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7 Plumbing Emergencies that need Immediate Attention

7 Plumbing Emergencies that need Immediate Attention

No matter how careful you are with your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, you’re bound to run into problems sooner or later. Homeowners naturally have some household tools for minor plumbing emergencies, but what happens if that plumbing emergency isn’t minor? How can you tell the difference? That’s the thing! In the early stages of any plumbing emergency, you can’t! It is best to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for any plumbing emergency that you might have on your hands. More complex and difficult tasks can be handled expertly when you have an experienced and bound plumber by your side. If you try to fix the problem alone and it gets worse, you won’t have an insurance policy on it, so it’s best to leave the job to professionals.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

What instances on plumbing emergencies require the immediate attention of a plumbing professional? Let’s take a look.

1. Noisy Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals help to get rid of your garbage easily by shredding it to pieces before throwing it into the garbage disposal line that leads out of your house to the main sewage line. If there’s a blockage or problem with garbage disposal, it should automatically shut off (most do, too). This helps keep your home free of any fires or damages due to an overheating garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is off but you hear continuous humming emanating from it, call in a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX immediately. They know the ins and outs of garbage disposals and will repair the disposal once they get to the root cause. They may also need to replace it if the disposal is damaged beyond repair.

2. Choked Toilet

You may have had this problem, sooner or later. We just hope you weren’t on the receiving end of a bad DIY experience. A clog may be a minor one, easily fixed by a plunger, but that isn’t always the case. If plunging it doesn’t work, stop right there! Don’t try to fix it yourself or you may end up with a bathroom overflowing with sewage. Call in a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to take a look at your plumbing. With their experience of similar jobs, they’ll be able to figure out if there is a problem with your plumbing or is it a problem with the main line.

3. Water Heater Leak

If you leave a water heater problem unresolved for long, warm water leaking on the wall may cause the formation of molds. Molds not only compromise your home’s structural integrity but they also make you and your family members sick. Some forms of mold, such as the black mold, are lethal. Close off your water heater from the circuit breaker if it’s electric. If it’s a gas heater, turn off the gas supply to it that can be found, usually under your water heater, next to a valve shaped like a box. Immediately afterwards, call in a professional plumber in Fort Worth,TX to check your water heater for necessary repairs.

4. Pipes Frozen Over

Winter is around the corner and you know what that means! It may be time to have a plumber come and inspect your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. If you don’t carry out the inspection in time, you may leave any leaks or damaged pipes as they are. This spells trouble, come winter. The punctured pipes and loose fittings at the joints may cause the pipe to come loose and leave a gap. The cold outside air may then freeze the pipe over, especially in the cold Fort Worth winters. Don’t try to fix it on your own, you may damage the pipe or come down with the sniffles or something worse if you’re out in the cold for too long. Call in a professional to get your frozen pipes fixed.

5. Pipes Sprung a Leak

A leaky pipe is never good, but if it’s in your basement where you have electrical appliances, you may have a hazard zone on your hands. If the leak has sprung up in the area close to a washing machine or dryer next to a wall socket, it may pose a risk of electrical shock if water accumulates. If you try and fix this on your own, you may be tempted to use duct tape. Don’t! It’s temporary, at best. Always call in a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to inspect the pipes and get replacements and proper sealing of the pipes according to the industry standard.

6. Very Hot Water

Suppose you decide to take a shower. Everyone loves the feeling of a warm shower in cool weather and vice versa. But what happens when the temperature of the water is so high that you start to get burnt. If you get very steamy water in relatively warmer weather, although you didn’t ask for it, your water heater may be the culprit. You may have to have the heater inspected by a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX. In the meanwhile, it would be a good idea to safely turn your heater off and close all hot water taps around the house.

7. Unbearable Smells

If you smell gas from your gas water heater, the problem is of a gas leak. In other cases, your faucets and pipes are throwing out water that smells like the sewer. In this case, the problem is with your sump pump or septic system, the water is not being purified properly, or most likely, your sewage water is seeping into your water supply. Both gas leaks and sewage water problems should prompt alarms to go off in your mind. Don’t try and fix it yourself, as you need a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX. The plumber will thoroughly examine your home’s plumbing, sump pump, septic system or water heater to get to the exact cause of the problem.

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