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7 Useful Plumbing Tips and Tricks | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

7 Useful Plumbing Tips and Tricks | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Every house is different from each other in terms of its interior, its exterior and even plumbing networks. While people give more attention to what is visible to the eye and try to make it better in every way possible, it is also necessary to look after those things that although are not visible but are necessary to keep the household chores running smoothly. This includes the electric wires and air ducts and vents within the walls of the house and most importantly the pipes and plumbing in your house.

Although they do not require frequent maintenance as per plumber in Fort Worth, TX it is better to pay regular attention to these fixtures and fittings and make sure that they are up to their standards. This will allow you to avoid any plumbing headaches.

Some tips and tricks suggested by the plumber in Fort Worth, TX to save you time and effort that you should know and keep in handy at all times are mentioned here for your ease in this article below.

Tip # 1: Prevent sprayer snarls with pipe insulation

As you pull out your kitchen sink sprayer you start to feel that you need to jiggle with it in order to get it completely out for use. The reason why this might be happening is most probably because of the shutoff valves present underneath the sink where the pipe of the hang-up is getting stuck while on its way out.

For smooth operation plumber in Fort Worth, TX suggests that you cover the shutoff valve and its pipe with ½ inch foam pipe insulation. If the insulation doesn’t remain in place, tape it.

Tip # 2: Use adhesive-backed felt to stop the creaking of pipes

If you have copper pipes around your house from which hot water runs on a regular basis then there is a high possibility that these pipes would expand and start to grind against the pipe hangers or joists with the help of which they are attached to the walls or the ceilings of your house.

To handle this issue and to stop the creaking voice plumber in Fort Worth, TX suggests you use adhesive-backed felt. First, you need to remove each hanger, then cut the felt into strips, wrap the pipe sufficiently with them, and then refasten the hanger again to its original place.

Tip # 3: Use expanding foam to decrease vibrations and sound between the sinks

Stainless steel sinks basins if placed side by side is sure to make noise if used together. What you would hear is some sort of vibrations and a gong effect. To lessen this effect plumber in Fort Worth, TX uses expanding foam. It can be used with the sink in place but if used before installation then the results would be much neater. Once the foam becomes hard, trim away the excess with the help of a knife.

Tip # 4: Use a shop vacuum to remove hard objects

With young children in the house who are at the age of throwing everything out of the window, you would also experience some toys, toothbrush, or combs thrown away in the toilet. These hard objects are not flushable and therefore plug the toilet. The first solution that comes to your mind is using a plunger but this might even multiply the intensity of the issue because rather than pulling it out it would push the obstruction even deeper.

A device that plumber in Fort Worth, TX use for this purpose is a wet/ dry shop vacuum that helps to suck out the water and the obstruction in one go.

Tip # 5: Use a plunger before you remove the trap

If it is time for you to clean the kitchen sink, then before you remove the sink trap, use a toilet plunger to give the drain a few plunges. This allows the water to be pushed out of the trap and lessens the mess and dirt that has gathered inside it once you pull it.

For double sinks plumber in Fort Worth, TX suggest you plug the other drain so that the air pressure is contained inside while plunging.

Tip # 6: If you can’t cut the pipe reheat solder

To cut a pipe you need the right cutting tool and equipment. Without these, it is nearly impossible to cut a pipe. Some people do not even prefer to cut a pipe as it would make it too short for them to make a new connection.

To deal with such a situation plumber in Fort Worth, TX heat the joint. As it is heated enough and melts and becomes soft the fitting is pulled off. The molten smolder then needs to be wiped away with the help of a wet rag while wearing protective gloves to prevent burn. The solder can then be smoothed with the help of an emery cloth or sandpaper.

Tip # 7: Piggyback stubborn shutoffs

Shutoff valves under toilets and sinks create most of the problems for many households. Either they don’t close completely or don’t close at all. This leaves the water running which is a waste of such a valuable resource.

The solution to this issue that plumber in Fort Worth, TX offer is to use a piggyback shutoff valve that connects to existing shutoff valves. Simply disconnect the supply line from the old valve and connect it with the new one.

The Bottom Line

To make lives easier for everybody plumber in Fort Worth, TX use these tips and tricks and suggests everyone else make use of them in times of need. However, if the issue is a serious one and there is a risk of damaging the property and a pipe then it is better you call a professional for some help.

If you live in Fort Worth, TX and are looking for some reliable plumbing services then contact Benjamin Franklin right away. For further assistance call their 24/7 helpline number.