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7 Dangers That A Plumber Faces | Mansfield, TX

7 Dangers That A Plumber Faces | Mansfield, TX

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Plumbers work in confined spaces for long periods of time and sometimes they can work with dangerous components within your plumbing system. There are quite a few dangers that plumbers face while on the job. These dangers might even carry over even when their jobs are done. The plumbing system in your home is in close proximity to the electrical and gas lines in your home. We all know that water and electricity make for a deadly combination. If there is a gas leak it can also be quite toxic. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Mansfield, TX would like to share some of the dangers that their plumbers face on a daily basis in hopes that it will deter you from attempting to use your plumbing system. Plumbers have safety gear and ample knowledge to help them avoid serious injury.

1. Injuries from equipment

Plumbers use heavy and high power tools and equipment to carry out their jobs. If these tools or equipment are not handled correctly then a plumbing service provider might sustain some terrible injuries. There are certain plumbing appliances that need to be carried by more than one person because of how heavy they are. Some examples are water heaters and toilets. If a plumber picks up these heavy things in an incorrect manner then they can throw out their back or tear a muscle. These injuries will take quite a while to heal. The technology used in the creation of plumbing tools has increased these tools’ power output. Plumbers in Mansfield, TX have to be trained to use these tools effectively and to minimize the risk of injury. They have also been trained on the procedures that need to be followed in the event of an injury to decrease the risk of permanent damage. Plumbing service providers will also wear protective gear that adds a protective layer that might stop something sharp from penetrating their skin.

2. Injuries that occur over time

A plumbers body has to endure a lot of physically demanding work and they might not get injured right away. After a long period of time while putting their bodies under stress they might experience injuries that occur over a period of time. Plumbing service providers should be given enough time to rest their bodies, especially after a very laborious project. They should also take turns when they have to do repetitive tasks so that their bodies can rest and they don’t have to worry. Here are some of the things that can contribute to long term injuries.

  • Confined Spaces

The area in which the plumbing service provider has to work can be quite cramped and sometimes they have to stay in these small spaces for extended periods of time. They might have to crawl around in boilers, sewers, or ducts to install or repair these units. If these areas do not have proper ventilation then they will have a shortage of oxygen which can lead to some serious breathing problems. These men and women have to be careful about how they move inside of these confined spaces because if they move incorrectly they might get stuck. This can be a very stressful experience and if they stay in uncomfortable positions for an extended period of time then their muscles can cramp up. If these confined spaces are not structurally sound then they can collapse and trap the contractors

  • Repetitive Movement

There are only so many problems that can occur within your plumbing system and usually, plumbers have to deal with similar problems on a daily basis. This means that they will move in similar ways to repair these issues. These repetitive movements will damage the soft tissue in the shoulder, neck, and wrists. Plumbers often put a lot of stress on their wrists because they have to unscrew nuts or tighten bolts. Plumbing service providers do not have the best posture when they are working on plumbing systems. They will often crouch to get to hard to reach spaces. This puts a lot of pressure on their back muscles and joints within their legs. They need to have regular doctor visits to ensure that they are not doing permanent damage to their bodies.

  • Eye Injuries

Plumbing contractors are in the presence of flying objects all the time. A burst pipe might cause water to pray in their faces or the debris within a clogged pipe might flying towards their eyes. These particles will enter the plumber’s eyes if they are not wearing safety glasses, This can cause a nasty injection or a mild irritation. If there is a sharp object that was dislodged while working on the plumbing system, it can make its way into the service provider’s eye which can lead to blindness or the loss of an eye. Dark places will also strain their eyes as their muscles in their eyes struggle to focus properly. This will cause long-lasting headaches.

  • Hearing Loss

You are usually not aware of the sound that your plumbing system makes because the sound is muffled by the walls, ceilings, and floors. Once your plumbing system goes haywire, you can hear it. Plumbing service providers work with loud tools and machinery that affects their hearing because they are subjected to loud volumes for long periods of time, This can affect the contractor’s ability to carry out their work effectively as they are unable to hear any concerning noises. It can also be difficult for them to hear what a customer is saying which will lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction.

