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5 Toilet Flush Problems that Every Homeowner Should Know About Before Buying a House | Plumber in Haslet, TX

5 Toilet Flush Problems that Every Homeowner Should Know About Before Buying a House | Plumber in Haslet, TX

There are a few things you should know before buying a house. A home inspection will reveal if any water line repair in Haslet, TX is required. However, you still need to do a couple of checks on your own to make sure that everything looks fine. Sometimes, the problem is right in front of you, but you’re too fixated on small details to notice it..

When it comes to the plumbing system of a house, most of the problems can be repaired easily if spotted in the beginning, but the one thing that you may not be equipped to handle is a leaking toilet. It creates a nasty mess and causes clogs in other areas of the house too. Those DIY videos you see on You Tube that teach you how to change the washer or adjust the shank are all well and good, but when you see water backing up in your toilet, then it’s time to call a plumber in Haslet, TX.

Let’s have a look at the five most common causes behind a leaking and broken toilet:

1.   The Toilet Flushes Slowly

With time, a toilet looses its flushing power. This is quite common and nowhere near alarming. The problem arises when you flush the toilet and the water in the bowl does not go down. When it does, it takes too much time, which prevents the waste from flushing down completely.

There are two reasons behind this: either the pipeline is clogged or the jet holes located in the bowl have been blocked by waste minerals. This usually happens when the flush power is slow and the pressure is not enough to pull down the waste.

Don’t take out the snake drain or a chemical cleaner to get rid of this problem because all you will be doing is corroding the main pipeline. This is a job best left to a plumber in Haslet, TX. Professional plumbers use a special kind of solution that is part water and part acid. This solution opens up the clogged jet holes by dissolving the particles. You are probably wondering how come the plumber uses an acidic solution. The answer is that this solution does not harm the drain line or the main pipeline.

2.   After a Flush, Water Level in the Bowl is Too Low

After flushing the toilet, you see that the water level in the bowl is quite low. This is a problem that requires drain cleaning in Haslet, TX. So, what’s causing this? All those toilet papers you threw in the bowl have formed a thick clog, which is stuck in the toilet. Pouring chemical down the toilet bowl will definitely clear up the clog but there’s no guarantee that the tissue papers will disintegrate and dissolve. The clog might move to the drain pipe and cause a blockage in all the pipelines. This is why it is necessary to call for plumbing in Haslet, TX the very first time you see any problem with the toilet.

3.   Sluggish Flush

Next up in line is a slow flush. An easy way to find out the cause behind this is by filling up a bucket of water and pouring it down the toilet. Two things will happen: the water will flush pretty fast due to the pressure and remove whatever clog was there or it will flush very slowly, which is an indication that the pipe is blocked with feces.

4.   Dripping Tank

At night, do you hear a dripping sound from your bathroom that keeps you awake till the wee hours? Identifying this problem is quite easy because it is related to the toilet’s tank. What happens is that after you flush, the water level in the tank fills up. As time passes, you notice the tank is filled partially and the dripping sound continues. This caused by a simple displacement when the flexible tube keeps dripping water in the overflow tube. Due to this, the latter tube drips water into the tank and that is why you hear the dripping sound.

While fixing this problem is quite easy as it only requires a shortening of the flexible tube, but to prevent any accidents that might lead to an even bigger repairs, it is best to call a plumber in Haslet, TX.

5.   Broken Flush

Broken flush represents a much bigger problem you can imagine. The flush handle is connected to the flapper that controls the flushing mechanism. If it does not work properly, the toilet will flush with speed, but it will be a partial flush. To identify if the flush handle is broken, open the lid and observe the flapper as the toilet flushes. The flapper should stay up until 80% of water in the bowl has gone down.

The flapper and the float ball are connected with a chain. If this chain breaks, the toilet will start filling with water after every flush. This can cause the toilet to overflow, which will create a big mess. A broken flush is usually what causes other plumbing problems because when the water does not drain properly, it searches for another outlet to get out.

If you are worried about a broken toilet, the best way to find out if there’s really a leak is to do a dye test. This test involves adding a few drop of dye in the tank and then observing if there are any leaks. A clear indication is the tank filling with the dyed water. The cause behind this can be any of the above, which is why it is better to call a plumber in Haslet, TX for drain cleaning in Haslet, TX and other repairs.

Identifying these problems before calling a plumber in Haslet, TX will help you in directing him to the right place. This will save you time and money on the repairs. Emergency services such as plumbing in Haslet, TX are available 24/7, which allows you to call for a plumber anytime. Whether it is something as simple as a broken flush handle or a blocked drain pipe, you can rely on Benjamin Franklin to the do the job for you. To know further about their services, call at 817-983-7876.