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7 Different Types of Water Filtration Systems in Azle, TX

7 Different Types of Water Filtration Systems in Azle, TX

You can find many different types of water filtration systems in Azle, TX—each has a different capacity in removing the contaminants. Also, you should keep in mind that no one water filtration systems in Azle, TX can remove 100 percent of contaminants found in the water. Hence, different water filters are suitable for specific types of contaminants and are often ineffective against others.

Generally, most high-end water filtration systems in Azle, TX make use of different or a combination of filters to achieve the best results. Nevertheless, it is important to select a water filtration system in Azle, TX that fulfills the water filtration requirements of your household. This article provides an overview of the common types of water filters available in the market, which will prove invaluable in making the right decision.

1. Activated Carbon Filters

Activated water filtration systems in Azle, TX are made by heating coconut shells or other carbonaceous compounds at high heat. The contaminants are removed by being absorbed in the carbon pores. The activated carbon filter will improve the taste and odor of the tap water by removing chlorine that is added by the municipal company for treatment of water. These water filters can effectively remove chlorine, chloroform, agricultural chemicals including SOCs, and magnesium. The filters are not effective in removing alkali fume, viruses, radioactive material, fluoride, fluorescence, arsenic, lead, phosphorous, and sulfur from the water.

2. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) filters are highly effective in removing a large number of contaminants from water. When used in conjunction with activated carbon filters, they offer the maximum protection against contaminants. These filters remove contaminants by passing them through a semi-permeable membrane.

RO filters can effectively remove alkali fumes, chloroform, bacteria, viruses, synthetic chemical compounds, dioxin, radioactive materials, precipitate, organic substances, fluoride, fluorescence, and harmful metallic compounds.

A disadvantage of buying these water filters is that they generally are expensive. Also, they are slow. As a result, around 30 to 50 percent water is wasted during the filtration process. However, if your water has a lot of harmful chemicals, you should consider installing reverse osmosis water filtration systems in Azle, TX.

3. Distillation Water Filters

Distillation is one of the oldest water purification methods used even today. It involves heating the water to boiling point. Next, the water vapor is collected in a condenser. The distilled water is free of most of the impurities including alkali fumes, bacteria, viruses, agriculture chemicals, dioxin, precipitate, and metallic elements including lead and arsenic. However, certain organic chemicals that have boiling points have 100oC are not removed by the filter. Also, the filter requires a lot of water and energy, and the water tastes bland since much of the minerals are removed from the water.

4. Alkaline/Water Ionizers

The alkaline or water ionizers water filtration systems in Azle, TX are also known as electrolysis filters. They remove the contaminants by passing water over electrically charged plates. The plates divide the water into two streams. One of the streams is acidic while the other is alkaline. The filter makes the water softer and less acidic. This not only improves the taste of the water but also makes it better for the skin.

Alkaline/water ionizer water filtration systems in Azle, TX are effective in removing alkali fumes, radioactive material, fluoride, arsenic, cadmium, lead, magnesium, and other metallic elements.

However, you should only buy an Alkaline/water ionizer water filtration systems in Azle, TX that has been certified by NSF or WQA ANSI-accredited agencies. The reason is that some alkaline/water ionizers make the water high in alkalinity.

Consuming highly alkaline water can make the small intestine overly alkaline, and lead to digestive problems. Common negative effects associated with highly alkaline water includes hypertension, erratic heart problems, stabbing side pains, and urinary tract infections. Studies have shown that when people began to stop drinking highly alkaline water, the side effects disappear.

Certain studies have also found that drinking electrolyzed water resulted in damage to the heart muscles. In an age where heart disease is prevalent, buying an alkaline/water ionizer is not a smart decision.

5. UV Filters

Ultraviolet filtration is a relatively new technology that uses UV radiation to filter the water. It is generally used in combination with an activated carbon filter. The reason is that it has very limited water filtration capacity. The water filter can only remove microorganisms including bacteria and viruses from the water. They are not effective in removing chlorine, synthetic chemicals, and metallic elements.

6. Infrared Filters

Infrared filters use infrared light to remove contaminants from the water. The filter helps soften hard water, prevent bacterial growth, and eliminate odors from the water. They can also remove toxins including sulfur, lead, chlorine, and mercury. When the infrared is applied to the water, it begins to vibrate. This in turns reduces the strength of the ionic bonds of the atoms that hold the molecules together. As the water molecules break down, toxic materials and encapsulated gasses are also released.

7. Ozone Water Filters

Ozone water filters are the latest type of water filtration technology that can help remove sulfur, iron, and magnesium without affecting the taste. These water filters make use of ozone (O3) gas to treat the water. According to EPA and FDA, ozone filters can destroy or oxidize about 99.9992 percent of all contaminants in the water. The only disadvantage of these filters is that they cost more than most other water filters.

After knowing about the different types of water filters, you will now have a much easier time in selecting the best water filter for your home. In case you want to install water filtration system in Azle, TX, you can contact Benjamin Franklin. We have a team of experienced and certified plumbers who can install water filters and perform all types of plumbing repairs.