3. Temperature related injuries

We often don’t realize that the water in our plumbing system can be at different temperatures. If a pipe bursts that feeds the hot water from the water heater to the shower or faucet then the water can be extremely hot. The pipe itself can also be hot from the water that flows through. Plumbing service providers know which pipes transport hot water and will thus avoid touching it when they are not wearing protective gloves. The value that controls the temperature of the water does not work as it should. if the water is heated beyond a certain point, it will cause the pipe to burst and cover the area with scalding water. The pipes that are outside your home can freeze over during the winter. Since these pipes are so cold, the plumbing services providers’ fingers might get stuck to it and it can be difficult to remove your fingers. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Mansfield, TX makes sure that their staff members know exactly how to thaw out frozen pipes and what to recommend so that they do not free over again.

4. Gas leaks

The gas line within your home is close to your plumbing system because if you have a gas water heater then it needs to be connected. It can be dangerous for plumbing service providers if they are unaware that there is a gas leak. Natural gas is toxic and overexposure to it can cause serious illness or even death. These contractors will wear gas masks that protect them from the gas so that they can carry out the repairs without putting their health at risk. If there has been a gas leak then there is also the risk of an explosion. There are also other gasses that can be toxic. The fumes that are expelled from fecal matter contain methane and carbon dioxide. These gasses will escape through a dysfunctional floor drain within your home. Natural gas, as well as gas from the sewer, is flammable and a small spark can cause a fire within your home. If anything smells off in your home then you should inform the plumbers before they arrive so that they can bring with them the required safety equipment. This is also another good reason why you should not attempt to conduct plumbing repairs by yourself.

5. Electrocution

Along with the gas lines, there is also electricity in close proximity to your plumbing system. Water is a strong conductor that allows electricity to flow through with minimal resistance. This means that almost none of the voltage gets lost. There are plumbing systems like your water heater that need to be connected to the electrical system as well as the plumbing system for it to function as it is intended to. It is a plumbers job to connect the water heater to both systems. If there are any exposed wires in the area where a pipe had burst then a plumbing service provider should be extra careful as he can receive a nasty shock or be electrocuted. You should make sure that live wires are covered. It is also helpful to turn off the electricity of your home when the plumbers are conducting the repairs. If they require electricity to power their tools then you can turn off the power for a specific room and use an extension cable that is connected to another room.

6. Working in high places

We do not only find pipes in the ground. We can also find them high up in the walls or in the ceiling. In apartment buildings or offices that have multiple floors, the pipes might be really far from the ground. If the pipes are not too hard to reach then a plumbing service provider can use a ladder to access them but in the event that the pipes are beyond the reach of a ladder, other methods need to be considered. Plumbers need to wear a harness and make sure they have secure attachment points so they can be suspended without having to worry about falling. If plumbing service providers have a large project that if high off the ground, they might need fixed scaffolding. Plumbers are not guaranteed to be safe while working in high places as one wrong move can cause them to fall. This can lead to injuries and in bad cases, death. This also another reason why you should leave any plumbing repairs or installations to the professionals.

7. Mold

Mold likes to grow in wet and warm areas. To a healthy person, black mold is not a problem because their lungs are strong enough to expel the spores. It might just cause more coughing or allergies to pick up. If someone has a compromised immune system then black mold can make them extremely sick. Plumbers will be able to get rid of mold before it becomes a serious problem but if they are exposed to mold too frequently without safety gear then they can develop a mold sensitive allergy. If you spot any type of mold growing on your walls or ceilings you should contact a professional before it gets worse.

Plumbers will put themselves in danger to ensure that your plumbing system is repaired and working as it should. These contractors have to deal with dangerous situations but they have been trained to carry out the services in such a way that decreases their risk of being injured. That is why it is important not to attempt to repair your plumbing system by yourself since you can get hurt badly. You should not put your life at risk to save a few dollars. If you want to protect the plumbers that work on your property, you can inform them about any hazards that they might face. You can also help them by removing the objects that might be in their way so that they do not trip over it and get hurt or damage a component. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Mansfield, TX makes sure that staff is aware of safety precautions and what to do in the event of an injury.

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