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6 Unsuspected Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Repair | Water Heater Repair in Benbrook, TX

6 Unsuspected Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Repair | Water Heater Repair in Benbrook, TX

During the winter season, a steaming hot shower is everyone’s biggest guilty pleasure, warming them up after a long, cold day. And, if your water heater isn’t working properly it could leave you shivering in the shower tub, which is quite a dreadful state to be in.

At times, it can be a little confusing to troubleshoot the fault with your water heater. Many signs either go unsuspected for years until your water heater completely runs out of hot water. To avoid any possible inconveniences and costly repairs, it’s important to get a know-how of all the potential faults your water heater could be hiding.

Hence, here’s a list of the most common yet the most unsuspected problems that need quick repairs for which, you must contact a professional for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX.

1.   When Water Pressure is Either Too High or Too Low

When you notice changes in the water pressure, whether it’s too high or too low, it is a sign that there is something wrong in the heater. Sometimes when the water pressure gets too high and starts flowing out in huge gusts, it could damage your water heater and other appliances like the pipes and metal rods.

Hence, get in touch with someone for a water heater repair in Benbrook, TX to avoid any costly inconveniences. An immediate fix is to maintain the water pressure at around 80 psi, anywhere more than that can damage the water heater.

2.   Leak in the Water Tank

A leaking tank would obviously be a visibly sign, however, it can happen right under your noise without you suspecting it. By the time you realize there is a leak, most of the hot water is all out of the tank and you’re out of supply.

A practical solution for any potential leaks is regular maintenance or at best a quick scan of the water heater along with checking your smoke detectors as well so you know that the hot water has gotten out. Nonetheless, a leaking water heater tank is usually an irresolvable issue and will require a complete unit replacement.

Consult professional plumbers for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX as soon as possible to avoid any possible flooding in the house.

3.   Weird Noises

If you can hear light humming noises from the water heater then that is completely natural because a heater after all is a big appliance in the house. However, if you hear major sounds like banging, popping, and cracking in the middle of the night then it’s high time you contact a repairman for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX.

One of the most obvious reasons for this is the mineral deposits that are cramming up the water heater. They cause the appliance to overheat while it works to keep the water hot. If you still haven’t detected any leaks yet, then a quick cleaning or flush is good enough to resolve the issue.

Otherwise, if the loud banging noise persists then it’s time you call in a specialist for your water heater repair in Benbrook, TX. Other than the mineral buildup even hard water can be a possible culprit that can cause popping sounds. If the sounds continue despite flushing down several times then you may need an entire unit replacement for which you should get in touch with a pro for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX.

4.   Lack of Hot Water

One of the most common yet rather unsuspected problems is that the water heater doesn’t make the water hot enough. This could be because of lots of reasons but for a start make sure the temperature dial on the water heater is adjusted properly for the water to be hot enough just as you like it.

If you consistently don’t get hot water and are left feeling the chills under the shower every morning, the one possible reason could be that your water heater may be too small. If this has made you invest in high flow shower head then you may need a bigger water heater.

Whether it’s a fix or a complete replacement, call up a professional for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX for an expert opinion in case of consistent lack of hot water. It could also indicate a water leak so make sure you check around the sides for any leakage signs and report it to the nearest plumbing company for water heater repair in Benbrook, TXin your area.

5.   Discolored or Smelly Hot Water

If your water has developed a strange, metallic odor then first make sure the pipes are clean or the water tank isn’t receiving rotten water to begin with. If all that is clear and the smelly odor still persists only in hot water then your water heater needs a major cleaning.

And if it’s a discoloration that is slightly brown or rusty in color then that is indicative of high mineral presence like copper and iron. You can install a water softener or a filter to clean out the mineral deposits for which, get in touch with someone for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX.

If the hot water reeks of rotten eggs then try flushing down the heater or let the water run for a few minutes before you use it. If flushing doesn’t resolve then you may to replace the anode rods within the water heater. If you’re facing trouble with the fix then get in touch with an expert for water heater repair in Benbrook, TX.

6.   Old Unit

A water heater is generally quite expensive so it’s understandable if some people will tolerate lack of hot water and rust in their existing unit instead of investing in a new one. However, an old unit can incur more repair costs due to internal metal rods deteriorating.

Whatever the reason is, an old water heater can really be a huge inconvenience if you forcefully prolong its life service. Give it away and get a new replacement.

For further assistance on how to deal with a faulty water heater, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for speedy repair and service.