice you are only having pressure issues with the hot water, then there is a good chance that the problem is actually related to your hot water heater instead. Both are issues that need to be addressed but stem from a different place. This is why before you start to worry about a water line repair, you should call a plumber and book an inspection. A home plumbing system is very intense, so before getting too concerned about anything, have a professional check it out.

High Water Bills Out of the Blue

Another potential sign that you need to worry about water line repair is if you notice that your water bills suddenly hike without any reasonable explanation. If you are using the same amount of water, but your bill shows you are using almost twice as much you might need to look at a potential water repair. What happens in this situation is that water is still flowing into your home, but a good portion of it is flowing straight into the dirt. You are literally watching money wash away under the ground.

However, since you don’t know it you keep using water at your usual rate. For every gallon of water that you pay to enter your home, you are paying for another gallon or so to float away outside of your home. The end result is a very high water bill and possibly some flooding near your foundation. Eventually, the water has to go somewhere, and for some people that means into the foundation of their home. You don’t want to deal with a flooded basement, so it is best to seek out prompt water line repair.

With all of this mind, keep in mind that there are a lot of things that can cause your water bill to spike. Hidden pipes inside of the walls of your home can also be responsible for hidden water leaks as can a running toilet or a number of other things. Therefore, this is just one more reason why you need to talk to a plumber before you find out whether or not you need water line repair. It is best not to get ahead of yourself, but you do need to have the issue inspected so that you can move forward and get your water bills back to normal.

Moldy or Mildew Popping Up

Sometimes people don’t notice slow leaking into their basement and humidity, but what they do notice is mold or mildew that starts growing on the wall of their basement or first floor. Any time there is mold or mildew that doesn’t have a good cause, you need to call a plumber. There are a lot of reasons why mold may be growing on the sides of your wall or ceiling, and the need for water line repair is one of them. However, you won’t know for sure until a plumber comes out to inspect the plumbing system within your home.

Mold and mildew can have a lot of health-related issues for the people in your home and is not something that you can ignore for very long either way. With that in mind, outside of treating the mold, you need to find out the root cause carefully. This is something a plumber can take care of for you, so don’t delay in calling a professional who can help you out. Sooner is always better in a situation like this.

Flooring Is Damaged without Obvious Signs

Finally, in the same way that mold and mildew can pop up in your home without any immediate reason, flooring damage can also be caused by leaking into your home caused by the water line. The water line runs underneath your home, and leaking can occur under your Arlington, TX home.

Mold or mildew under the flooring is the usual sign that flooring is being damaged, but the warping of your hardwood floor or cold spots under the flooring can also result from a water line leak. In general, anything that can’t be identified may relate to the water line or another pipe that is hidden under the flooring and leaking.

As mentioned, this is not a complete list of all the things that can go wrong with your home flooring but it is a list of signs that you may need water line repair. Given all of these facts, it is important that you call a local plumber in Arlington, TX at the first sign of trouble. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth immediately if you need help, and we will send a plumber out to see you.

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