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6 Summer Plumbing Problems to Look Out for Now That the Heat Is Upon Us | Plumber in Crowley, TX

6 Summer Plumbing Problems to Look Out for Now That the Heat Is Upon Us | Plumber in Crowley, TX

Summer is here! Are you planning to work on your tan at the beach or sit in your room with the air conditioning cranked up high? Some people love the warm weather and some loathe it. The sweltering sun is unforgiving and sometimes you just don’t feel like spending your day sweating in the heat. So what do you do?

Host parties or call the neighbors for a Sunday brunch? Or you binge watch your favorite TV series while eating greasy, comfort food. Whether you are spending your days outside or in the house, one thing that you will have to deal with is plumbing problems that will rear their nasty blockage sooner or later. So keep your phone nearby because you might be calling a plumber in Crowley, TX once, every week.

Following are six plumbing problems that you should look out for in summer:

1.  Sprinkler Problems

Lawnmowers are used throughout the season of fall and well into winter. It’s possible that while doing this chore, you might have damaged the sprinkler. Moreover, sprinkler heads are vulnerable to wear and tear during all seasons. These sprinklers are one of the reasons why you are getting such a high water bill. When summer arrives, sprinklers are used more and after being dormant in winter, they might be rusted or cracked. Luckily, these sprinklers are easily replaceable. You can get the parts from any hardware store and get them replaced by a plumber in Crowley, TX.

2.  Sewer Line Backups

Sewer line backups are the worst in summer. The heavy showers create a constant flow of water that soaks into the ground and bring the soil loose. If there are tree roots at the end of your drainage system, then the problem becomes worse. Tree roots usually crack the pipe and push soil water in. When dirt creates a blockage, sewage water backs up inside the pipe, which is the reason behind your toilet overflowing and dirty water rising in the bathtub instead of draining.

Most people don’t know about this but such plumbing problems can lead to huge disasters. The toilet might get cracked or you might break the flush handle in your problems. There’s also the possibility that a leak or blockage here can cause plumbing problems in the laundry room and kitchen too. To avoid this mess, call a plumber in Crowley, TX to adjust the shower head’s pressure. This ought to keep the drain lines open no matter how many showers you take. If the problem does escalate, call for drain cleaning in Crowley, TX.

3.  Blocked Toilet

Summer makes your home a party central when the entire family is down there for vacation. You have got to keep an eye on the kids when they are going to the toilet because this is where the mess begins. Some of your guests might flush a diaper down the toilet (yes, this does happen), throw tissue papers into the toilet bowl or press too hard on the flush handle. A blocked toilet creates the nastiest mess, one you can never catch in time. It requires professional drain cleaning in Crowley, TX, which can take a long time. If you feel that the toilet is draining too slowly or the water keeps pouring into the bowl, then call a plumber in Crowley, TX immediately. Talking about too many people in your house, this brings us to another big plumbing problem:

4.  Clogged Garbage Disposal

The most common plumbing problem that plumbers in Crowley, TX are called for all the time is a clogged garbage disposal. That new shining barbecue grill you just bought will be talk of the house. It sure will make Sunday lunch more special! Summer vacations are the only time when the barbeque grills come out and men like to show their skills cooking a burger patty or short ribs. We are talking about a family feast with fresh buns, salads, corn cobs, fruits, cakes and more. When it’s all done and you are clearing the plates, what do you with the leftovers in the plate? Most of it goes down the garbage disposal and the rest of it in the fridge. Then, there’s the grease tray from the barbeque grill that you wash in the sink. You probably pour the grease down the garbage disposal, don’t you?

Oil and grease gets stuck to the pipe’s wall and create clogs in the disposal system. When cold water touches the grease, hard lumps form and grease remains where it is. While a DIY remedy of baking soda and hot water might work but the effects will only be temporary. Before using a drain cleaner, why not call a plumber in Crowley, TX because the blockage might be more than just greasy clogs in the pipes.

5.  Washing Machine Overload

Just like the shower is used the most in summers, so is the washing machine. It’s the one time of the year where you wash clothes every week. The more frequently the washing machine is used, the harder it works. Big loads and lint in the washing machine’s drain pipe can cause a blockage. If you use one of those washing powders that have small beads in them, then the blockage might be caused by them. The best way to prevent a blockage here is to do small loads. If you overuse the machine, it might overheat and burn out. In summer, make sure that the machine is raised above the ground and is not pressed up against the wall. A flood caused by a washing machine is the worst because the risk of water wastage is high. Not only are you looking at mold created by standing water but all high water bills. If you feel that the water is draining slowly from the rubber drain tube, then call a plumber immediatelyfor drain cleaning in Crowley, TX.

Plumbing problems are hard to spot, especially in summer. You can’t exactly be rude to your guests and instruct them on bathroom etiquettes. What you can do is keep an out for slow draining or standing water in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Not only can these problems create a hazardous situation but they can also destroy your house in just a few minutes. If you are looking for professional plumbers in Crowley, TX, then visit Benjamin Franklin. They offer various plumbing services from fixing drainage systems to small bathroom repairs, bathroom designs, sink tub replacement, faucet repair and more. To know more about their services, call at 817-478-4119.