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7 Times You Need to Call Your Plumber | Saginaw, TX

7 Times You Need to Call Your Plumber | Saginaw, TX

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Many odd plumbing jobs can be carried out easily by homeowners with only basic plumbing skills and everyday tools in-hand. Take, for instance, fixing a dripping tap, replacing the trap under a sink when it leaks, unclogging the disposer and the P-trap, or checking the water meter valve when the pressure isn’t right. But there are times when a quick do-it-yourself fix simply won’t do.

Before you try to do the plumbing yourself, ask yourself if you’re better off calling a professional. Having an expert can save you time and money, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbers have insurance and their work is backed by a lengthy guarantee. Here are seven cases when it’s best to save yourself the trouble and call in the cavalry.

Major Flooding 

One of the most distressing plumbing issues is when a rapid water line bursts and gushes out vast amounts of water in your home. It’s not common, especially for newly built houses, but it’s one of those situations where you need to think fast. Look for a cut-off valve, ideally a knob or knife style valve, as close as possible to the leak. This should stop the leak, but not affect supply to the rest of the house. If you can’t find any, find the main shut-off valve and turn off water supply for the entire house. Then call a plumber who can travel to Saginaw, TX and be at your house within minutes.

Leaky Drain Pipes

When a leak is visible, it’s usually easy to fix. Some of the most common leaks happen under the kitchen or bathroom counter. Most homeowners have no trouble fixing leaking sink traps with their own tools, and replacing them isn’t expensive at all. The same goes for garbage disposal systems, which take mere minutes to replace. But leaks are sometimes hard to locate or completely inaccessible. When you can’t find or reach it, it’s best to call a professional. Try to find plumbers who are local to Saginaw, TX to make sure that they arrive before your wall and flooring are seriously damaged.

Massive Water Bill

Water companies may notice a pipe leak before you do and signal a rise in water usage before the next bill is due. But other times, you’re only aware there’s a leak on your property when the bill is unusually high. If the leak is within your property boundary, inside or under your house or garden, you’re usually liable for repair costs and the wasted water. Luckily for some people, newer houses are fitted with water leak detection systems and alarms. But for everyone else, it’s nearly impossible to find the leak. Before you get in touch with the water supply company, call a professional to see if the leak is inside your home.

No Water or Low Pressure

Unless major repair work is being carried out in your area, there’s no reason for your water to stop flowing or to suddenly lose pressure. If you run some taps and flush some toilets but there’s no water, it’s important to first check all the other outlets in your house. Run both hot and cold water outlets to make sure it’s not simply a problem with the water heater. If nothing seems to be working properly, it may be that the pipe that carries water from the main street supply to your property has burst. In these situations, it’s important to get in touch with the water supply company quickly. But since it may take some time for them to send a pipe inspector to your address, you could consider calling a Saginaw, TX plumber to make sure that the leak is not within the property.

Sewer Line Trouble

Clogged or leaking sewer pipes can manifest in a variety of ways, including bathtubs, toilets, and even your yard filling up with waste water. The unpleasant odor is a tell-tale sign that the sewer line is to blame. Unfortunately, digging up, finding, and fixing a sewer pipe is easier said than done. And since every source of water in your house, including washing machine and shower, is dependent on the sewer line, it’s very important to fix it quickly. But calling a reputable plumbing company can put your mind at ease right away. Good plumbers will carry out a video inspection of your sewer line and use a motorized drain snake, if needed. They’ll also replace the line if there’s no way to repair the existing one.

Faucets Keep Dripping

Even a few drips per minute can waste hundreds of gallons of water a year. Not every drip can be fixed with plumber’s tape and an extra bit of tightening. If there’s a cracked pipe, a badly fitted element, or pressure build-up, a plumber is your safest bet. And since most good plumbers work by the hour, you’re free to ask about every other plumbing issue in your home. Take this opportunity to find out about the inner workings of your house, especially if you’re not the first owner and you’re thinking about remodeling any time soon.

The Smell of Gas

Most natural gas odors have nothing to do with the water supply. Stoves and broken gas pipes are the obvious suspects, and gas companies are perfectly equipped to take care of these issues. When you smell gas but can’t seem to locate it, first open the windows and doors and try to let the gas out. Then have a look at your water heater. If it runs on gas and it’s a fairly new model, then there shouldn’t be any leakage. That’s because the pilot light dies out and the thermocouple switches the gas off if there’s a problem. Possible explanations are: the thermocouple malfunctioned, the pipes are damaged, or the couplings have come loose. These are all issues a plumber could look into for you.