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6 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Lake Worth, TX

6 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Lake Worth, TX

A water heater is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. It usually sits out of your sight either outside the house or on the rooftop, where it’s relatively unnoticeable.

The importance of water heater system is great, as we are able to carry out everyday household chores with ease. It is the main source for the supply of hot water through which we are able to bathe, shower, cook food, wash hands etc.

The proper functioning of the water heater is vital but due to its regular use, there are high chances for the water heater to start acting up.

Many households commonly face problems related to their water heater, leading them to consider water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX. Continue to read to learn about some of those basic water heater issues.

1.   No Hot Water

As it is often said that you don’t know what you have got until it is gone. The value of hot water arises when there is no hot water coming out of the faucets or showers.

If your water heater is gas-powered, the most likely problem could be that a pilot light has completely blown out. This can be due to a worn-out thermocouple or a faulty pilot control valve.

Another reason for the lack of hot water could be an issue with the diverter valve. When the valve is turned on, it basically allows the hot water to come out of your taps or showers. But if the water coming out of the taps or showers is cold then it is mainly due to the faulty divertive valve.

In a scenario like this, you need water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX immediately.

2.   Not Enough Hot Water

A water tank that produces an insufficient amount of hot water is one of the most common problems that you may encounter. There are a few reasons that lead to such a frustrating problem.

Firstly, it is most likely due to an issue with the thermostat.  It is possible that the thermostat is loosely wired, providing you too little hot water.

On an electric water heater, the thermostat is usually hidden behind an access panel on the side of the tank and a layer of insulation. Trying to fix it yourself could be a bit risky. Thus, it is recommended to call a professional help to get water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX.

If your faucet is situated quite far from the water heater, the water traveling a long way to the faucet may experience a drop in the volume of hot water. Also, if you have recently changed your tub to a bigger one, a larger demand on the water heater can lead the hot water to turn cold.  When faced with the situations like these, consider water heater repair in Lake Worth TX.

3.   Discoloration of Water

The rusty water coming out of your tap or shower may be the sign of your tank turning rusty too. The discolored hot water is basically due to the corroded anode rod of the tank.

If the water in the tank is not rusty but simply dirty then it could be due to the scale build-up on the heating elements that is making its way into the hot water outlet.  If it is left untreated, the dirty water can give birth to germs and bacteria. Washing or showering with the polluted water can serve no purpose. If the corrosion gets really serious, the tank can begin to leak which can lead to disaster.

Your water tank needs to be checked by an expert. Therefore, you need to get water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX.

Most probably the anode rod is needed to be repaired or reinstalled. Another solution is to re-install a new tank, which only a professional can do it. DIY methods can be too risky. Trying to solve the problem yourself can cause more issues, resulting in the waste of your money, time and energy.

4.   Smelly Hot Water

Another reason for considering the option of water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX is the strange foul smell that most likely comes out of the water tank. It could be possible that the water tank is infected with germs or bacteria, causing a rotten egg-like smell around.

If the water tank is left rusty or discolored for a really long time, it is likely for the water to produce a strong odor, which can be nauseating to a great extent. It is best to get water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX as soon as possible.

5.   A Noisy Water Tank

One of the common reasons for the water tank to produce rumbling or popping noise is the sediment/scale build-up present in the water tank.

The sediment traps the water underneath it at the bottom of the tank – where the gas heating burner is installed. When the gas burner heats the water boils to the point that it can explode and create havoc.

In addition to the explosion, the over-layering of the sediments can also cause the water heater to overheat, which can be quite harmful. Washing or showering with really hot water can burn out the skin.

If you experience strange noises coming out of your water heater, the best thing is to look for a plumber and get water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX.

6.   Water Leakage

Another common problem you may face with your water heater is the water leakage. It may necessarily be caused due to a broken drain valve or too much pressure build-up in the water tank.

In any case, consider the option of a water heater repair in Lake Worth, TX to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

These are the major reasons which may compel you to call a professional and trustworthy plumber to help repair or replace your water heater. We suggest you get in touch with Benjamin Franklin if you are really looking for a reliable water heater service.