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6 Signs That You Need a Plumber | Arlington, TX

6 Signs That You Need a Plumber | Arlington, TX

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Overflowing sinks or toilets, clogged drain and leaking faucets? In this time of information revolution, everything is available on the web. From the remedies that you find, you may want to try a DIY. Of course, there are millions of hacks available on the web that may work for some people, but you may find yourself waist-deep in trouble when any of those goes wrong! A small problem that you solve today, may have negative consequences in the future.

The plumbing system is so complex that you need a professional to study the infrastructural plan and then proceed with the workings.

Mentioned below are six signs that you need to call a plumber for your home in the Arlington, TX area before it’s too late.

1.  Water Shortage

When you wake up and have no water, you must not work on making the tap work by turning it off and on again, but call a plumber. Also ask the neighbors if they are facing the same issue. If no one in the neighborhood but you are facing this issue then something major has gone wrong. It may cause severe structural damage to your house.

The professional will inspect and tell you if the water is turned off or there is a major leak. According to EPA (Environment Protection Agency), 90 gallons of water are wasted each year in a single household due to this issue. Not only the water is wasted, but it could percolate into the foundation of the house, seeping into the walls and ceilings and not to forget the accruing water bills. Bills can always be cut down if leakages are monitored closely. They will help you in doing just that, using their professional methods.

2.  Lack of Hot Water

It is okay to experience a shortage of hot water after someone in your family has already taken a long hot shower. But it is not okay if the water is not warming up even after so many hours. The plumber should be called before the temperature fluctuation causes the cold water to become too hot while someone may be using it and burn themselves. It could be an issue of the tank size.

They will help you walk through your options and manually install the tank that best fits your requirements. There could be problems regarding igniters, thermostats, fuse, heating elements or pipes. An experienced professional will ensure that the problem is resolved before any major trouble is caused.

3.  Weeping Water Heater

You notice that the water heater is ‘sweating’ or ‘weeping’ when the ground around the heater is damp. This indicates that there is a leak. It may be slow, but it is continuous. In the longer run, it could create other, bigger headaches. It is better to call a plumber to inspect the water heater for any leaking pipes i.e. pipelining or casing.

Other signs may include rusty patches on the heater or pipes, more water in the drip pan than the usual and corrosion inside the heater.

Our technicians will help you select a new water heater if need be and guide you regarding its usage and maintenance for a hassle-free experience.

4.  Drains Don’t Drain

Many times, the drain clogs due to grease build-up or hair in the bathtub. Most of the time a plunger or a vinegar soak does the trick. If not, then call a plumber. Sometimes we treat the symptom but keep delaying the underlying issue until it builds up to something which creates more difficulty than the time when it was easy to get rid of. Moreover, they may use cameras and other advanced equipment to detect the reason for the clog.

It is highly discouraged to use acidic solutions that actually do unclog the drain (although superficially) but damage the pipes in the process. It is harmful to the whole plumbing system. It keeps on eroding the pipe, every time it is used and in turn, contaminate the water passing through it.

5.  Low Water Pressure

When the pressure in the faucets is lower than usual then it is best to consult with a professional. The problem may be caused due to an air pocket or a clog somewhere in the line. It may also be caused due to hard water creating natural build up inside the pipes.

Shutting of valves and cleaning the aerator often helps in mitigating the issue. But, handling the pipelines may be cumbersome and if not done properly could pose a chance of leakage and structural damage.

A Plumber could also determine if you need to install a pressure booster after inspecting the plumbing mechanism. They can easily guide you through the specifications and options according to everyone’s requirements.

6.  Overflowing Toilets

Once you face this issue, you must turn it off and stop using it. Usually, in a pubbing system, toilets are at the lower end. If they are clogged, all the water, flowing towards any faucet is passed through it. It sounds disgusting, but true anyhow.

It is best to call a plumber to inspect the problem in time. Sometimes a bit of plunger work is enough to unclog it but most of the time the issue is worse than it seems. One must acknowledge the severity of the problem and save his time any money before it’s too late.


If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues regarding a plumbing repair, installation or remodeling, call a Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumbers in the Arlington, TX area for proper inspection. The problem may seem trivial now but as the saying goes ‘better be safe than sorry’. Call us today at 817-478-4119 for all of your Arlington, TX plumbing needs.