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6 Ways to Make Your Plumbing System "Greener"

6 Ways to Make Your Plumbing System "Greener"

Green PlumbingUse these tips to make the most of one of the world’s most valuable resources – water.

  • Install a dual flush toilet, that uses more or less water as needed
  • Choose showers over baths, as they use less water if you keep them quick
  • Check your plumbing systems regularly to avoid leaks
  • Use plants that are water independent in your garden
  • Install a rainwater tank and use it to water your garden and for other exterior washing needs
  • Tankless water heaters which are 90% efficient and the Eternal water heater are energy efficient and heat the water as needed. The Eternal water heater which is 98% efficient, has a small chamber which holds 2 gallons of water so that you do not experience the hot and cold sandwich effect that are common with the other style tankless heaters.

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