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6 Plumbing Leaks That You Must Know About To Call Plumbers in Arlington, TX in Time

6 Plumbing Leaks That You Must Know About To Call Plumbers in Arlington, TX in Time

When it comes to fixing plumbing problems, most people like to try DIY tricks to save money. What they don’t realize is that by tackling this kind of problem on their own, they are doing more damage than they can imagine. Around 57% of water usage in the household takes place in the bathroom, where 10% is covered by the sink, 19% by shower and bath and 28% by the toilet. The kitchen faucet covers 7%, washing machine covers 22%, and the remaining 14% is covered by household leaks. A person wastes around 10 gallons of water per day, which occurs due to leaky faucets and toilets.

With so much water wastage and no leak in sight, problems occur that can only be fixed by professional plumbers in Arlington, TX. Signs of any kind of water damage can be easily spotted if people know the right place to look at. However, to catch the leak in time, it is important that you know where the leaks usually occur. It’s the homeowner’s vigilance that can get the plumbing problems fixed in time, so that rot and mold stays at bay. Most plumbers in Arlington, TX also offer installation services along with repairs. This helps the owner in fixing any plumbing problems in one go and at a reasonable cost.

A keen eye and the below information will help you avoid the high cost of mold remediation and water damage repair. Let’s have a look at the six most common plumbing leaks that requires a plumber in Arlington, TX:

1.     Make Sure Water Flow Is Turned on 24/7

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when taking vacations is turning off the main water supply. This often causes the pipes to freeze in cold weather conditions. If the pipe is attached near the house’s wall, it might freeze and become brittle. This is how cracks develop in the pipe and leaks occur. Therefore, it is better to keep the main valve open and make sure that all the faucets in the house are tightly closed.

When the water keeps moving, the pipe’s temperature is maintained, which prevents it from freezing. To make sure that the pipes won’t freeze, it is better to get them insulated. With the help of plumbers in Arlington, TX, you can easily locate any break in the lines with camera inspection and get it fixed in time.

2.     Inspect the Pipelines in the Basement

Locate all the pipelines in your house that are visible to the naked eye. These open pipelines will easily tell you the condition of the plumbing. Often, homeowners learn about a leak only when they find puddles of water in the basement damaging their valuables. This can cause a lot of problems such as mold, termites, insects and short circuits. Routine checks can help you spot any damages such as drops of water, buckling and rust. If you find that the pipe is bent out of shape or is wet to touch, immediately call a plumber in Arlington, TX.

3.     Dead Water Heater

The water heater suddenly stopped working and there’s a puddle of water forming around it. This usually occurs because the lining has worn off and water is leaking from the base. If the water heater’s warranty has ended, then instead of fixing the problem on your own, call a plumber in Arlington, TX. The first sign of a dead water heater are the drops of water that you will find underneath it.

4.     Replace Leaky Shower Spouts

The most common cause of a leaky shower spout is a damaged washer. You can easily spot this when turning off the shower. The water will either take too long to stop dripping or it might keep dripping in small amount. If you have an isolation valve installed in the bathroom, then it will be quite easy to stop the leak. However, the problem will be that every time you visit the bathroom, you will have to turn on the isolation valve to get the water flowing. Instead of trying on DIY tricks to replace the washer, it is better to replace the showerhead altogether.

5.     Take a Peek underneath the Sink

Most leaks occur underneath the sink, which are often overlooked. People chalk up this water to condensation. Every now and then, open the cabinet and inspect the area where the pipe meet the sink’s inside opening. Wipe the area with a rag to see if it comes away soaked. If the items kept underneath the sink are soaked, then the sink is definitely leaking.

6.     Trace It Back to the Wall

If you see puddles of water forming on the floor but the leak is not coming from underneath the sink, then trace the pipeline back to the wall. There’s a possibility that the drain might be blocked, which is what’s causing the water to leak from the pipe connected to the wall. This can either be fixed by simply tightening the ring with your hands or you will need a plumber to inspect the pipes thoroughly. You can easily spot this kind of leak if there’s discoloration on the wall or a musty smell. If the sink and the connecting pipelines are too old, then you might be better off installing a new sink.

A great way to spot leaks early is to install any new plumbing in Arlington, TX with a little gap between the walls. This way, if a leak occurs, it will be easily visible before it’s too late. Benjamin Franklin is a one-stop service for all your plumbing problems. From water and gas leak repairs to installation of new tubs and sinks, they use unique and accurate techniques to spot and fix problems. To know more about what kind services they offer and their area of expertise, you can contact them at 817-478-4119.