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7 Potential Reasons for Your Sump Pump to Fail | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

7 Potential Reasons for Your Sump Pump to Fail | Plumber in Lake Worth, TX

Just like a fire extinguisher, a sump pump is an important part of your home security system. Nevertheless, there is hardly a time when you actually need it but it is an essential tool in the case of dire situations like heavy rain falls.

Whenever there is a heavy rainfall, a sump pump acts like a first aid kit.  They help in mitigating the loss and preventing such situations by immediately draining the buildup water from our home basement. And for this, it uses an external discharge pipe which is made to serve the purpose quickly. Therefore, like the other emergency tools, it is very crucial that your sump pump remains well maintained and free of any mechanical problem that might arise at the eleventh hour, unexpectedly.

To imagine the worst, if your sump pump fails at the time of need, you may experience the worst of all the disasters. The rain, drain or the flood water will enter your basement or any other area of your house uncontrollably. In addition, if the water fails to find any direction to go, it may pit in the basement of your house and that is when the in-house flood begins.

Therefore, in addition to keeping your sump pump maintained you must also know some of the potential reason of its failure, as described by the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX. Knowing these reasons will allow you to take preventive measures in advance, and to avoid the unexpected failure of your sump pump.

Hence, let us discuss them in detail below.

#1 – Power Failure

The plumbers in Lake Worth, TX suggest that when a bad weather meets with the power failure it makes a deadly combination. While this situation is really hard to survive this also results in flooded basements. This is because the power failure that comes with heavy storms simply immobilizes the sump pumps capability to drain water. Therefore, such a problem should always be avoided by installing a backup generator. This way you can easily turn on the power generator manually and save your basement from flooding in.


#2 – Heavy influx of water

A sump pump, when faced with heavy influx of water, may stop working. From the experience of a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX, this happens because of two reasons, either the sump pumps size is not right or it does not match the required horsepower. However, either the sump pump is oversized or undersized, both of the problems shortens the longevity of a sump pump. Therefore, determining the required size of sump pump is fundamental before you opt for its installation by a plumber in Lake Worth, TX.

#3 – A clogged discharge pipe

One of the basic reasons of a basement to get filled up with water even in the situation of a working sump pump is the blocked or frozen discharge pipe. If the discharge pipe is clogged with debris, water will run back to the pipe and ultimately in your basement.

While you may not prevent a frozen discharge pipe but with the increasing trend of professional plumbing in Lake Worth, TX you should always watch out for it before the situation arises. Or you may also hire a plumber in Lake Worth, TX to install a specialty discharge line that would allow the drainage of water in the case the main discharge pipe freezes.

#4 – Lack of Maintenance

What could be the most common reason of a sump pump failure than the lack of maintenance? No matter what size or quality, every sump pumps require a quarterly maintenance by a plumber in Lake Worth, TX. Since many people try to attempt this by passing vinegar solution through the sump pump, only a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX would do it in a way that will keep all the vents of the sump pump unrestricted and clean, along with the holes on your discharge pipe.

#5 – The usual wear and tear

Like any other appliance in your house, sump pumps also go through the usual wear and tear with the passage of time. This wear and tear of a sump pump may result in its failure after the use of almost 7 to 10 years. While many sump pumps may last even longer than that, the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX suggest that you should replace it after 10 years of service. This is, however, very crucial for your safety during the deteriorating weather conditions.

#6 – Improper installations

If you face an unexpected behavior of a sump pump, it is possible that your sump pump have been surviving the poor workmanship. If a sump pump is incorrectly installed, it may start losing its efficiency much faster. However, the improper installation of a sump pump may include the negligence in installing the check valve on the discharge line, drilling no air relief hole for the discharge line, and setting the sump pump in dirt or gravel. This, however, also emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX for the sump pump installation.

#7 – Faulty products

The most unlikely reason for a sump pump failure may be the installation of a faulty product. Therefore, it is always recommended to check the sump pump functionality as soon as the installation is done.
While the product may be faulty from the start, in most cases, however, it usually happens due to the improper handling of the product during its delivery or shipment.

The Bottom Line

As much as the regular maintenance of a sump pump is important, similarly it is also crucial to hire only the best expertise for its installation, repair or the replacement. Therefore, if you are currently searching for the best plumber in town or not happy with the existing one then simply give a call to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as your ultimate solution. Their team of experienced professional is not only outstanding in handling the difficult plumbing projects but also available 24/7 for your assistance through their emergency call service. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.