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5 Tips to Select the Best Water Filtration System in Mansfield, TX

5 Tips to Select the Best Water Filtration System in Mansfield, TX

With the growing concern about water quality among the US households, manufacturers have developed improved water filtration systems in Mansfield, TX. These home water filters remove contaminants found in water. However, given the large variety of water filters available in the market, selecting the best one for the home is no easy task at all.

If you are also facing trouble in selecting the best water filter for your home, you should simply follow the following tips to select the best filter.

1. Get the Water Inspected

The foremost tip for selecting the right water filter for your home is to first have your water supply inspected and find out the contaminants present in the water. Consider getting a copy of Consumer Confident Report (CCR) from your local water authority. In case you are not able to obtain the report, or you want to double check the water quality, you can get it independently checked as well. You can also call Safe Drinking Water Hotline of EPA.

Knowing about the contaminants in the water will help in choosing the right water filtration system in Mansfield, TX. After looking at the water quality report you may even discover that there is no need of a water filter at all.

2. Know About the Different Types of Water Filters

The next important task in selecting the best water filtration system in Mansfield, TX is to find out about the right type of filter that will suit your home filtration requirements. There are many different types of water filters including point-of-use (POU) filter, point-of-entry (POE) or whole house systems, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis (RO) filter, and distillation filters:

  • Point-of-Use (POU) Filters – POU filters are installed at the point from where you use or drink water. They include faucet filters, refrigerator filters, water pitchers, countertop and under-the-sink filters.
  • Point-of-Entry (POE)/Whole House Filters – POE water filters are installed at the point where water enters the house. They are installed near the pressurized storage tank or water meter. Examples of POE filters include water softeners and UV microbiological systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters – The RO filters filter the water by reversing the natural flow of the water and pass it through a semi-permeable While the RO filter generally removes the largest amount of contaminants, the method does result in some wastage of water.
  • Activated Carbon Filters – The activated carbon filters are another type of water filtration system in Mansfield, TX. The filter traps the contaminants in the pores of the absorbent filter.
  • Distillation Filters – Distillation filters is yet another type of water filtration system in Mansfield, TX that work by heating the water to the boiling point that collects the steam that condenses. Keep in mind that the condensed water may contain some contaminants. For best results, it’s recommended to use the filter in combination with distillation filters.

For singles or couples with no children, the best option is a pitcher filter since it is appropriate for filtering a small amount of water at a time. You can also visit the National Sanitation Standard (NSF) website to know about the specific type of water filter that is suitable for different contaminants.

3. Select ANSI Certified Filters

You should select a water filtration system in Mansfield, TX that is certified by a company accredited with the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) such as NSF or Water Quality Association (WQA). You can check whether the water filter is certified with the respective authorities by visiting their websites. Just enter the model of the water filter to find out whether it is certified by the ANSI-accredited agencies. You may need to enter the brand name, manufacturer name, or model number to find the required information. You should only buy a certified water filter as it will ensure that the water filtration system in Mansfield, TX can adequately remove the contaminants from the water.

4. Know about the Maintenance Cost

Before buying a water filtration system in Mansfield, TX, you should find out whether you can afford to manage the filter. Filters need to be replaced at regular intervals. The cost of the filters can range from $20 to $400. Also, you may need to have the filter periodically cleaned by a professional. Whether you are shopping for the water filtration system in Mansfield, TX in the stores or online, you can read about the maintenance needs and cost of filters in the manufacturers’ manual. Only choose a water filter that you can afford to maintain.

5. Decide Upon the Location of the Filter

The last important consideration when selecting a water filter is to determine the location of the filter. Generally, a POE filter is best if you don’t like filters attached to the faucet or the countertop. Also, if you don’t want to install multiple filters at multiple points of use then a POE filter is the right choice. However, if you want the filter to be installed in a single location, POU filter can turn out to be a more cost effective option. Examples of POU filters include under-sink filters, pour-through pitchers, point-of-use filters, and water bottles.

In Conclusion

After you have homed in on the right water filtration system in Mansfield, TX, you need to call a professional plumber for installation. The professional will use expert tools to ensure proper installation of the filter. Another important thing to know about water filters is that they need to be regularly serviced. Make sure that the filter is replaced at regular intervals. Some of the water filters have an indicator that informs when the filter needs to be replaced. Others have transparent filter holders that you can see to find out whether the filter is dirty and requires replacement.

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