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6 Reasons Why Your Water Heater Has Stopped Working | Water Heater Repairs in Benbrook, TX

6 Reasons Why Your Water Heater Has Stopped Working | Water Heater Repairs in Benbrook, TX

Every time someone says, “Winter is coming,” the voice of Lord Stark, from the tv series Game of Thrones, rings in my head! Of course, taking into account the seasonal changes, we can all agree that winter really is coming, and it’s time we brace ourselves for the cold weather!

Many people focus on shopping for warm clothes, cleaning up the fireplace, inspecting the chimney and whatnot. You’ll find many grannies knitting sweaters and blankets for their loved ones too. But while you rejoice in all these moments around you, don’t overlook your actual responsibilities, i.e., getting water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX.

A water heater is one of the most basic necessities of life, especially during the winter season. It helps you access warm-hot water and saves you the trouble of getting stuck in a shower with ice cold water pouring down upon you. Cold water, right in the middle of a hot shower, can literally make you feel like you’re freezing to death! Sometimes, people get stuck in a cold shower— while they’re all soaped up— and by the time they’re done, their entire bodies are numb!

Not sure if you actually need water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX or not? Take a look at some of the top things that happen when your water heater begins to malfunction:

  • The water supplied to the hoses and faucets is spine-chillingly cold
  • Sometimes the water gets lukewarm, but you never get hot water
  • Every time you turn on the ‘hot’ side on the tap, there’s a weird, grumble-rumble kind of a sound
  • If it so happens that you get hot water, it always comes out yellowish, reddish or brownish
  • While showering or washing your face, you can taste metal in the water
  • Water is pooling around your water heater due to a leak

Problems such as cold water during winters really need to be dealt with through professional water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX. However, there are certain reasons why your water heater might not be supplying hot water in the first place. Before you call a professional service to conduct water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX, you need to understand what exactly caused the water heater to cease functioning.

So let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why your water heater halts hot water supply:

It Is Too Old

Using any machinery after its lifespan is a foolish mistake. Every machine comes with a limit of use, and does not offer any benefits beyond its age. On average, a typical water heater lasts 10 to 12 years.

You can’t really ask a professional to conduct water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX, on a machine that has already depreciated. All you can do is either invest in regular maintenance before the heater reaches its limits or switch over to a tankless water heater in Benbrook, TX.

Broken Pilot Light

Pilot lights are found in traditional-styled, gas or propane based water heaters. Many times, the reason why your heater stops working is because either the pilot light is out, or it has been broken. Fixing the pilot light is something you can easily handle on your own.

However, when it comes to fixing the pilot light, you need to contact professionals for water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX. Because the heater is fueled by gas or propane, it can be a little dangerous to handle it on your own. So make sure to call up a professional and ask them to fix this issue.

Gas Leak

Again, if you have a gas or propane based heating system in your home, there is a solid chance that the reason why it isn’t working is because of an internal gas leak. This can be quite an alarming situation as gas is inflammable and can wreak havoc if it comes into contact with flames.

Make sure to call up a professional service for water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX, in such a case. Professionals are well-aware and well-equipped to handle the repairs and will be able to solve this problem safely.

Heating Elements Burnout

Electric water heaters function through heating elements. Electricity fuels these heating elements that heat up the water. In case these heating elements fail or burn out due to an electric surge, they will cease functioning. All you will be left with is cold water!

Heating elements can also burn out in case of short circuits, electricity fluctuations or a blown fuse. Either way, regardless of the cause, make sure to seek a professional’s assistance for water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX. They will investigate the problem thoroughly and eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Sediment Buildup

If you have an electric water heater which stops functioning, it is quite likely that there is a sediment buildup in the heater. Dirt, debris and other contaminants that settle at the bottom of your heater deteriorate its efficiency. As a result, the water heater is not as effective as it used to be and supplies you with lukewarm water, not hot water.

In such a case, it’s ideal to call a professional for water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX, as they will clean up your water heater to improve its efficiency. You will be able to enjoy hot water again!

Rusted Pipes

Many times, you might have access to warm-hot water, but not to sparkling clean water. If there is water discoloration in the water you receive from your heater, chances are that the pipes supplying the water to you are actually rusted.

Rust deposits minerals into the water, which leads to discoloration. A lot of times, it even infects the water with a metallic taste that can be super harmful to your health. You need to immediately cater to this problem by calling a professional for water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX, to prevent this situation from worsening.

Looking for a reliable contractor for water heater repairs in Benbrook, TX? Then call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth, TXand we will be more than happy to assist you!